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In fact, the transformation of the Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets wasn't just limited to the expanding flux points and meridians. In system's words, that was just a variation which had arisen due to the nature of the source power.

After fusing with the tribulation thunder of the origin world, Li Yunmu had rotated it twelve times. At that time, he suddenly discovered that he could casually use the power of a thunder sun.

Previously, it was impossible for him to achieve this feat, but now he just raised his hand toward the sky.

The next instant, strands of energy separated from the thunder sun in his brain and, after pa.s.sing through the meridians between the seventy-two flux points, it appeared in the hollow of his palm, congealing into a marble-sized energy bead. This energy bead was formed of blazing flame and cyan thunder.

Even if it was just resting in his palm and had the size of a marble, both Li Qinghong and Demon could sense the heaven-shaking destructive power emitted by it.

Li Yunmu raised one of his eyebrows and immediately shot this energy bead with his fingers.


On the ground far away, terrifyingly hot shockwaves together with countless electrical sparks exploded. An enormous pressure which seemed to engulf both earth and heaven spread everywhere.

When Li Qinghong and Demon looked at this scene, their pupils shrank. They became aware that after they had lost consciousness at the most critical juncture, Li Yunmu had definitely had an extremely fortuitous encounter.

They were absolutely certain of this when they saw the berserk lightning flas.h.i.+ng at the center of the explosion and sensed how extremely familiar it was. The dangerous might emitted from this apocalyptic thunder was extremely similar to that of the thunder tribulation.

When Li Yunmu checked the results, he discovered that a hole with a diameter of three meters had been blasted out by the explosion.

The most important thing was that the hole which had a perimeter of ten meters was burnt completely black and filled with destructive energy. If this hadn't been his heavenly world where the power of the sun would automatically restore everything, then it would have become impossible for any sort of vegetation to grow in this area in the future.

The characteristics of this destructive energy were completely identical to those of the tribulation cloud of world punishment. They were extremely outstanding.

Frightening, is this the might of a profound cultivation method formed using the thunder tribulation from the world punishment?

It must be known that this energy bead wasn't the main body of the thunder sun rotating around in Li Yunmu's naval, but only a little bit of energy separated from his body.

Even if this little bit of energy was completely used up, the thunder sun could easily restore it after half a day's cultivation. In other words, this energy which was on another level could be said to require a whole new way of cla.s.sification.

It was light years apart from the flux energy in terms of quality, and it was at least a grade superior to the two types of dark flux energy which Li Yunmu possessed.

It was no wonder then that the system had told him that ability points couldn't be used to advance it. This energy was simply on another level.

And presently, Li Yunmu was the master of this new type of energy.

Suddenly, he thought of something and took out the underworld raven sage bow. According to the method of using flux energy to congeal arrows that he had learned previously, he used the power offered by the thunder sun.

This time, when Li Yunmu used the power of the thunder sun to congeal the arrow, he expanded even more strength. His forehead filled with beads of sweat after only ten breaths had pa.s.sed.

Gradually, a meter long flame thunder arrow was congealed, which was then compressed, thus completing the process.

The power of the thunder sun was almost completely used up while congealing this flame thunder arrow. It would probably take him two-three days to completely restore it.

After congealing the terrifying flame thunder arrow, Li Yunmu pointed the underworld raven sage bow towards the dumbstruck Demon, who could clearly sense the terrifying destructive power behind the arrow. Even if it wasn't shot, Demon could sense that his life was under the strongest threat he had ever faced.

"This arrow can take my life."

Regardless of anything, Demon was a person who had faced countless life threatening situation. He knew his capabilities, and so he told the truth with a stiff body, fearing that if he moved carelessly, Li Yunmu might lose control over this enormously destructive energy.

"What if you activated the ghost king mode?" Li Yunmu asked.

Demon had already fused with the ghost bloodline and had cultivated the Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets, so he could use the ghost king mode. Because of this, he could resist the sixty-six times greater gravity. It could be said that during ghost king mode, his body's const.i.tution became much more formidable.

"No point. I can feel that as long as this arrow is shot, I will certainly die. What level of power is this?"

With the flame thunder arrow locked onto him, Demon's danger instinct was working on full throttle. His entire body was drenched in sweat.

"It is a completely new power. Perhaps the chance of becoming a deity which the quasi deities have been searching for is also related to it."

Li Yunmu obviously wouldn't shoot this arrow at his own follower.

In the end, he didn't shoot it at anyone, because he had a sensation that if he really shot this arrow in his heavenly world, then the destruction wrought on upon it would be extremely heavy.

Even if he had two suns who were steadily supplying energy to restore the heavenly world, a fortnight would be the minimum amount of time required to restore the damage.

Impressive, too impressive. I can now understand a little why the quasi deities haven't been able to become deities, Li Yunmu thought. He withdrew the energy of flame thunder arrow back into his body.

He felt that this was a case of one possessing a large number of explosives and being able to easily manufacture artillery and cannons, but being unable to research nuclear warheads using these explosives. After all, without the core, how could you understand the power of the core?

After some tests, Li Yunmu gradually began to gain understanding of his newly grasped power.

"Then in the future, you will be known as flame thunder tribulation."

He formally gave a name to the power.

Clearly, this was similar to the dark flux energy, just that it was higher level.

After reaching the Flux Master level, the most significant transformation was that the person would be able to grasp deadly might.

What was this deadly might?

The deadly might actually used dark flux energy as the core. After absorbing a large number of dimensional crystals, the core would gradually transform, slowly subst.i.tuting the ordinary flux energy and depositing it on the seventy-two connected flux points. This was what was known as deadly might.

Frankly speaking, when the dark flux energy transformed all the flux energy at the flux points, only then it would be considered a success. This dark flux energy was the cause of a higher level power which was known as deadly might.

When the entire flux energy was transformed into deadly might, this signified the person having stepped into the great circle of Nirvana Layer, and them only being half a step away from becoming a Flux Sage.

Why were Xiye Hanbei, Devil, or even Li Qinghong forcefully restraining their cultivation to stay in the Fifth Dimension? This was because the grade of their energy was on a different level and they didn't have the a.s.surance of facing Flux Masters after ascending to the Sixth Dimension.

Flux energy and deadly might were two types of powers using different power sources. Just like water and ice, regardless of how much water one acc.u.mulated and used, they wouldn't be able to jolt a thick block of ice.

This was the disparity between two different levels of power. And presently, the flame thunder tribulation which Li Yunmu possessed was clearly an even more potent energy compared to the deadly might, which even Flux Sages hadn't grasped.

According to his conjuncture, this energy which was even more potent than the deadly might, was one of the crucial points regarding the riddle of becoming a deity.

Shadow Hack Chapter 311

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