Shadow Hack Chapter 295

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"Ocean Temple has a record about the Emperor of Sea, Neptune. According to the records, even Neptune's deity level beast ocean dragon was only one kilometer long, but compared to this dragon corpse…"

Hai Yue had nothing to say. 

Ocean Temple indeed had a record that there was a True G.o.d had existed at one point in time. And SeaG.o.d Neptune was exactly this True G.o.d. Strictly speaking, SeaG.o.d Neptune wasn't a human but a life-form native to the Seventh Dimension. 

There was evidence which indicated that several thousands of years ago, many ancient deity level life-forms existed in the Seventh Dimension. This was also the reason why the seaG.o.d's people were called new humans. 

All of them could be considered the descendants of SeaG.o.d Neptune who had come from the Seventh Dimension and established themselves in the abyss of earth's oceans. Therefore, seaG.o.d's people were actually half human life-forms which came to be after the descendants of the seaG.o.d had reproduced with humans during the Dark Ages.

Therefore, Hai Yue's words mentioning the achievements of SeaG.o.d Neptune caused everyone to tremble. 

The deity level ocean dragon which had been dominated by the seaG.o.d wasn't larger than a kilometer, but this dragon corpse was several hundred or even a thousand kilometers long. Compared to the deities and G.o.ds in their imagination, wasn't this… None of them dared to think beyond this point. 

No one knew how to describe the disparity among the two creatures, for they couldn't even understand how a life-form surpa.s.sing deities and G.o.ds could even exist.

This experience had already surpa.s.sed the world in their imagination by far. At this time, all of them, including Li Yunmu, learned that their world was just a well and they were only frogs at the bottom of that well. 

"According to the records of our Barbarian Shrine, our majestic Barbarian G.o.d had been several hundred meters tall and had boundless divine power, enough to throw a mountain, but compared to this…"

Man Tian was also dumbfounded. He suddenly the firm faith of the barbarians in their Barbarian G.o.d collapse within him. 

But when others heard the descriptions of Barbarian G.o.d and SeaG.o.d Neptune by Man Tian and Hai Yue, a strange type of excitement appeared in their eyes. 

At this instant, Li Yunmu understood everything. 

No wonder the quasi deities had disregarded everything in their desire to descend to origin world. How could the origin world only have a path leading to become deities; it certainly had an unimaginable heavenly way which was even more eternal and went farther. 

Battle G.o.d, Barbarian King, Ocean Emperor, quasi deities?

It wasn't that they didn't have path to move on, but it was just the beginning. Only the beginning ahh. Even this dragon corpse which had been lying here for countless years had made them crawl for the several kilometers just by its remanent pressure. 

Unimaginable, what sort of world is this exactly?

Yesterday, everyone was still fighting about who would make the final decision regarding Ye Qing's fate, but at this instant, they discovered that their vision had been too narrow, too small. 

They were like ants who were noisily bickering because a human had accidently dropped bread crumbs. It was completely ridiculous. 

"I've decided to travel the world alone. We all will meet here after three years, this insignia will act as proof."

Blade Devil suddenly gave a blade insignia to Higher Dimensional Continent's Ruyan Lanzhi, then without talking to anyone, he started on his journey alone and left through the south side of the jungle. 

Blade Devil caused everyone to turn speechless. Although all of them had received a psychological blow, not all of them were as confident as Blade Devil, nor had the powers behind them been so thorough and courageous like Bladewood. They bore the hopes of the powers and sects who had supported them while descending, so how could they just disregard everything like Devil Blade and walk away. 

Thus, apart from him, everyone else remained behind. 

The dragon corpse had dealt a psychological blow to all of the group, causing the minds of the majority of people here to change. But as to what to do and how to accomplish anything, everyone decided to base their plans on the information they'd extract from the traitor of Divine Religion. 

These so called descenders had now discovered that they had too little information about this origin world. Even if they had to compete like ridiculous ants, they still should do so only when necessary. 

As for Fan Qing and the others, they were the breakthrough which everyone needed. 

"Speak, tell us what your Divine Religion has learned about the origin world. If you speak, we will give you an easy death."

Once Blade Devil left, Zhan Wuya breathed a sigh of relief and became much more confident. 

Among all the descenders, Blade Devil was the only one whose existence made others anxious. Now that this troublesome person had left, while Zhan Wuya had Ji Wuxin by his side as well as Luo Tian who had been silently acting invisible, he became increasingly more courageous. 

"Get lost. Kill me if you want, but none of you will be able to learn anything about this origin world."

However, what was out of everyone's expectations was that Ye Qing, whom everyone held in absolute contempt, acted with extreme firmness at this instant. All while his gaze filled with resentment and anger was fixated on Li Yunmu. 

Just because of this person, the great plan of their Divine Religion had been foiled again and again. Regardless of whether it was Chaotian Sect trying to obtain Void Disk previously or him trying to rush through the tower to obtain the final part of Refining PaG.o.da later on, he always showed up to get in their way. 

No one could've thought that a majestic transcending power would be dragged down into the quagmire of despair because of one trifling character. 

Everyone took turns to interrogate Ye Qing, using all sorts of methods, but he remained silent. The only thing in his eyes apart from resentment was even more intense resentment. 

It was clear to him that Divine Religion as well as Chaotian Sect were finished on the other side, while after falling in the hands of these people, he was also doomed to die.

Since there was no hope for him, how could he easily give up the information acc.u.mulated by Divine Religion during the countless years to this group of people. He was full of despair and his heart was dead. 

Whatever torture methods they used proved to be useless. But when he was at his last gasp after being tortured, a strange light flickered in his eyes. "If-if you kill Li Yunmu for me, I will reveal all the secrets Divine Religion had learned about this origin world, even the method to return to our Earth…"

As he said these words, his eyes suddenly bulged out. 

"Li Qinghong, have you gone crazy?"

"What did you kill him for?"

At this instant, Zhan Wuya and even other descenders went completely crazy, especially when they heard Ye Qing's final words of knowing how to return to their Earth.

When they heard him say that, their hearts immediately tightened. But at this crucial moment, who could've antic.i.p.ated that Li Qinghong, one o Li Yunmu's followers, would suddenly attack and kill him. 

She had stabbed her spear into Ye Qing's back. This one stab instantly reached his heart and her flux energy crushed his heart into pieces, killing him on the spot. 

Facing everyone's fury, Li Qinghong indifferently said, "A world traitor, a deserter of humanity dares to cause strife among us before breathing his last? He deserved to die."

She then slowly withdrew her Frightening Imperial Spear and retreated behind Li Yunmu. 

As for him, cold sweat was pouring down his body at this moment. Fortunately, Li Qinghong had managed to respond quickly and killed Ye Qing while everyone was in daze after hearing his words. 

Otherwise, today, he might've been finished. If Ye Qing hadn't died, this group of people would've really attacked him. 

Li Yunmu truly hadn't expected that this Ye Qing would be so determined to drag him to h.e.l.l. Honestly speaking, although Li Yunmu was ruthless, he still lacked a little bit of resolve. 

Fortunately, Li Qinghong had killed Ye Qing, and now that the person was dead, all problems were over. 

"What? The conspiracy laid down by the Divine Religion was stopped by me, yet don't tell me that you would've went all out to kill me for a world traitor?"

When Li Yunmu saw Zhan Wuya, Man Tian, Xiye Hanbei and others rus.h.i.+ng forth towards Li Qinghong, he instantly moved in front of her and said coldly, "Is this the unity the quasi deities spoke of?"

Shadow Hack Chapter 295

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