Shadow Hack Chapter 322: Wild Ambition Is Your Sin

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Although it seemed to be slow, everything actually happened very quickly.

Once Li Yunmu's group retreated from the combat zone, Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin were forced to battle against Man Tian alone.

His strength was originally the greatest among the four descendants of the barbarians, and after he obtained the complete hegemonic armor, it broke into new horizons.

At this instant, his every attack contained terrifying bloodline power which was mixed together with the hegemonic deadly might which had an extremely oppressive nature.

Li Yunmu could make out that both Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin were extremely worried about Man Tian's every attack, never daring to take them directly.

They could sense that if they took a single hit, they would sustain severe injuries.

Fortunately for them, the effects of Battle G.o.d's blood hadn't worn off. For the first time, Li Yunmu was witnessing the battle entranced mode as a spectator and could perceive how terrifying this condition was.

The two of them hadn't become flawless in a true sense like quasi deities, but even so, Man Tian's terrifying attacks couldn't even graze them.

All of his. .h.i.ts were dodged before they could even come close to touching the bodies of the two. They were also using some sort of mysterious method to forcefully resist the deadly might unleashed by the hegemonic armor. 

However, even if their combat level had been upgraded to the peak, they were still finding it difficult to fight back. This was because Man Tian's power level far surpa.s.sed the Flux Disciple realm.

Gradually, Li Yunmu saw the difference between possessing the complete supreme battlesuit and possessing just parts of it. The difference lay in the quality of the deadly might.

If the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Battlesuit would allow him to possess the deadly might of a Flux Master, the four parts of Hegemonic Supreme Battlesuit produced a deadly might of a whole different level. Among fluxers of Earth, this quality of deadly might was known as sage deadly might.

Actually, it represented a power which was a level higher than normal deadly might, which compared to the most primitive sort of power, flux energy, was an existence that was two levels higher.

It was related to the power of Flux Sages as well as quasi deities.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu felt a strong sense of familiarity with this level of power.

Yes, familiar, since this level of power was very close to that of the flame thunder energy that he had obtained after the tribulation thunder had fused with his sunG.o.d flame energy.

But it was only close to it, since the real distance couldn't be calculated. Li Yunmu knew that the reason why they couldn't be seen as being on the same level was probably because Man Tian still lacked the core pearl.

If Man Tian gainted the sage pearl and fully a.s.sembled Hegemonic Supreme Battlesuit, he would be able to obtain a power on the level similar to Li Yunmu's flame thunder energy.

This sort of power was probably the goal of quasi deities.

Instantly, Li Yunmu became pensive, many thoughts floating in his mind. He had formed a hypothesis, but he lacked a method to test it.

By this time, the battle Man Tian and Zhan Wuya with Ji Wuxin had entered the most crucial stage.

"Man Tian, don't think that just because you possess deadly might, you will be able to get rid of us."

Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin had only fought against him for a short instant, but they had already been pushed into a desperate state.

This was the might of one of Earth's five supreme battlesuits. Even if a Flux Disciple couldn't unleash its entire strength, it was still extremely terrifying.

While battling the two disciples, both of whom had taken Battle G.o.d's blood, Man Tian had been able to force them into a dire situation in a short time.

If nothing unexpected happened, then soon, there would no longer be anyone representing War G.o.d Temple in the origin world.

In the battle between the two continents, Central Continent would be completely annihilated, eternally losing the chance to make a comeback.

"Hmph, if you want to blame someone, then blame your own pride. Zhan Wuya, you never be able to understand that regardless of how outstanding you are, you will forever remain a chess piece, a sacrificial p.a.w.n in the eyes of Battle G.o.d. What qualifications then do you possess to stand on the same level as us, barbarian king successors? You can never become an existence on the same level as me, now die."

At this instant, Man Tian explained the difference between others and the three barbarians of his group. Although everyone present here belonged to some transcending power, Man Tian's group consisted solely of barbarian king successors.

And compared to them, what was Zhan Wuya?

At most, he was an extremely outstanding true disciple.

This was the reason why Man Tian's group had been given parts of Hegemonic Supreme Battlesuit for descending, while Zhan Wuya didn't have the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit.

From the beginning, the disciples of War G.o.d Temple had never had a chance. They had lost completely before even setting out.

As for the reason why Man Tian had pushed aside Li Yunmu and directly attacked Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin?

From the start, he had been probing to check if the two of them had Battle Barbarian Supreme Suit. But since they hadn't used it even when faced with extreme danger, they almost certainly didn't have it.

Thus, the three barbarians felt quite relieved; the duo could easily be erased. The origin world didn't need any other faction's descenders apart from the three representing the Desolate Continent.

After understanding the situation, Man Tian didn't hold back, and his killing intent reached the peak.


Finally, at the most perilous time, Zhan Wuya used his final trump card.

"War Devil, fuse," he bellowed out fiercely while holding onto the necklace around his neck. On the pendant, a black hexagonal gemstone had been engraved. 

As if sensing Zhan Wuya's peril, the gemstone began to emit black smoke.

Once it appeared, it soon entered Zhan Wuya's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, circulating through his entire body. The next instant, the young man released a terrifying presence.

Traces of black smoke began to appear around his five senses, which was a sign of him turning into a devil!

"The War Devil which had been wors.h.i.+ped by the many generations of War G.o.d Temple? Unfortunately, it is also useless. You will never understand the power of the five supreme battlesuits."

Once the War Devil appeared, Man Tian was slightly startled, but he remained unfazed on the whole. He couldn't deny that he was looking upon the War Devil formed from the souls of War G.o.d Temple's elders.

It was an extremely terrifying existence that was the final trump card of War G.o.d Temple's disciples.

With the blood of Battle G.o.d and War Devil, Ji Wuxin and Zhan Wuya could've certainly dealt with the previous versions of the three barbarians.

The foundation of War G.o.d Temple was extremely profound, to the point that Barbarian Shrine could probably never compar. But even so, the present Man Tian possessed four parts of Hegemonic Supreme Battlesuit, which made him invincible in this fight.

Only if a Flux Sage appeared at this time could the lives of Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin be saved. Otherwise, even Battle G.o.d's blood and War Devil were just fleeting clouds.

Shadow Hack Chapter 322: Wild Ambition Is Your Sin

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