Shadow Hack Chapter 299

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Men Shan, who was leading the way, shouted out loudly in astonishment.

When others heard his words, their spirits were fiercely shaken. Had they finally come across people? Many people immediately walked faster to take a look.

And sure enough, Men Shen, who had been clearing the path, hadn't hallucinated. They'd been trapped within the mountain range for half a year, and now they had walked out of that d.a.m.ned place.

Yes, after the group of thirty-one descenders had divided into two groups at the jungle, the vanguard went up one mountain after another. To the point that the d.a.m.ned mountain range started to seem endless.

In time, all of them had turned completely numb. They lost track of how far they had come and how many mountains they had crossed. All that mattered now was that they had finally come out of this long mountain range.

Within the last half a year, everyone had fully accepted the enormity of the origin world.

Previously, they had tried to use their wing armor to hasten their journey by flying, but it wasn't a good idea. They soon discovered that under the terrifying gravity of the origin world, even Li Yunmu with his Wings of the Wind was unable to stay in the air for long and was forced to come down, let alone people with normal wing armor.

The terror and mysteries of the origin world gave several psychological blows to the group.

They had to walk for three months to cross the jungle, then after they came out, they had to cross the mountain range which took another three months.

Just when they thought that they had walked into some sort of illusion, that the mountain range was endless, they encountered signs of human habitat, which reinvigorated their spirits.

Since there were humans, then it meant that they had come out of the wilderness, even if Men Shen had only discovered a small village.

"Let's go, we will take a look."

No one hesitated to advance toward the small mountain within the desolate mountain range. From top to bottom, it only had ten or so households. It was clear at first glance that this was the lowest rung place in the origin world.

Thus, everyone immediately rushed forward.

During the three months of resisting the sixty-six greater gravity, each one of them had progressed at an extraordinary speed. Among them, Li Qinghong's progress was the greatest.

Presently, she could completely rely on her physical body to endure the gravity of the origin world.

"Elder, may I ask which region is this?"

Ji Wuxin acted as the representative and enquired from an old man in the small village.

"This is Liujia village, you all… did you all come from the mountain range in the north?"

The old man sized up the group of descenders which had appeared suddenly with a wisp of amazement in his eyes.

"That's right, we've been lost there for a long time."

"Can I ask the lot of you to follow this old man?"

Seeing the group of suddenly appeared descenders, the old man wasn't astonished in the slightest. While walking on the path leading inside the village, he mumbled to himself, "Recent times have been getting increasingly more strange. These days, many misters and misses have been coming from the northern mountain range."

All the fluxers had a keen hearing ability. Coiling Tiger grabbed the old man's shoulder and asked with excitement, "Uncle what did you say just now?"

"I said more and more people are coming from the northern mountains." The old man then continued as if he was accustomed to it, ""Everyone please, I know what you want. My Liujia Village has already prepared everything, so I have just one request - that you should leave after taking the things you want. Truthfully, our Liujia Village has been struggling painfully for the past generations, we have nothing which can catch your eye."

The old man then turned again with a helpless expression, leading everyone toward the village.

"Increasingly more and more people like us have been coming from the northern mountains?"

All of the fluxers looked at each other in dismay. Hai Yue ,who was extremely careful, discovered that although this old man looked extremely weak, when Coiling Tiger had grabbed his shoulder forcefully in a fit of excitement, the old man hadn't been the slightest bit discomfied.

This wasn't because the old man was actually a deeply hidden expert or that Coiling Tiger hadn't used sufficient strength, but that the natives of this world had extremely tyrannical physical bodies.

Even an old man from a desolate region like this could resist the berserk strength of Coiling Tiger.

"All right, a few days ago, a young lord and young miss had come from there, wearing white gowns. The girl appeared to be holy and pure like a fairy and was very beautiful, although these few misses here are also equally beautiful."

While speaking, the old man turned his head and glanced at Hai Yue, Ruyan Lanzhi, and Xie Qianxue. All these three women were breathtaking beauties. Although Zhao Mei and Ji Wuxin also weren't lacking, but they were a grade lower. However, all of them were extremely beautiful, so this old man did have good taste.

When he mentioned two people, a man and a woman, two names popped up in everyone's heads - Fan En and Fan Ni.

"Where are they now?" Men Shen asked, feeling slightly aggrieved.

"They are long gone, they got a map and some rations, then left the same evening." The old man then added, "In the past few months, four groups of people had come from the northern mountains, which makes your group the fifth one."

Soon, the old man led everyone inside the village. "All of them were like you, coming to our village to enquire about directions."

While following behind the old man, the first thing that Li Yunmu and the others saw was a group of naked underaged children fighting with each other. All of them were extremely energetic, their fierce yells filled with blood and qi, which jolted everyone's ear drums.

This group that consisted of mostly eleven and twelve year old children had such st.u.r.dy muscles that even people like Man Tian and Xiye Hanbei were about to palpitate. The finally understood the real situation of the natives of this origin world who were born and raised under the sixty-six times greater gravity.

Even if they were just a group of children in a desolate land, their strength as well as power of the physical body surpa.s.sed that of most people from the group of descenders.

It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that the vitality coming from the tyrannical bodies of these children caused the hearts of these descenders to tremble in fear. Only now did Li Yunmu finally understand why when the old man had seen them first time he'd called them young masters and young ladies.

It was because among the people of this village, none of them had a weak physique. Every single one of them, whether it were adults or children or even women, all of them had extremely st.u.r.dy bodies like those of crude barbarians. 

Li Yunmu and the others saw this, then got the map the old man had mentioned before, although calling it a map was showing great respect to this piece of beast skin.

On top of it, there were several crooked pictures which represented the northern mountains, Liujia Village, and Nine Dragon Cave. It had just these three points around, while far into the distance there was an image which was probably a large city.

In terms of estimated distance, that city was roughly two thousand kilometers away from this village.

When Hai Yue carefully examined the map, she couldn't help but point at a human skull shaped mark on the map and ask, "What is this Nine Dragon Cave?"

Shadow Hack Chapter 299

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