Shadow Hack Chapter 302

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"It's simple, we just need to pull the snake from its hole."

Ruyan Lanzhi knew that her trickery wasn't hidden from anybody, but as long as she achieved her aim, she didn't care.

Blade Devil had left alone while the woman with a green snake and another descender from Dong Clan, both of whom were from Higher Dimensional Continent, had been forced to stay within the jungle because of the gravity. Thus, the Higher Dimensional Continent's faction's power had suffered greatly. With only Ryuan Lanzhi and Lu Bu remaining behind, it was basically impossible for them to compete with other factions.

This was why she wanted to show her worth and attract sufficient importance to her person.

"Pulling the snake out of the hole?"

Everyone seemed to have somewhat understood, but the exact plan was completely unfamiliar to the majority of the proud sons and daughters of heavens. They had simply never faced a circ.u.mstance where they'd need such a plan.

Regardless of whatever the problem was, they would always come out on top. Even if they were unable to suppress it with their strength, it would be solved by their background. And some of this pride still remained in these people and subconsciously, they resisted using such tricks to settle the problem.

But Ruyan Lanzhi's reminder quickly made them realize that this wasn't their world and that this was the only way to settle the problem.

"That's right, we should draw the snake out of its hole. Since we aren't completely certain of winning against them, we can only beat them in their own game. After drawing them out, we will kill them in one fell swoop," Ruyan Lanzhi supplemented.

"How do you plan to do it?" Li Yunmu asked, showing some interest. Even if he was convinced that if everyone really went all out against the Nine Dragon Cave bandits, it would be very simple.

That is, if they revealed their trump cards. Like if he revealed the three pieces of Azure Dragon Deity Suit or his world power, then he was sure he alone could deal with the Nine Dragon Cave's nine heads.

His principles were still the same, though. As long as the opponent didn't surpa.s.s Flux Master level or was unable to break past his defenses, it didn't make much of a difference if his opponent was a single person or an army.

Li Yunmu was convinced that since he could accomplish that, then among the sixteen people here, at least a few of them could achieve the same. However, no one was willing to reveal their trump cards and true strength. Even Xiye Hanbei was also concealing many things.

If this number one person of the Fifth Dimension went all out, then how was it possible that he would have a mere 5% possibility of prevailing over a group of mountain bandits. It was simply nonsense.

"If I'm not wrong, then the Nine Dragon Cave has already received information about us staying within the Liujia Village," Ruyan Lanzhi said.

"The Liujia Village has some hidden ears from the bandit side?" everyone quickly asked in response.

"That's right. Besides, according to my estimations, the position of the spy of the Nine Dragon Cave within Liujia Village should also be quite high. I even think that this spy is one of the nine heads, since only then would they gain a proper estimate of our strength and thus think of methods to deal with us."

Ruyan Lanzhi's words astonished people.

"Liu Qings.h.i.+?" everyone asked with slight astonishment.

"It is not him." Ruyan Lanzhi shook her head. "If I haven't guessed wrong, then it should be the captain of the second hunting squad, since from the start, he was the person responsible for protecting Liujia Village. If any descenders come from the jungle, he would be among the first ones to know."

"Then is it possible that the entire Liujia Village is formed by members of the Nine Dragon Cave?" Li Qinghong suddenly asked.

"It's possible, but I don't know for certain. But if this is really the case, then our situation isn't good," Ruyan Lanzhi solemnly said.

"Impossible, if the entire Liujia Village was formed by the people of Nine Dragon Cave, they wouldn't have provided us with the map and informed us about the Nine Dragon Cave's existence. Why would they superfluously alert the enemy," Lu Bu said with discontent.

"What if they wanted to use the name of the Nine Dragon Cave to attract our attention and remove our vigilance against themselves," Ruyan Lanzhi suddenly said.

"Ruyan Lanzhi, you don't need to keep people in suspense. Just speak what you want from us, and we the barbarian brothers will listen to you."

Coiling Tiger was a very impatient person, and the barbarians of the Desolate Continent in general disliked this sort of scheming very much, so he quickly declared his position.

After Coiling Tiger displayed his group's stand, a small smile appeared on the face of Ruyan Lanzhi and she began to quickly explain her plan.

According to her conjectures, she believed that behind the Nine Dragon Cave bandits, there wasn't any power which could send flux energy martial experts. The reason why the people of the Liujia Village had said so was mainly to add pressure and make sure that these descenders put their entire attention on the bandits, thus lowering their guard against the people of the village.

With this, they wanted to cause chaos among the descenders before the fighting had even started.

If this a.s.sumption was correct, then everything would become clear. It would also confirm that the bandits of the Nine Dragon Cave didn't have complete certainty of being able to deal with their group with their strength.

They were simply exaggerating the facts while trying to use other methods like poisoning their food.

Although this type of method was considered underhanded, but it was extremely effective and also suited the modus operandi of bandits. This could also explain why the people of Liujia Village had warned everyone about the existence of Nine Dragon Cave, not even hesitating to use the power of flux energy experts to scare them.

They had only one aim, and that was to cause disorder among the group and lower their guard against themselves, the people of Liujia Village, by making sure that all their attention was focused on the Nine Dragon Cave.

It has to be said that Ruyan Lanzhi's a.n.a.lysis was sufficient to cause everyone to become apprehensive, even if she said things without giving evidence. Once everyone thought carefully about this, they all felt that her words were correct.

If she hadn't reminded them, then they might have really neglected the seemingly harmless villagers.

"Thus, everyone should be extremely careful about one thing—since the enemy has already made plans for us, we cannot alert them in the slightest. We will use their own arrangements to beat them at their game. Naturally, we also need to make some proper arrangements to guard against the unexpected."


Everyone leisurely agreed, and all the descenders were once again reminded that this wasn't their world. In their world, when would such group as theirs, consisting of only proud sons and daughters of heavens, would act so pa.s.sively against a trifling village and a couple bandits?

On that night, everyone made their own arrangements.

Li Yunmu took out his four runic spears. It wasn't a secret that he possessed these four forbidden tools, and so he didn't need to worry about revealing this trump card.

Hai Yue didn't fall behind. She took out a bottle of liquid called Underworld Ocean Liquid, which was an extremely terrifying poison extracted from a flower that lived in the underworld ocean.

For any person with strength lower than Nirvana Stage, this poison was deadly.

Zhan Wuya also took out one of the ten forbidden weapons, the one named Nine Devil Parasite Cannon. It could be expected that the moment he did so, everyone's cautiousness towards him increased by a few times.

If it wasn't for the enemy this time, the amount of power he possessed would have remained a mystery. He certainly wouldn't have just revealed this sort of forbidden weapon.

From this, the power of several trump cards prepared for these descenders with the transcending powers behind them could be clearly seen, and this was the reason why Li Yunmu had remained low key.

The unknown is the most terrifying.

It wasn't yet the time for him to steal the limelight. He had no doubts that with the a.s.sistance of the system, he would be able to establish his foothold in this origin world and become a dragon among men.

What upper tier sects or sages or transcending power? In the future, none of them would be unable to stop his rise.

Shadow Hack Chapter 302

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