Shadow Hack Chapter 292

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Li Yunmu didn't wish to descend so early. Both Barbarian Niu and Ling Shuang hadn't appeared yet. Originally, he had wanted to wait, but now that Ye Qing's group of three had jumped into the descending pa.s.sage, activating it, he had no choice. The pa.s.sage would close quickly.

At this moment, he pushed away all the hesitation in his mind and firmly joined the last group, leading Li Qinghong and Demon, to jump into the descending pa.s.sage. 

As for Divine Religion's conspiracy, people like Zhan Wuya, Hai Yue, and Man Tian, had already left behind many jade seals containing the recount of what had happened at the dragon's tail. 

Everyone was convinced that after experiencing the shaking of the Black Dragon Island, the quasi deities outside would certainly come up with a method to dispatch some Flux Disciples to investigate the circ.u.mstances here. 

After they learned about the conspiracy of Divine Religion, it was foreordained that of the six transcending powers in the world, only five would remain. 

Supreme Pontiff of the Divine Religion probably wouldn't be able to understand until his death how their enormous conspiracy for which they had been preparing for several years would be buried alive by a trifling Flux Disciple named Li Yunmu. 

In truth, who could've thought that Li Yunmu's accidental action would create such a commotion. Yet regardless of whether they were done purposefully or not, the profit he'd reap would be enormous.

Not only had he successfully obtained two parts of Refining PaG.o.da, he had also swindled Chaotian Sect out of a secret technique's original ma.n.u.script. 

As long as he possessed a source ma.n.u.script, Li Yunmu could create an infinite number of cultivation relaying globe which could display the essence of that secret technique. He would only need to pay the price of twenty thousand s.p.a.ce elements for each of those cultivation globes. 

Li Yunmu led Li Qinghong and Demon to enter the descending pa.s.sage, as everyone madly rushed inside to make sure to enter before it closed. 

At this moment, the people suddenly discovered that the descending pa.s.sage actually resembled a dragon's tail. The beginning was still quite wide, but as they went deeper, it began to gradually become narrower and narrower, giving them a sensation as if they were in a dragon's tail which would continue to decrease in width as they went further. 

As everyone madly covered the distance of more than a hundred kilometers, the descending pa.s.sage became increasingly more unstable and appeared to be on the verge of closing down. 

At the end point of the dragon's tail, a hint of light finally appeared, which was the exit of the descending pa.s.sage. 

When Li Yunmu saw the group of people running in front of him pa.s.s through exit halo without any hesitation and then completely disappear, he understood why the descenders chosen by the quasi deities were all at the Flux Disciple realm. The exit halo was very unstable, so if someone with higher cultivation base tried to crash through, it would certainly collapse. 

He didn't hesitate and quickly went through with his two followers, entering the origin world. 

When Li Yunmu's consciousness was restored and he surveyed his surroundings, he discovered that everything around was different. Immediately, an unimaginable pressure suppressed all of them, coming from all four directions, the eight sides. 

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud...

Almost simultaneously, all the descenders who had just entered the main world were forced to kneel down by this terrifying pressure with panic stricken faces. 

Even Li Yunmu, who had a tyrannical physical body, was no exception. The thirty-four descenders were completely suppressed, to the point that their bodies fell flat on the ground. 

Fan Qing, Fan Ni, and Fan En, who were the first to descend, weren't too far away. They were roughly a hundred meters in front of Li Yunmu, trying their utmost to crawl away. 

The disciples of the four Barbarian Kings were also crawling like crazy, only a few meters away from the three. But under this enormous pressure which made it difficult to even breath, as if a large mountain had descended on all of them, they weren't making much progress.

Li Yunmu checked in front of him, and was suddenly startled. 

There, up ahead, was a mountain range flickering with a black metal l.u.s.tre. 

One mountain there was several thousands of meters high, raising far up. People with poor eyesight couldn't even see its top, only the slope covered in a thick jungle.

Countless trees were reaching into the sky with dense roots visible on the ground. Each of the trunks required more than a couple people to join hands to enclose them. 

"What exactly is this place, let me rise, ahhh…"

Not far from Li Yunmu, Xiye Hanbei was unwilling to bow down to the invisible pressure and went all out to resist against it. 

He didn't hesitate to use the power of his two sun heavenly world and gradually used his hands to rise up, but the next instant, this previously acknowledged as the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension seemed to have been struck by an even greater pressure. He went down once again with a bang.

His whole body deeply stuck the ground. 

"Don't try to show off, this world's power exceeds our antic.i.p.ations. Don't try to resist it. All of us must stay on the ground with our bodies flat against it. This is the most optimum position to ease the suppression. We cannot let Fan Qing and them escape," said Zhongshan Anling who was just behind the four barbarians.

He was also trying his utmost to crawl out of the pressure zone. Li Yunmu glanced at him once, and sure enough, he was also chasing after Fan Qing's group. 

Everyone was rus.h.i.+ng after the trio to make sure that they didn't leave this region. This had to be ensured even at the cost of everyone's lives. They definitely couldn't allow these three to reveal the secret of their world; they were perfectly aware of the grave consequences if that happened. 

Fan Qing's group was similarly crawling with their full strength, trying to crawl away. They knew that if they wanted to escape with their lives, there was no other choice. 

The people closest to them were the four barbarians, Man Tian being only thirty or so meters behind Fan Qing. 

If this was an ordinary place, then the distance of thirty meters could have been covered in a blink of an eye by a super Overlord like Man Tian. But currently, under the formless pressure, everyone could only crawl like dying dogs in their attempt to escape. 

A long time pa.s.sed with everyone just crawling about. When Li Yunmu raised his head once again to take check how much he'd moved, he found that he had crawled several hundred meters. 

Suddenly, his body lightened, and he could keenly sense that after crawling so far, the formless pressure had weakened. Instantly, his crawling speed almost doubled. 

Gradually, he surpa.s.sed Zhao Mei, Lu Bu, and some others, rus.h.i.+ng ahead of them. But at this time, Fan En, who was crawling at the very front, suddenly howled with laughter.

"You all should just give up, none of you can catch up to me. I can feel that I'll quickly escape from this pressure zone's core."

After crawling for five hundred meters, the pressure on his body had lightened a lot. Gradually, he used his full strength and was able to raise up a little. As if he was an ape or a monkey, his hands were low, almost touching the ground, but his movement speed increased, and he began to flee much quicker. 

Right behind him was Fan Ni. After she crossed the boundary of five hundred meter, she also rose up and began to flee in a half-squatting position. Her speed instantly doubled compared to when she was crawling, and she became much faster than Man Tian and the others who were chasing behind her. 

Seeing this, the descenders became anxious. These circ.u.mstances were clearly unfavourable to those who were in the role of the hunter. Since the others had descended first, they could leave the core of the pressure zone sooner. Then, they could leave their hunters in the dust. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 292

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