Shadow Hack Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: Tearing Beichen Huan

A punch filled with terrifying killing intent arrived in front of Baichen Huan, who had underestimated Li Yunmu's resolve to kill him. He had never expected that this newcomer would try to kill him right away, without any regards for rules and regulations.

He simply hadn't expected that there would be such a lunatic in this world who didn't possess the slightest fear of a transcending power. He had also greatly underestimated the ferocious strength of Li Yunmu's flesh.

Actually, Li Yunmu himself didn't know the extent of the strength of his flesh. Ever since he had cultivated the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets and Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets as well as had strengthened his heart five times, he hadn't gotten the chance to test the extent of the ferocious power his flesh could achieve.

"Not good, Beichen Huan has acted carelessly," Ji Wuxin cried out in surprise.

If she hadn't personally followed Li Yunmu as he reached the dragon's tail, she probably would also underestimated his savageness.

Then what to speak of Beichen Huan who hadn't appeared in public before.

They were currently at the dragon's tail which was the region where the suppression on the flux energy was the highest. Let alone flux energy, it was very difficult to use even dark flux energy.

This implied that the battle between the two here would depend solely upon their physical strength. Beichen Huan had realized this, but he hadn't reacted.

Or perhaps, he knew and understood it, but his consciousness still couldn't keep pace with the reality of what was happening.

Just this one point was sufficient to decide the


When truly powerful people exchange blows, one mistake is everything, especially when one of them has already decided to kill the other, like Li Yunmu had done. Upon taking hold of Beichen Huant's mistake, he would have the best opportunity to kill him.

Sure enough, for Li Yunmu who had moved to attack without saying anything, this opportunity was more than sufficient!

Beichen Huan, who tried to react in a panic, discovered that he couldn't use his flux energy as well as the northern ice dark flux energy which he cultivated.

But when all is said and done, he was still the most valued disciple of Frontline G.o.d, so his initial response to the attack was still very fast. Even if he had lost all his flux energy, just by relying on his reflexes, he subconsciously unleashed the Mini Star Steps of North Heaven.

This conventional martial footwork was profound and effective even after losing the flux energy.

Beichen Huan was located at the edge of the region where the dragon mist ended. After losing the first moment, it was impossible for him to resist Li Yunmu's punch which was filled with extreme killing intent. Maybe if he got into the dragon mist, he would be teleported to some random region on the Black Dragon Island.

With some flickers of lightning, Beichen Huan took the best course available to him. He faintly sidestepped to the left side, and at the final instant, he was able to dodge the ruthless and explosive punch of Li Yunmu.

However, he still wanted to counterattack. As long as he could leave this area at the edge

edge of the dragon mist, the situation would immediately change. At that time, he would no longer be restricted, unable to counterattack.

But it was already too late. No one had expected that even if Beichen Huan dodged Li Yunmu's killing maneuver in an astonis.h.i.+ng way, he would still be unable to escape unscathed. Li Yunmu's final deadly mov reached him at this time, and it was the Spirit Pincer Rip.

This move which had reached the second rank with the Spirit Pincer Step reaching the twentieth level instantly burst forth with six times its peak power. This was clearly an extremely deadly move.

As long as the user's strength was sufficiently formidable, this Spirit Pincer Rip was swifter and more ruthless than any other supreme killing technique.

Furthermore, which position had Li Yunmu strengthened five times? It was his heart.

At this time, the opportunity to activate it had finally arrived.

Li Yunmu decisively activated his heart five times within an instant. Hai Yue and Ji Wuxin could clearly hear the thunderous throbs coming from his body.

Their complexions immediately changed. Within their consciousness seas, they could see Li Yunmu's heart swelling and becoming stronger.

With each throb, his strength would increase. It was a power that would make others tremble.

They saw Li Yunmu's arms which originally had been too strong swell and increase in size at a rapid pace. Soon, blue veins appeared on his muscular body as if he was a dimensional beast, and his arms appeared to have transformed into huge pincers which were even larger and stronger compared to the original body.

As these enormous pincers burst forth and clamped

and clamped down on the 'slender waist' of Beichen Huan, who had dodged the punch, and ruthlessly tore him in two.

Instantly, the two women felt as if the world had turned quiet.

Protective seals flashed on Beichen Huan's body, but they ended up being useless and swiftly broke down.

Li Yunmu's enormous pincers shredded the youth into two. His blood and internal organs fell everywhere, covering the ground with blood.

This year, a representative of a transcending power, the disciple of Frontline Heaven's Frontline G.o.d was instantly shredded into two by Li Yunmu who appeared to have gone berserk.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

At this time, after killing Beichen Huan, Li Yunmu's heart was still throbbing thunderously. His two red-colored huge pincers made him look like the most vicious human-shaped beast in this world.

Even if the power he had gained from activating his strengthened heart five times added together with the six times increase in his arm power obtained by unleas.h.i.+ng the Spirit Pincer Rip lasted for only a short time, it didn't matter. Li Yunmu finally understood what sort of unique and vicious power he would obtain after he exploded forth with these two skills.

Strictly speaking, the strength of his physical body had burst forth to its pinnacle power, even greatly surpa.s.sing the flux power he possessed.


Li Yunmu had exploded with power in an instant, and his return to the original condition was also just as quick. His tyrannical body couldn't support the stimulation by the five times strengthened heart for a long time, or it would collapse.

The same was also true for the Spirit Pincer Rip which boosted the strength boosted the strength of his arms. Since it was an extremely deadly move, if he didn't succeed in killing his opponent in one shot, then the power of his arms would greatly decrease.

But still, he now had a deadly move to instantly kill his enemies!

"You— you killed Beichen Huan? Yu know what this means? How could you, how dare you do this?"

Ji Wuxin subconsciously reacted, feeling both enraged and fearful at the same time while pointing at Li Yunmu.

After restoring himself to his normal state, Li Yunmu said calmly, "I know, I'm naturally aware of what you want to say. Now, I'll have to deal with the full strength of a transcending power." Moments later, he added another sentence. "But so what, I will descend immediately."

This sentence left Ji Wuxin dumbstruck!

What was this? Immediately descend?

Suddenly she realized that they were going to descend soon. As long as he descended to the origin world, what top ten upper tier sects, what bullsh*t transcending power, all of them were worth no more than a fart in the origin world.  

What Frontline G.o.d, he was just a fleeting cloud, and so was Battle G.o.d, the master of Ji Wuxin and the person regarded as the strongest in this world. Right then, both Hai Yue and Ji Wuxin finally understood why Li Yunmu had acted so fearlessly. The rules of this world had already changed for them.

Ji Wuxin seemed to have understood that this person in front of them who usually appeared to be extremely calm had displayed his most vicious side in front of them just because of this reason.

Shadow Hack Chapter 286

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