Shadow Hack Chapter 337: Damaged Foundation

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Demon's encounter with the descenders of another plane had birthed a hint of wariness in Li Yunmu and allowed him to come to a realization.

Within the Origin World, they weren't going to end up confronting only the powerful natives, but also the descenders from other sixty-five planes.

Li Yunmu wasn't sure why the quasi deities were absolutely certain that the other descenders would be their enemies and not friends. However, since the people at the top of the pyramid thought so, there had to be a reason for it. Perhaps the sixty-six planes had hostile relations which couldn't be resolved?

Li Yunmu clearly understood one fact at this moment. The natives of the Origin World were formidable, but they weren't bound to be enemies, while the other descenders were certainly enemies.

After the event, Demon rested for many days until he gained a bit of strength. His trip to Azure Dragon Town wasn't completely in vain, though. He had gained some information during his time there.

That information provided a lot of understanding about the structure and composition of the Origin World to the three of them.

First, if they wanted to enter Blue Moon Island, they had to fulfill two conditions. One of them was that their physical strength had to reach the power of nine oxen.

Second, their age mustn't couldn't surpa.s.s thirty. The younger they were, the higher potential they had.

Regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu, Demon, or Li Qinghong, all three of them fulfilled the two conditions. After adapting to the gravity of the Origin World, the physical strength of the three had gradually increased.

On their Earth, they wouldn't have been able to achieve this because the environment there wasn't as harsh as that of the Origin World.

After entering the Island Hall, under usual circ.u.mstances, the Hall Master would choose three qualifiers every day and send them to Blue Moon Island where it would choose some of them.

The condition to obtain the three spots was to personally defeat the Hall Master.

As for the riddle about the difference between flux experts here and Earth's fluxers which had always left Li Yunmu perplexed, they had also gotten a explanation for it.

The answer surpa.s.sed everyone's expectations. In fact, given the information which Demon obtained, there wasn't much of a difference between the two.

The main thing was there was some slight difference in the number of flux points and the energy required to open them.

This came to be because the people here had to survive in the harsh environment of the Origin World. After several generations, differences began to appear in the genes of the natives and Earth's humans.

Therefore, their flux points were much stronger and durable compared to the humans from Li Yunmu's Earth, and also much broader. Thus, the amount of flux energy that could be poured into their flux points as well as the acc.u.mulated strength was naturally much higher.

For instance, if a fluxer from Earth opened a flux point, they would gain access to one more unit of flux energy. However, the flux experts of the Origin World whose flux points were innately more powerful could store three units of flux energy by opening a single flux point.

As for the exact differences in their bodies, this couldn't be investigated accurately without Demon involving himself too deeply into this matter.

The second major difference between the humans of the two planes was the number of flux points.

Within the Origin World, flux points cultivated by a flux expert weren't the same seventy-two as practiced by everyone on Earth.

Rather, the contribution to each power decided the cultivation.

Within the Origin World, it wasn't just potential and apt.i.tude which decided the allocation of natural resources. There was an even more pragmatic method to it.

It rested on the power of contribution points.

When a person joined a local power, they could exchange their contribution for a cultivation method to open a particular layer's flux points.

The flux experts in the Origin World could open one hundred and eight flux points in total.

When Li Yunmu and Li Qinghong heard this from Demon, both of them were stunned silly.

This was a foundational difference in cultivating between the people of the Origin World and their Earth. In general, even if the cultivation systems of both worlds were identical, their starting lines were far too different.

The natives of the Origin World could open one hundred and eight flux points while the people of their Earth could only open seventy-two. There was a disparity of full thirty-six flux points between the two.

Surprisingly, the number of points which the people of Earth lacked was exactly one third of the total number of flux points.

Because of this, regardless of how hard the people from other planes tried or how talented they were, like Flux Ancestor or Battle G.o.d, they would still stop at quasi deity realm. It wasn't that they didn't strive hard enough or that they lacked talent, but their foundations were simply broken from the start.

After long while, Li Qinghong finally managed to clear her head and said with an extremely complicated expression, "I truly didn't expect that we had fallen behind right at the start. That one step means that we will always lag behind."

Whichever descenders learned that the people of their native plane were inferior to the people of another plane from the start, would probably feel the same sense of despair.

This feeling was like akin to that of a person growing up and realizing that their parents had been in a weaker position compared to those of other people since the start. At that moment, the perfect image of the parents in their hearts would immediately shatter

Fortunately, Li Yunmu and his two followers weren't children and had walked up to here step by step with staunch determination, so they quickly accepted the truth about their Earth having always been inferior to the Origin World.

According to Demon's investigation, the difference between flux experts and fluxers wasn't large, because they all followed the same cultivation system.

Because the body composition of people from different worlds was different, the amount of flux energy they could acc.u.mulate was different, but that was it.

The fact that natives of the Origin World had access to more flux points than people of their Earth wasn't much of a problem. As long as one earned enough contribution points, they could exchange them for cultivation methods to open more flux points.

In the Origin World, the lowest foundational cultivation method for opening flux points was exactly for seventy two flux points. Each next twelve flux points formed another layer.

Eighty- four flux points opening method was considered a mid-level opening method.

Ninety-six flux points opening method was considered as high level opening method.

One hundred and eight flux points opening method was considered as pinnacle level opening method.

There were four layers in total. As long as one had enough contribution points, they could exchange them even for the pinnacle level flux points opening method.

According to rumor, only when one had practiced the pinnacle level opening method could they be regarded as possessing the right to reach the top and become a deity. Otherwise, even if they had cultivated the high level opening method to open ninety-six flux points, they would only be able to reach quasi deity level at most.

Shadow Hack Chapter 337: Damaged Foundation

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