Shadow Hack Chapter 289

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While Hai Yue, Li Yunmu, Zhan Wuya, Xiye Hanbei, and the others were trying to stop the disciples of the four Barbarian Kings from descending immediately, an unexpected thing happened. Ye Qing, who was nearest to the descending pa.s.sage, suddenly rushed towards it, followed by his two companions.

"What's going on?"

"Ye Qing, you sure have guts!"

"Chaotian Sect…"

Because of this event, every descender's eyes became fierce.

But it was too late, everything was too late. Ye Qing and his two followers had prepared in advance, having chosen a spot relatively close to the descending pa.s.sage.

Everything happened within a blink.

Ye Qing instantly reached the descending pa.s.sage and said with a sinister expression on his face, "Do not come over, else I will immediately destroy this descending pa.s.sage."

At this instant, Ye Qing had finally revealed his true face. The conspiracy which Chaotian Sect had been planning from the beginning finally reared its head.

At this time, the two companions of Ye Qing removed their masks, revealing their true ident.i.ties.

Unexpectedly, they were the subst.i.tute holy son and subst.i.tute holy daughter of Divine Religion.

When did this happen? How come the subst.i.tute holy son and daughter of Divine Religion ignored their status and surprisingly turned into Ye Qing's lackeys?

Everyone was baffled.

Even Li Yunmu was extremely astonished. He had heard about Chaotian Sect's wild ambitions from Li Qinghong, but regardless of all he knew, he had never antic.i.p.ated that Chaotian Sect would dare to take such a step.

Immediately, many knowledgeable people understood what was going on.

"Fan En, Fan Ni?"

Zhan Wuya was a disciple of one of the transcending powers of the six continents, so he naturally recognized the two people by Ye Qing's side. When others realized that these two were the disciples of Divine Religion, their expressions changed.

They hadn't expected that Divine Religion wouldn't dispatch anyone to descend not because they had renounced their chance to compete, but because they had already sneaked in their people with fake ident.i.ties.

This was an enormous conspiracy!

Given the scale of events plotted by Chaotian Sect and Divine Religion, perhaps even the entire Holy Spirit Continent was also part of it. They had indeed prepared for this for a long time.

"What do you all want?"

Coiling Tiger, Man Tian, and the others were both enraged and terrified. They had been insisting on descending immediately and thus were the group closest to the descending pa.s.sage. However, after Ye Qing's warning, none of the disciples of the four Barbarian Kings thought of taking even half a step forward.

Blade Devil and others who were getting restless and storing energy also forcibly halted their actions, not daring to make a move after hearing Ye Qing's threat.

The descending pa.s.sage to the origin world was opened by the flux ancestor with great difficulty after he had congealed his seventh sun. It had required all the energy of his heavenly world to open and consolidate for eternity so as to allow the future generations to fight for their survival. Moreover, there was also the steady flow of pure flux energy absorbed from the Tower of Glory that ensured that the pa.s.sage wouldn't close.

However, none of those who were about to descend had expected that among their group, a world's traitor would appear before they had even left their land.

Chaotian Sect's rapacious designs far surpa.s.sed everyone's imagination.

"You want to become a traitor who will be condemned by the entire world for destroying the descending pa.s.sage?" Devil Blade asked coldly.

"Ha ha, become a traitor condemned by the entire world, what's that? As long as we return with a path to the supreme peak, everything will change and none of you here will be able to reveal today's secret.

"The only people who will descend today are the people of our Holy Spirit Continent, the rest of you can go and die. Inevitably, there will come a day when I, Ye Qing, will successfully discover the path to become a true G.o.d."

Ye Qing laughed malevolently while staring at everyone.

After obtaining the sixth transcending sage tool from Li Yunmu, the final phase of Chaotian Sect's plan was put in action.

At this crucial time, Hai Yue's face turned cold, and she said in a threatening voice, "You won't succeed. With flux ancestor's heavenly world's power stabilizing the descending pa.s.sage, how can three trifling Flux Disciples destroy it?"

The descending pa.s.sage was extremely important to the entire world, since it was the last hope of this earth, so how could the quasi deities be foolish enough to allow any person to destroy it?

The reason why the quasi deities weren't cautious regarding the descenders was because with the pa.s.sage being stabilized by the power of the flux ancestor's heavenly world, even if a battle sage came personally, he wouldn't be able to destroy it.

At this moment, Ye Qing, Fan En, and Fan Ni revealed a sinister smile.

"Although even battle sages cannot destroy the descending pa.s.sage created by the flux ancestor, what if we used Void Displacement?"

Fan En was full of smiles.

"Furthermore… we won't hesitate to use the power of six transcending tools as the price. With this, Void Displacement will be activated, and tell me, what would be the end result of that be?"

Suddenly, a transcending sage tool appeared within Fan Ni's hands. Her hands were clasped over a small bottle with caution. 

"Sacred Purifying Bottle."

At this instant, the brains of many people stopped working.

No one had expected this situation, and none could even guess for how long Chaotian Sect and Divine Religion had been preparing for this moment.

"I also have the Sword of Trial."

Another transcending sage tool appeared in the hands of Fan En. Swiftly, both transcending sage tools of Divine Religion were revealed.

At this time, Ye Qing also fished out three items. They were the three transcending sage tools Chaotian Sect had gathered after relentless searching that lasted several years.

"We still have to thank Brother Li Yunmu. If he hadn't exchanged the Void Disk with me three days ago, then it would've been very difficult to obtain the sixth transcending sage tool before descending."

Ye Qing faintly smiled as he looked at Li Yunmu, then he took out the Void Disk which he had obtained not longer ago.

At this instant, he was feeling unprecedented joy while looking at the shocked expression on Li Yunmu's face. Ye Qing's previous anger had vanished completely.

There was nothing more exciting compared to this for him.

Although descending to the origin world and searching for the path to become a true G.o.d was important, the last choice would be made by them alone.

At this moment, everyone's expressions became gloomy.

Although no one was certain that Ye Qing's group could destroy the descending pa.s.sage just by relying on Void Displacement and paying the price of six transcending sage tools, they didn't dare to call them out on their bluff in case it was all real. Ye Qing seemed mighty confident in himself.

Shadow Hack Chapter 289

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