Shadow Hack Chapter 356: Whale City

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Chapter 356: Whale City

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

Whale Island was the only large business center in the southern part of North Blue. It also had the only city in this region whose population surpa.s.sed ten million people.

It was under the supervision of Whale Master, and it was cla.s.sified as the territory of Whale administrative power, which was the strongest sect in the southern part of North Blue.

Blue Moon Sect wasn't even worth mentioning in front of this sect.

The difference between it and the other countless independent sects was that the purpose of the Whale Sect was to defend North Blue for as long as it'll exist. Thus, it was both the sect surpa.s.sing all others and the only one which possessed an extremely neutral stance.

As long as the islands in North Blue weren't a.s.saulted or threatened, Whale Sect wouldn't take any side. This caused Whale Island's position to become superior, which created the most prosperous and developed business center in the southern part of North Blue.

One day, that city which countless vagrants entered every day, was visited by a mysterious character.

That person was Li Yunmu.

When he walked out of the transfer channel to the Whale Island, he was shocked by the large city.

It was spectacular, magnificent, flouris.h.i.+ng, and built in the traditional style of the Origin World.

It was different from any city on Earth. With more than ten million people residing within its walls, with more than a million people entering and exiting it every day, this place surpa.s.sed all the cities on Earth.

Perhaps only the three king level cities of the Central Continent could barely pit themselves against this place. The most unexpected thing for Li Yunmu was that it was unlike any other city on Earth, since there were no advanced technological civilization here.

There were no monorails or hovercrafts flying over the city. In fact, there wasn't even electricity. Nor were there any weapons developed using dark technology.

This was an ancient city of ten million people in its truest sense, but its grand atmosphere wasn't the least bit lacking compared to any city from a more technologically advanced civilization.

The first thing which attracted Li Yunmu's attention were the buildings. They weren't tall, with the highest one not surpa.s.sing five floors. However, they were unusually large.

Every floor was around fifteen meters in height. The materials used to construct them included large blocks of naturally formed steel stones which were both firm and didn't corrode because of the humidity.

And in this enormous city, Li Yunmu for the first time saw all sorts of giants.

The smallest one among them reached three meters. Others natives were up to five meters, but even they weren't the tallest. Walking here and there were giants of nine meters. When Li Yunmu saw them moving unhurriedly by his side, he took in a deep breath.

Fierce, extremely fierce.

Even if the system hadn't scanned and a.n.a.lyzed their strength, Li Yunmu could sense their explosive strength after seeing their robust bodies. This sort of purest fleshly strength was the basic sort of strength in this world.

Li Yunmu, who had stably settled in the Origin World, was no longer the clueless descender from before.

He was extremely clear that these giants who surpa.s.sed five meters were great flux experts whose strength reached fifty oxen. Those who reached seven meters had already entered sage layer.

After exiting the transfer channel and scanning the surroundings, Li Yunmu had instantly discovered three people whose height reached seven meters.

In the big picture, the strength of the Origin World was far more terrifying when compared to that of Earth.

Without any capital backing him, Li Yunmu could only be careful and hide his fangs, concealing his ambitions.

"Lord, may I ask how can we serve you?"

After exiting the transfer channel, he was welcomed by few beast taming masters.

The characteristics of Li Yunmu's body were quite clear. With his height reaching 1.8m, everyone waiting by the transfer channel had the same thought, that he was a n.o.ble.

In the societal structure of the Origin World, only the n.o.bles could maintain their body structure while treading on the path of cultivation.

Li Yunmu wasn't the least bit polite. He acted his part and commanded in a domineering tone, "Lead me to the city's power grain shopping center."

"Yes, may I invite lord to get on the ride?"

The eyes of the beast taming masters began to s.h.i.+ne, and all of them tried their best to invite Li Yunmu to ride their beast.

Behind them, a few strength type beasts were waiting. Li Yunmu knew that these beast taming masters were like the taxi drivers on Earth.

The only difference was that the position of these beast taming masters was inferior in status compared to taxi drivers. They were the lowest rung existence, even lower than civilians.

Besides beast vehicles, the only way to travel through the large Whale City was to walk on foot, which was too slow and too tiring. Li Yunmu thought about it casually and decided on a cordial beast taming master who was controlling an enormous tortoise-like strength type beast. He entered the carriage on its back.

This was his first time using a means of transportation in the Origin World, and it was rather interesting.

Perhaps, since it was his first time coming to the Whale City, everything filled him with great curiosity.

Soon, the tortoise-shaped beast began to move stably, but at a rather fast speed which far surpa.s.sed Li Yunmu's expectations.

While enjoying the scenery, Li Yunmu casually asked, "What type of strength beast is this?"

He wasn't worried about revealing his cla.s.s, because the Origin World was enormous and possessed countless different types of beasts and living creatures.

Every region and every area had its own specialities, so not knowing about this tortoise-shaped beast was completely ordinary.

The natives divided the various beasts into different types in the Origin World.

In ascending order, they were named wild beasts, strength beasts, vicious beasts, enormous beasts, and desolate beasts.

Among them, the weakest were the wild beasts. Animals like lions and tigers on Earth belonged to this cla.s.s, but they weren't the kings of this cla.s.s.

Then came the strength beasts who were more formidable than wild beasts. They had st.u.r.dier and more powerful bodies, but their offensive power was ordinary, thus they were called strength beasts.

Naturally, this offensive power not being formidable was only for the natives of the Origin World. If someone from Earth were to try and control them, the only outcome would be a tragedy.

Shadow Hack Chapter 356: Whale City

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