Shadow Hack Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: The Benefits of a Black Heart

As Ye Qing had said, everyone was too late, no longer able to stop them.

Even Man Tian's group of four who were closest to the three people, with only a distance of several tens of meters between them, couldn't stop them even if they used their greatest speed.

Everyone's heart sank into a deep abyss. 

This matter regarding descending to the origin world had shaken the Flux Disciples of the entire world from the moment it began. One after another, many clans, organizations, sects, and even powers who usually wouldn't reveal themselves used all sorts of methods to help their people clear the seventieth level.

Numerous people had sacrificed their lives in an attempt to reach this place, and for what? Just for their hope to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away right before the beginning of the Heavenly Transformation?

For the longest time, only the quasi-deities and the ruling echelons had known about the secret of the Heavenly Transformation. Only when the flux disciples had cleared the two tests were they also told about it before the third round's start.

This Heavenly Transformation was an event when the sixty-six parallel earths met on the same path, and at that time, they would combine to form a whole.

Who could dare to guarantee that after Heavenly Transformation, their Fifty-fifth Earth would be able to defend its lands and ensure everyone's survival?

After all, among the sixty-six Earths, the Fifty-fifth could barely reach the endpoint of the highest tier in terms of strength.

Thus, many years ago, when the flux ancestor, this person who was the first one to awaken in human history, had congealed the seventh sun of

his heavenly world used all his strength, not even hesitating to sacrifice himself, to establish a pa.s.sage to the origin world.

At that time, because of exhausting all his strength, he had entered a deep sleep on the Black Dragon Island and hadn't woken up even to this day. This was the reason why Black Dragon Island had transformed into a forbidden zone.

Before coming here, the flux ancestor had constructed the Tower of Glory in advanced to make sure that the descending pa.s.sage to the origin world would stabilize. And now, after many years, it almost had enough energy to allow a group of people to descend to the origin world.

As the Heavenly Transformation was coming closer and closer, and the time when the sixty-six parallel Earths combined came around the corner, the quasi-deities and the ruling powers of the six continents decided to pay any price for a chance. Two years ago, they agreed to do whatever it took to acc.u.mulate enough energy to allow a group of flux disciples to descend to the origin world and fight to ensure the survival of their world.

Until now, everything had been advancing smoothly.

But at the most crucial moment, a world traitor appeared among them, and this world traitor was surprisingly from one of the six transcending powers of their world, Divine Religion.

Among the six continents, the Holy Spirit Continent was the only one where the transcending power was also the ruling power. Because of it, Divine Religion was actually the most supreme power on the six continents.

Until now, the people of Divine Religion had remained extremely lowkey and never intervened

intervened in the worldly matters. This was the reason why Chaotian Sect, such a trifling upper tier sect, had been running amok on the Holy Spirit Continent. 

But now, all the descenders found out that all of this was just a f*cking pretense. Before this, each of them had looked down on Ye Qing, the second great-grandson of Chaotian Sect's ancestor.

They all believed that he had no strength or the qualifications and apt.i.tude to justify his position in Chaotian Sect. But how could they have imagined that although this Ye Qing didn't possess the strength or apt.i.tude equivalent to Overlord level characters, he instead had an extremely unique innate skill.

His outstanding ability was to walk between planes, and he had a strong affinity with the void. 

Because of this revelation, everyone understood many things right away, like why Chaotian Sect had chosen Holy Son Fan En and Holy Daughter Fan Ni as Ye Qing's lackeys. It was very simple, really—he was one of the rare few Flux Disciples who could learn Void Displacement.

At this moment, Li Yunmu also understood that the rumor about Chaotian Sect collecting six transcending sage tools to construct a deadly spell which would make them the seventh transcending power was just a f*cking lie.

It had been a scheme of Divine Religion to be unleashed at this exact moment. They would descend themselves and then destroy the pa.s.sage created by the flux ancestor so no one else could follow after them.

Or perhaps it was Chaotian Sect's plan? No, Ye Qing was probably a member of Divine Religion.

This truth had been concealed so deeply that even quasi-deities hadn't taken

hadn't taken notice of its existence. Only now was it revealed before those who had pa.s.sed the third test.

"Haha, let me tell you something. Apart from the holy son and holy daughter, our Heavenly Divine Religion has a position above them - Heavenly Son!" After speaking up to here, Ye Qing smiled at his captivated audience. "And that Heavenly Son is me - Fan Qing!

"Also, I'm not related to the ancestor of Chaotian Sect in any way. The only reason why he protected me was that I'm the Heavenly Son, the true son of the heavens."

At this instant, Ye Qing, no, it should be Fan Qing now, had an extremely arrogant expression on his face as if he was standing high above the whole world. He looked at Li Yunmu, Hai Yue, Man Tian, Blade Devil, Zhan Wuya, Xiye Hanbei, and the other Flux Disciples which were considered as unrivaled in this layer with a disdainful expression.

So what if these people were more powerful? The person who would truly decide the fate of the Fifty-fifth Earth was only him.

However, at this moment when Fan Qing was completely a.s.sured of victory, Li Yunmu, who'd had a shocked expression on his face the entire time, walked forward and said indifferently, "You won't succeed, keep dreaming!"

At this moment, Li Yunmu's heart was filled with complicated feelings, one of which had a taint of fear to it.

He really hadn't expected that his transaction with Chaotian Sect would develop to this stage, but it was still all right, everything was alright. Fortunately, he hadn't shown any mercy when conning them.

Otherwise, Divine Religion might not have might not have revealed its fangs which had been concealed for who knows how long.

"That's right, Divine Religion won't be successful. I, Blade Devil, will even sacrifice my life to return through the dragon mist to inform everyone about Chaotian Sect's plans, "Blade Devil said coldly.

When everyone heard these words, their minds were shaken. No one present doubted his strength. As long as Blade Devil revealed the news that Divine Religion had schemed that no one else besides them could descend, then great chaos would ensue. Under the attacks of the quasi-deities outside, Divine Religion would be instantly exterminated.

"Hmph, it too late. Since we dared to reveal ourselves, then naturally we had absolute certainty that you wouldn't be able to escape. And as a matter of fact, not only you, even the group of quasi-deities on the Black Dragon Island will all be transported to another plane because of the chaos created by Void Displacement, where they will remain until they die."

Holy Daughter Fan Ni smiled.

Fan En was the most pragmatic person among them, so he said, "Your Majesty Fan Qing, don't waste time on these people. I'm afraid something might change if we continue to delay, let's move."

"Good, then allow me to let you and the group of quasi-deities on the Black Dragon Island experience what is called Void Displacement."

The next instant, the three of them activated their six transcending tools and Ye Qing unleashed the Void Displacement technique.

"See you later, boys."

Ye Qing waved towards everyone in a friendly manner. He felt quite pleased, and his joy increased, even more, when he caught sight of Li Yunmu's stunned face.

Shadow Hack Chapter 290

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