Shadow Hack Chapter 347: Large Amount Of Data

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Challenging a person wasn't a child's play. If one lost the battle, it was highly possible that they would also lose their life, based on the what the other disciples said.

Li Yunmu already knew that the masters of the top ten houses weren't a bunch of soft-hearted people. Moreover, they were all veterans who had stepped on many corpses to reach their current position.

Even the disparity between the strength of room number ten and room number eleven was very large. Hei Mianshen, who occupied room number ten, represented a terrifying horror for everyone excluding the masters of the first nine houses.

Almost no one was optimistic about Ma w.a.n.g's chances in this battle, even if there was only a difference of four ranks between them.

And sure enough, Ma w.a.n.g lost and died in the end. His both eyes were still wide open when his head flew into air and he became aware that he had lost.

Even in death, Ma w.a.n.g was unwilling to accept the result, but he didn't have any remorse for having tried this. He had wanted to obtain the qualifications to obtain the tenth house, but under Hei Mianshen's hands, he couldn't last even for a minute.

The difference between the top ten ranked people and those ranked afterwards was like heaven and earth. The latter could never step across former's boundary.

In the crowd, someone said with extreme desperation the sentence which was in everyone's heart. "This really is too disappointing, even Ma w.a.n.g was unable to shake their positions. Who knows how long we will have to wait before we can dip our fingers into the top ten houses…"


Li Yunmu took a deep breath and retreated from his sea of consciousness. After coming to the Origin World, the system has lost its most practical a.s.sistance function—it was the large database it contained.

The Origin World also didn't have any online network which made it even more difficult for the system to gather data.

However, this time's battle between the thirteenth and the tenth rank was the first good opportunity to gather some new data. Regardless of whether it was Ma w.a.n.g or Hei Mianshen, the power with which they erupted during the battle, their speed, combat power, and so on were all recorded by the system.

After the final a.n.a.lysis, Li Yunmu learned that unless he used the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit, he wouldn't be able to prevail over Ma w.a.n.g, not to mention challenging Hei Mianshen. This result caused the hint of impetuousness concealed within Li Yunmu to evaporate.

Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit was his trump card, so he definitely wouldn't use it in public. Otherwise, the descenders from other planes would realize that he was also a descender.

As for the data gathered from battle between Hei Mianshen and Ma w.a.n.g, the system decided to discard the majority of data regarding Ma w.a.n.g.

After all, he was only a master of the fourteenth room, nowhere near close to becoming Li Yunmu's goal. Thus, the target for system's data gathering was the master of the tenth room - Hei Mianshen.

During the battle, he had revealed powerful flux energy fluctuations. The system awarded him seventy-three points. Ma w.a.n.g wasn't able to force him to display his true strength, so the system then made a conservative conjuncture and placed his true flux energy at eighty-nine points.

As for Li Yunmu, the most powerful fluctuations of his flux energy only had the value of fifty-three.

In other words, the opponent was thirty-six points in terms of flux energy strength higher than him. According to the discreet enquiries made by Li Yunmu regarding the number of flux points opened by Hei Mianshen, he had opened fifty-six of them.

In other words, this ranked tenth Hei Mianshen was still sixteen flux points away from opening the most basic layer of seventy-two flux points.

But even then, the fluctuation value of his flux energy strength was already thirty-six points higher compared to that of Li Yunmu who had opened his seventy-two flux points.

What was going on here? The explanation was very simple - everything was because of their innate ability to hold flux energy being higher compared to that of humans of Earth.

After a detailed comparison by the system, things became much clearer.

Just in terms of the fluctuations of the flux energy, even if Li Yunmu had opened seventy-two flux points, he still wasn't Hei Mianshen's opponent. 

Apart from this, the data gathered by the system about Hei Mianshen's body strength was just as astonis.h.i.+ng. According to what he displayed in the battle, he had surprisingly attained the strength of twenty-three oxen. Li Yunmu's current body strength, according to the system's calculation, was eighteen oxen.

That's right, even if Li Yunmu was only a human from Earth, his corporeal body's strength had already surpa.s.sed that of a physical flux expert of the Origin World. His highest power reached eighteen oxen.

Compared to this world's most basic condition of attaining fifteen oxen's power for starting to cultivate, he wasn't only qualified but even surpa.s.sed it.

Yet the system's final a.n.a.lysis was that if Li Yunmu didn't use his parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit as well as flame thunder sun, then even if he cultivated Violent Blade, Insect Step, Spirit Pincer Step, World Killing Fist, and other high level battle skills, he would still only have 50% chance of winning when faced with Hei Mianshen.

This was because the physical strength as well as the flux energy of the opponent greatly suppressed him. Moreover, it wasn't like Hei Mianshen didn't have any battle or flux skills on him.

After gathering data from the battle, Li Yunmu gained a relatively clear understanding about the strength of peak level flux experts of the Origin world.

Given these facts, it wasn't a wonder that the system had judged the Great Flux Experts of the Origin World comparable to Flux Sages of Earth.

Hei Mianshen? He was only a flux expert who had opened fifty-six flux points and nothing more.

And as for the comprehensive strength of flux experts of the Origin World, the more flux points they opened, the more powerful their flesh would become after being nourished by flux energy.

With the data on Hei Mianshen, the system quickly made a rough estimation about the strength of a pinnacle flux expert who had opened all one hundred and eight flux points.

Their flux energy strength most likely reached the value of one hundred and eighty while they were likely to possess the power of fifty oxen.

This was the rough conjunction made by the system about the strength of pinnacle flux experts. Even if there was some deviation from the system's conjunction, it should only be minute.

"The disparity is truly very large."

When Li Yunmu learned about the ultimate strength of flux experts according to the data, he felt it was a little bit inconceivable.

Shadow Hack Chapter 347: Large Amount Of Data

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