Shadow Hack Chapter 326: Ape Gods Within The Heavenly World

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At this moment, Demon calmly said, "I discovered that Ye Qing had already cultivated his mortal soul. After that, I confirmed again and again that he hadn't died completely; I can do so by using my ghost clan bloodline.

"This was an astonis.h.i.+ng discovery, and we wanted to tell master, but we just couldn't find the opportunity. We could always sense a hidden presence, which was extremely difficult to discover, around master. That's why until now, we didn't dare to speak about it."

"While when you were in the heavenly world, we couldn't inform you about this secret lest we distract you," Li Qinghong added.

"Your actions were correct. Only in an absolutely safe environment should you reveal such things to me."

Previously, everyone was monitoring his each and every action, so Li Yunmu wasn't confident that their knowledge would've remained a secret. If Li Qinghong had informed him at that time, a huge commotion would've certainly broke out.

Li Yunmu was extremely astounded that Ye Qing had unexpectedly cultivated his mortal soul. This sort of matter was simply unimaginable. After all, according to hearsay, even the most powerful of battle sages couldn't cultivate their mortal soul.

What is mortal soul? It is a life-form on a similar level to the clan chief's resentful soul.

If some formidable beast soul was poured into a weapon, it would turn into a weapon's soul. This sort of resentful soul which had become a mortal soul could only unconsciously bear the strong hatred from before its death, unable to maintain a clear conscience.

In a way, a resentful soul could be cla.s.sified as both living and dead, because it didn't have an independent and clear conscience.

As for mortal soul? It was completely different thing.

These two words sounded simple, but on Earth, they were regarded as something that referred to a legend.

Only genuine deities could forcefully sustain a clear consciousness after their death by relying on their formidable mentality.

This was a power strictly limited to deities. After all, they were the only life-forms who could sustain the weight of their own consciousness and maintain its clarity after it had separated from their body. By relying on their unique mental state, they could ensure their survival.

To achieve this, a person's cultivation had to be extremely high. Broadly speaking, it could be said that a person who could cultivate his mortal soul had already broken through the shackles of life and death and had entered the level of immortals.

Even quasi deities would find it impossible to accomplish such a feat, yet Li Qinghong and Demon were telling Li Yunmu that a trifling Flux Disciple had surprisingly cultivated his mortal soul? This truly sounded like a fairy tale. 

But Li Yunmu was convinced that his two followers weren't joking. Especially Demon, who had thoroughly cultivated his ghost clan's bloodline.

Presently, not only was he training in Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets, he had also been involved with Devil Soul Refining, a sage level cultivation method. That's why if he said that Ye Qing had left behind a mortal soul, it was certainly true.

From this fact, it could be seen that Ye Qing was quite odd, or perhaps the whole Divine Religion was odd. This sort of cultivation method definitely didn't belong to Earth, and most likely came from the origin world.

"Let's enter the heavenly world."

Li Yunmu had understood everything now and felt like he'd grasped something.

With a wave of his hand, world power enveloped Demon and Li Qinghong. The next instant, the three of them entered Li Yunmu's heavenly world. 

After it had been upgraded to two suns, the landma.s.s had increased by a largin margin. Even the three hundred Ape G.o.ds living inside were easily accommodated.

Apart from this, the lawn which had been destroyed by the world punishment had already recovered with the nourishment of the two suns.

But the biggest transformation had actually been felt by the small fountain. Before the heavenly world had congealed the second sun, the diameter of this fountain was one meter, and with the nourishment of the world power, it could produce ten tons of water per day.

After the place upgraded to two sun heavenly world, the diameter of the fountain had increased to ten meters, to the extent that it could be considered a small pond. Under the nourishment of the world power, it could now produce several hundred tons of water.

Not mentioning the accomodation of a few hundred life-forms, even settling in a whole army would pose no problem. The main reason why Earth's six continents could fight back against the dimensional beasts was because every commander-in-chief of the army had a first level heavenly world with them.

Just because of that and their ability to transfer troops and supplies, the human army was able to resist against the savage higher dimensional life-forms.

Naturally, they only had one sun heavenly worlds because even if they were commanders-in-chief, upgrading the heavenly world to the second sun was nothing more than a pipe dream.

And Li Yunmu's heavenly world upgraded to the second sun, he discovered that the small fountain had gained a depth of ten meters.

Furthermore, the water within pond had began to gradually produce some energy, and this odd energy supplied the nourishment to the three hundred Ape G.o.ds.

Apart from this, the landma.s.s had also undergone a huge transformation. The lawn had already turned into a gra.s.sland.

The small mounds which were only several meters tall had grown into small hills with the tallest among them attaining the height of thirty-two meters.

Li Yunmu could foresee that if his heavenly world was upgraded to the three suns, the small pond would turn into a genuine lake.

And the small hills would become real mountains.

According to the system's calculation, if his heavenly world was upgraded to the fifth level, the entire terrain and environment would become extremely similar to the real world.

It was even possible that it would began to produce life-forms.

Li Yunmu was extremely fascinated by this point. But he didn't dare to think extravagantly, because the number of people on Earth who had five sun heavenly worlds wouldn't reach more than ten.

Even the clan leader of an enormous clan like Zhongshan clan only had a four sun heavenly world. From this, the difficulty of obtaining a five sun heavenly world could be clearly seen.

But even if his heavenly world only had two suns, Li Yunmu still reaped great benefits.

When he entered with Li Qinghong and Demon, the three hundred Ape G.o.ds had divided into groups of ten, and each of these groups was occupying a small hill.

They were venting out their pent up frustrations from not being able to fight for a long time by engaging in a battle of defending their own hill and attacking the hills of others. Some of them were also cultivating the secret technique of Chaotian Sect.

When Li Qinghong and Demon saw this scene, they felt a s.h.i.+ver run down their spine. They discovered that within a brief period of ten short days, Ape G.o.ds who could keep their calm and endure solitude had cultivated up to the third level of the secret technique.

Shadow Hack Chapter 326: Ape Gods Within The Heavenly World

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