Shadow Hack Chapter 306

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Li Yunmu decisively shook his head and refuted Demon's suggestion, "That won't do. If we chop more of their limbs, it is highly possible that their innate bloodline which they had awakened with so much difficulty will degenerate. So we definitely cannot chop off more of their limbs."

Li Yunmu thought for a long time about this. If after squandering so much time and taking such large risks we could only smuggle in a bunch of ordinary Ape G.o.ds to the origin world, what would have been the point?

It must be known that the limit of potential for the four-limbed ordinary Ape G.o.ds was the peak of the Fifth Dimension. Regardless of whatever they cultivated, because of the restriction of their innate bloodline, they would never be able to rise to the Sixth Dimension and cross to the level of humanity's Flux Masters. 

But this group of six-limbed Ape G.o.ds who had awakened their innate bloodline were completely different. After awakening, they had the potential to rise to the Nirvana layer as long as they cultivated a cultivation method suitable for them. They would be only half a step away from the realm of Flux Sage. 

If Li Yunmu could obtain more divine blood from the King's True Territory and nurture them, there was even a possibility of them evolving to the next stage and turning into eight-limbed Ape Ancestors. 

"The tribulation is gonna start now."

Demon's forehead filled with sweat. 

If the world punishment descended, then not only the six Ape G.o.ds would suffer, but even Li Yunmu who was the mastermind of the whole thing would be unable to escape. He may even suffer a heavier punishment. 

Li Yunmu remained unmoved and transmitted his command."Then we can only endure, immediately launch Plan B.

"Master, this is extremely risky."

At this time, Li Qinghong who hadn't said a word from start, was also alarmed by Li Yunmu's decision to endure the world punishment. 

"I've already decided. If I can't even resist against this lowest level of world punishment, then what did I descend for?" he said resolutely. 

If he was in the Fifth Dimension and used a power which surpa.s.sed its limit, he wouldn't dare to think of it, let alone consider resisting it. This was because the world punishment of the Fifth Dimension had only one intent, and that was to use the strength of the entire world to destroy the person who broke the rules. 

This intent was very strict, like one of a machine carrying out orders to kill someone. Once it was triggered, the heavens of the Fifth Dimension would move to exterminate the rule breaker. 

This was the reason why even the peak existences like battle sages wouldn't have the courage to enter the Fifth Dimension. After all, even if the formidable battle sages were much more powerful, they still couldn't be more powerful than an entire dimension. 

But with his half year's experience as well as the system's in-depth a.n.a.lysis, Li Yunmu had discovered that there was a large difference between the world punishment of the origin world and one on Earth. This difference was between their intents. The world punishment of the origin world was separated into nine grades, as a.n.a.lyzed by the system. 

Before he had chopped off the limbs of the Ape G.o.ds, the cyan-colored thunder cloud had been second grade. Despite it being only second grade, Li Yunmu didn't have any method to resist it, because the power of the world punishment of the origin world was far more terrifying compared to one of the Fifth Dimension. 

But now, once the vitality of the Ape G.o.ds had declined because of their chopped limbs, the thunder tribulation was of the lowest level. 

Because of this, Li Yunmu had a certain amount of confidence to be able to withstand it. 

This sort of terrifying risk would probably be the courting of death to the point of even ten lives being insufficient for the other descenders, but Li Yunmu was different from them. 

After all, he possessed the formidable defense formed of six layers, and he also had the reincarnation tree. This was his most important capital which gave him the confidence to be able to survive through the tribulation.

Sensing Li Yunmu's determination, the two followers didn't speak anymore and immediately threw six items toward the six Ape G.o.ds. 

With one glance, it could be ascertained that these were the six flags of the Great Sun Killing Spell which Li Yunmu had obtained from the six elite disciples of Chaotian Sect. 

The six Ape G.o.ds had clearly cultivated Chaotian Sect's secret technique with the help of the cultivation relaying globes prepared by Li Yunmu and possessed sunG.o.d flame energy within their bodies. In addition, they had awakened their innate bloodlines, so they could clearly achieve more compared to humans with identical amount of effort. 

This was another reason for Li Yunmu's confidence. He wanted to use the Ape G.o.ds' killing spell as foundation which formed the first line of defense against the cyan-colored thunder cloud. 

For this event, the system and Li Yunmu had prepared for a long time. 

The six Ape G.o.ds didn't disappoint him. They quickly collected the spell flags and immediately inserted them into the ground. Then, they began to pour the sunG.o.d flame energy.

They instantly moved the six fifth dimension treasure tools, and six void mirrors immediately appeared on the ground. With effort, they then were slowly turned towards the sky. 

But this wasn't sufficient. The spell still lacked one more thing, and it was the sun. 

In the heavenly world, they were unable to utilize the energy of the fixed sun, but at this time, Li Yunmu who was at the center, looked upwards and howled loudly. As he opened his mouth, a red sun rose up from inside him. 

Although this red sun was small and had far less energy compared to the fixed sun in the heavenly world, it was extremely pure because it had reached a minor threshold and had been refined countless times by extremely pure energy. 

The red sun spit out by Li Yunmu instantly congealed a pure and majestic heat energy.

Great Sun Killing Spell, success! 

Because of Li Yunmu's red sun being used as the core, this time's Great Sun Killing Array was even more formidable compared to the one unleashed by Flame Devil, Flowing Cloud, and the others. 

As if sensing the resistance from the rule breaker underneath, the cyan thunder cloud which hadn't scattered yet became furious. 

The next instant, the cyan thunder cloud grew without restraint, and a lighting bolt which was about the size of a child's arm condensed. It was flickering violently, dazzling the entire heavenly world. 

Kcha, bang! 

The lightning bolt suddenly struck toward Li Yunmu. 

Right then, the six Ape G.o.ds seemed to have sensed the danger and howled violently. They absorbed as much heat energy as they could from the red sun and poured in the flame energy from their bodies to form six blazing light rays which shot toward the heavens. 

Instantly, the six blazing rays and thunder tribulation collided, shaking the entire heavenly world. 

The world punishment was surprisingly forcefully scattered. 

Li Qinghong and Demon, who had already retreated a good distance away, watched this scene attentively. Once they saw the lightning dissipate, they breathed a sigh of relief. But soon, their expressions changed. 

Because the world punishment of the origin world wasn't finished yet. The cyan-colored thunder cloud above the heavenly world quickly congealed another lightning bolt which was even thicker and more ferocious compared to the previous one and struck down. 

The second lightning bolt was three times more formidable than the first one. 

"Come again!" Li Yunmu howled loudly. 

Instantly, the six void mirrors shot six more blazing rays at the second lightning bolt. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 306

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