Shadow Hack Chapter 335: Turbulence in North Blue

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Chapter 335: Turbulence in North Blue

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

Once the ninth shadow appeared, Li Yunmu decided to not give it a name. After all, it would be impossible for him to provide it with s.h.i.+elded nurturing to preserve its intelligence and battle awareness in the future.

When his shadows died while hacking in the sea, Li Yunmu had to spend a large amount of experience points on their resurrection. At the moment, since the number of shadows wasn't substantial, he didn't feel much burden, but what about when the number of shadows increased?

Given that the sea beasts of the Origin World's North Blue were far more savage and formidable compared to those on Earth, his shadows had died over a dozen times during the last ten days.

This forced Li Yunmu to reach the decision that Li Yun, Li Feng, Li Tian, Li De, Li Mei, Li Lan, Li Ju, and Li Zhu would become his core shadows. Or well, the shadow bosses which he would nurture.

As for the shadows congealed in the future, he would simply leave them on their own to grow and wouldn't spend experience points to resurrect their shadow spirits.

Thus, Li Yunmu just named the new one Shadow Nine. As for its appearance, Li Yunmu used the his old template of age around thirty, height 1.8 m, and weight seventy kilograms.

Afterwards, he used a black mask to conceal the face of Shadow Nine. In the future, all his new shadows would be established as genuine shadows.

Apart from shadow one to eight, all the others in the future would act as true shadows who wouldn't casually reveal themselves under the sun's light.

After establis.h.i.+ng the human model, a healthy adult covered in tight black clothes and face hidden beneath a black iron mask appeared in reality.

"Go, find Li Yun's group and join them in hacking."

Li Yunmu waved his hand, and Shadow Nine woodenly entered the ocean to execute the latest command.

Li Yunmu had to admit that the ocean of the Origin World was a very convenient hacking site for the shadows. After they entered the water to hunt sea beasts, Li Yunmu didn't have to be worried about them being revealed to the world in broad daylight.

Moreover, the ocean of the Origin World had countless beasts. There were so many of them that simply couldn't be exterminated.

But the most important thing was that for every sea beast killed, he gained more experience and ability points than ever before. This place was much more generous than the Fifth Dimension.

On an average, one enormous sea beast would give him around seven hundred to one thousand points. This was the reason why Li Yunmu had been able to ama.s.s ten million points within a dozen days.

After all, not only were there plenty of sea beasts around, but they also provided ample experience points. For every beast killed, he would obtain around seven or even ten times more than after taking down a formidable dimensional beast in the Fifth Dimension.

Although the sea beasts here were quite powerful, the eight shadows could deal with then with relative ease once they joined hands. Unless they encountered a genuine sea beast tide, they would only die within the middle ocean layer.

The oceans of the Origin World were divided into five layers by natives.

The region less than one kilometer below the ocean's surface was known as Shallow Ocean. Under usual circ.u.mstances, the stature of sea beasts there wouldn't exceed ten meters. This was why natives mainly fished in these waters. Only the sea beasts and giant fish of the Shallow Sea were relatively weak and unthreatening.

Below one kilometer but less than five into the sea was the Mid Sea. The shoals of fish and enormous sea beasts here were relatively more threatening.

The natives wouldn't dare to dive in this place to hunt sea beasts because the organisms in the Mid Sea were comparatively more dreadful. A dozen meters large savage fish and sea beasts were considered the smallest in Mid Sea region. Some more formidable ones reached thirty meters and some even seventy meters.

If Li Yunmu only had one shadow, he wouldn't be able to hack at this depth because the Origin World's North Blue possessed countless formidable beasts of many different kinds.

G.o.d only knew how many terrifying species were present in the Origin World.

If one thought about it, just a third rate power like Blue Moon Island had a territory equivalent in size to half of the Central Continent. And it was just one the several hundred others in the North Blue.

From this, the size of the entire North Blue could be clearly seen. According to the system's estimation, North Blue was approximately the size of seventy Earths lumped together.

And this was just a conservative estimate based on the little information they knew about the North Blue. If a proper comprehensive calculation was done, then the area might show up to be even more terrifying.

If North Blue was so large, then the amount of organisms and resources within the ocean could be imagined.

Mid Sea was frightening, but the following Deep Sea was even more terrifying. From below five thousand meters to thirty thousand meters, it was considered to be the territory of Deep Sea.

As a matter of fact, this region was an extremely terrifying existence within the ocean. Fortunately, the sea beasts here didn't usually leave their territory. Thus, unless someone stepped into their territory, they wouldn't come up to Shallow Sea or Mid Sea.

Li Yunmu had previously ordered Li Feng to infiltrate the Deep Sea, but just as he went below nine thousand meters, he was swallowed by an enormous sawfish which was several hundred meters large. And this terrifyingly enormous sawfish hadn't even been particularly targeting Li Feng. In reality, it had been just casually swallowing water when the resulting whirlpool sucked Li Feng into its stomach.

Henceforth, Li Yunmu didn't allow his shadows to go to the Deep Sea.

Below Deep Sea was Deep Ocean, which extended from below thirty thousand meters to hundred thousand meters. It was said that each beast living in this region possessed enough destructive power to overturn the seas and rivers.

The people of the Origin World called the sea beasts of Deep Ocean devil sea beasts and revered them as devil deities.

There were very few sightings of devil sea beasts. They were legendary existences for ordinary people, which was a fortunate thing. After all, the appearance of a devil sea beast would mean disaster for the residents of islands.

Deep Ocean was extremely terrifying, but out of expectations, below a hundred thousand meters, there was an even more frightening region that's been scouted by humans. This region was known as Ocean Core.

It had a very peaceful name which didn't seem the least bit frightening, but no one spoke about it. All the people of the Northern Fishermen Village mentioned was that the organisms there didn't possess the appearance of monsters. According to hearsay, Ocean Core was the deepest region which humanity had been able to reach in the past thirty thousand years.

Shadow Hack Chapter 335: Turbulence in North Blue

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