Shadow Hack Chapter 307

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However, as soon as they disrupted the second bolt and scattered it, the third one had already struck down. 


The green gra.s.s on the ground of the heavenly world which had already grown several fingers high was completely crushed by the shockwaves from the explosion. 

The small fountainhead at the center of the heavenly world seemed to have become immune to earth's gravity. The spring water suddenly rose several tens of meters high like a fountain breaking out. 

Li Qinghong and Demon, who were acting as spectators, were forced to retreat by the enormous vibrating shockwaves created by the collision. 

Li Yunmu's complexion changed. The system wasn't omnipotent. Although it had done countless in-depth a.n.a.lysis, it had still calculated one thing wrong about the world punishment of the origin world. 

This mistake was that the system had underestimated the adaptability of the will of the origin world. Because of Li Yunmu's resistance, the world punishment had become increasingly more dangerous, like a furious man who was getting more and more enraged. 

But this wasn't the time to think about these issues, for the fourth thunderbolt was already descending. 

The six Ape G.o.ds couldn't persevere anymore. Not only had they poured out the purest flame energy from the red sun into the six void mirrors, but they had also completely used up their flame energy.

Since they were savage beasts, their intuition regarding danger was even sharper than that of humans. They were aware that if they couldn't resist the fourth thunderbolt, then they could only pay with their lives. 

Without needing Li Yunmu to remind them, they exchanged blows directly with the fourth thunderbolt. Because of the collision between the killing array and the tribulation thunder, cracks appeared at the edges of Li Yunmu's heavenly world. It began to rupture like a piece of gla.s.s all around, and the s.p.a.ce within became unstable. 

This was a sign that this heavenly world was about to be forcibly crushed. 

If heavenly world was forced open, then everyone in it, including the Ape G.o.ds, would be finished. At this time, the only fixed sun of the heavenly world suddenly began to s.h.i.+ne brightly. Its splendor illuminated the entire heavenly world. 

Suddenly, the ruptured heavenly world began to be forcefully repaired. 

This was the ability of the congealed sun. Even if only one had been congealed, it was still able to stabilize Li Yunmu's heavenly world. 

The fifth tribulation descended. 


Because of the thunderbolt, more than half of the sky was brightened up as if it was daytime. 

At that moment, the six blazing rays couldn't hold on anymore. They fused together but couldn't completely stop this attack. The remaining thunder then heavily crashed down on the Great Sun Killing Array. 

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack!

The six void mirrors shattered. They were crushed into pieces by the thunder tribulation, and the six Ape G.o.ds madly coughed up blood as they lost consciousness. 

The seventh tribulation bolt was even more terrifying that the previous ones. When it descended, Li Yunmu, who had already lost all his defenses and stood at the center of the spell, could only urge the red sun to go upwards. 


The red sun collapsed because of the tribulation thunder. Numerous blazing heat waves and thunder sparks violently shot in all directions in the heavenly world. 

But Li Yunmu was able to use his red sun to forcibly resist the seventh tribulation bolt. 

However, the will of the origin world didn't seem to want him to catch a breath. The eighth tribulation had already stored enough power within the tribulation cloud. This thunderbolt which was even more terrifying and was around a thigh's thickness violently descended.

Instantly… Safeguard, Admiralty Cover, twelve rainbow-light ghost king armor, Tyrant Body, Devil Dragon Bone Armor—all these five layers of defense were fully activated by Li Yunmu. 


This time, there was no other power used to withstand it, but Li Yunmu's own body. He used it alone to forcefully endure the eight tribulation. If the other descenders became aware of this, they would go mad. 

Regardless of whatever they thought, they would have never antic.i.p.ated that a Flux Disciple would surprisingly dare to use his own body to accomplish such an insane feat. 

But Li Yunmu had attempted to do this because he had the capital to back it up. He relied mostly on Admiralty Cover, the damage reducing defensive cultivation method. 

Otherwise, even if he had ten times the guts, he still wouldn't have dared to court disaster like this. 

But even so, the might of the eighth tribulation bolt was even more terrifying and dreadful than those of the previous seven added together. 

As this thick thunder bolt fell on Li Yunmu's body, its power was reduced by nearly eighty percent because of Admiralty Cover and Safeguard. Still, the king crystal armor which was had fused with dark golden ghost king armor and the armour of a twelve rainbow-light ghost king weren't able to resist the leftover power of the tribulation thunder. 

Immediately, it disintegrated into pieces. The remaining thunder power then knocked against his Tyrant Body and Devil Dragon Bone Armor. At this moment, regardless of whether it was his muscles or bones, all of them began to rupture because of the tyrannical tribulation power. 

His body began to collapse inch by inch: his blood vessels ruptured, his bones began to crack, and even his five viscera and six bowels were ruined by the tribulation thunder. 

Li Qinghong and Demon who were watching Li Yunmu from the distance saw him becoming all b.l.o.o.d.y, like he was made of porcelain and was now rupturing bit by bit. 

Their master finally couldn't persevere against the world punishment of the origin world and fell back at the final step. 

Li Yunmu was finished, and Li Qinghong and Demon understood that they were finished as well. Everything was over. Unwilling, they were completely unwilling! They had barely descended into the origin world, so both high heavens and deep seas were waiting for them. Yet because of the failure of this matter, their hopes were forced to die. 

However, just when the two followers sensed Li Yunmu's vitality weakening, a m.u.f.fled cry rang out from the center of the spell, "Major Reversal!"

Just as the words were voiced, a terrifying green light was emitted by Li Yunmu's body, which was crumbling bit by bit, and an enormous amount of vitality burst forth.

As the green light fell on the quickly crumbling body, a miracle happened. 

In one breath, Li Yunmu's body was restored completely. In the second breath, his body was no longer covered in blood. In the third breath, his energy was restored to its peak. 

What is called an SSS grade supreme technique? This is!

Minor Reversal could heal major injuries, while Major Reversal could reverse the situation as long as his brain was intact and his soul hadn't scattered.

This was Li Yunmu's genuine trump card. Apart from Admiralty Cover which was a uniquely tyrannical damage reducing defensive skill, he also had this supreme Great Reversal Technique. 

Even compared to Li Qinghong's undying sage blood, it was much more formidable and tyrannical. As long as Li Yunmu had stored sufficient vitality, he wouldn't die. 

Even his followers like Li Qinghong hadn't know about this trump card. 

Thus, for them, what was happening at this moment was simply a miracle. 

The world punishment of the origin world was far less strict than the Fifth Dimension's world punishment. After the eight tribulation bolt, the thunder cloud had slowly started to scatter after sensing that Li Yunmu's life was about to be extinguished.

However, the thunder cloud sensed that the person it had punished had recovered and burst forth with even more formidable vitality, so it instantly became furious. 

This time, the thunder cloud removed all restraints and condensed an incomparably enormous thunderbolt. When this ninth thunderbolt was congealed, the thunder cloud above the heavenly world dissipated completely. This was because it had used up all of its tribulation thunder to congeal this last strike. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 307

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