Shadow Hack Chapter 332: The Enormity Of The Origin World

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Li Yunmu's group had been aware of the two guards from the start.

Apart from them standing outside the transfer channel, the fisherman village also had several squads patrolling around, each one composed of five guards.

Judging by the presence they emitted, not one member of theirs was weaker than the leader of Nine Dragon Cave. On top of that, they most likely had also cultivated a fighting technique.

And this was just another small corner of the Origin World.

Just one coastside village possessed several tens of guards who had strength equivalent to the leader of Nine Dragon Cave.

Compared to the small village where the descenders had first come, this village had a military force with terrifying strength. Furthermore, the fishermen walking around the village caused Li Yunmu's heart to skip a beat.

This was probably the time when the villagers were returning from the sea, for one after another, several groups carrying their day's harvest were entering the village.

They brought more than several tons of oceanic turtles, vicious fish with tusk-shaped teeth, and purple-scaled fish. Each of these purple-scaled fish weighed more than a hundred catties, with plump fat growing all over their body.

There was also an enormous beast fish which was more than three hundred meters long and was as large as a small mountain which required the majority of fishermen to carry it into the village.

"Huge fis.h.!.+" Demon exclaimed.

Witnessing this scene, the trio once more realized just how different were the natives of the Origin World from the ordinary people of their Earth.

None of the fish were small. Being two-three meters in length, all of them were extremely strong and large.

And there was also that enormous fish which required many people to move it. This fish almost gave a fright to Li Yunmu. When he first saw it, he almost believed that these villagers had caught a flood dragon.

Flood dragons were powerful and savage oceanic beasts residing within the Seventh Dimension. Each of them possessed strength that could rival a Flux Sage, yet the fishermen here were cooperating to carry such an enormous fish out.

It had two crude feelers at the top of its head and densely packed pointed teeth. The fish had four small limbs, so it was an exact match for a flood dragon, only missing dragon scales. But given its size, it maybe even more enormous than a flood dragon.

"This is a savage ocean beast exclusive to our Blue Ocean, it is extremely savage in nature and often destroys our fis.h.i.+ng boats. Today's harvest is pretty good, they even managed to catch an azure dragon fish," one of the guards explained.

After conversing with them, Li Yunmu learned that the two guards were actually fishermen of the village. In fact, all the guards within the village const.i.tuted of the most powerful people among the fisherman who were then sent to Island Hall where they would undergo training for three months. Only after that would they successfully graduate to the position of the guard.

It was as Li Yunmu had guessed. Although these guards were previously fishermen, they had undergone systematic cultivation and learned fighting techniques.

The difference between their strength compared to the other natives of the Origin World was like the disparity between cloud and clay.

The system quickly a.n.a.lyzed the situation. It said that if these guards had cultivated one or two battle skills—even if they were the lowest cla.s.s battle skills—Li Yunmu could only deal with a dozen people without using his Azure Dragon Armor and flame thunder power.

What concerned Demon, given his strength, these two guards could kill him, while Li Qinghong could probably deal with a small squad of five.

Li Yunmu was aware that the currency used within the Origin World was silver sand coins.

Thus, he took out a few silver sand coins and found a place to stay in the village, under the guard's reference.

The silver sand coins were different from the ordinary silver found on their Earth. They were formed of naturally formed sand at the depths of the ocean which was filled with blazing light.

They were necessary materials for properly casting weapons, so the people of Origin World used them as hard currency.

From Nine Dragon Cave's bandits, Li Yunmu's group had acquired seventy silver sand coins.

This amount couldn't be considered as too little, but it certainly couldn't allow them to be called wealthy. If one used an ordinary family of five for an example, seventy silver sand coins would last them for roughly half a month.

Li Yunmu and his followers could only blame the Nine Dragon Cave's bandits for being too poor. Besides, with several descenders dividing the amount, it really didn't amount to much.

Apart from this, it was said that within the depths of large forests filled with fierce beasts, a type of gold was formed. This gold was also used as hard currency by the people of the Origin World.

A coin of this secret gold could be exchanged for a hundred silver sand coins.

However, Li Yunmu's group didn't necessarily need large amount of wealth. After he paid five silver sand coins, the guards led them to a small house to settle down.

With five silver sand coins, they could reside here for a month.

This time, the trio once again experienced the enormity of the Origin World. Although this world might lack in natural resources, it definitely didn't lack in land.

None of them had expected that five silver sand coins would only be enough for one night's meal, but it would be enough to get them a house spread over a hundred square meter area.

This small house was made completely of wood, its base formed of thick tree stumps. It had the height of ten meters, and its back door faced the ocean.

There was also a wooden platform for fis.h.i.+ng in the rear of the house.

Apart from this, after finding a place to stay, they made repeated enquiries with the fishermen and gained some knowledge about the Origin World.

The Origin World was a backward world.

Perhaps this was the best description, because the Origin World didn't have any developed science and technology and gave most importance to martial skills. This world was built upon strong preying on the weak .

The land was divided into four main parts: the eastern region, western region, northern region, and southern region. As for how large exactly was the Origin World?

Even the eldest and most knowledgeable person in the village didn't know the extent of the Origin World. Even after many generations, they hadn't yet been able to completely explore the North Blue Ocean's nearby region.

In the end, it could be seen that this world was so large that even the natives weren't clear about its size.

As for the transfer channel within the village? It wasn't for the use of ordinary natives of the village, but mainly to facilitate the flux experts of the Origin World.

And this island wasn't the Blue Moon Island which was Li Yunmu's objective, but a small island nearby. It was known as Azure Dragon Island.

Its name was derived from the azure dragon fish, and the island was located at the most northern part of the land, within the ocean North Blue. Because of this location, all the nearby regions were administered by the Blue Moon Island.

Therefore, the region under the jurisdiction of Blue Moon Island was known as North Blue.

And in fact, traveling to the Blue Moon Island wasn't that simple. According to the elder, if ordinary people wished to enter the Blue Moon Island, they would have to fulfill a certain condition.

This condition was that they had to be a flux expert of the Origin World; otherwise, the Blue Moon Island wouldn't let them inside.

As for the differences between flux experts of the Origin World and fluxers from other Earths, this was something which Li Yunmu's group most wished to know. Otherwise, how could they learn the Origin World's way to become a deity.

Shadow Hack Chapter 332: The Enormity Of The Origin World

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