Shadow Hack Chapter 357: Becoming Wealthy in a Day

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Chapter 357: Becoming Wealthy in a Day

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

There was no need to say much about the vicious beasts. The beasts hunted by Li Yunmu in the past few days had all belonged to that category.

The five meter long tiger fish were barely considered to have entered the category of vicious beasts. If they didn't form groups or possess their savage nature, they wouldn't be considered even the lowest ranked vicious beasts. As for giant beasts, as the name implied, the lowest among them surpa.s.sed thirty meters.

"Lord, this is a hybrid eight pillar mountain tortoise. Its main characteristic is its smooth movement after speeding up and great endurance. In one day, it can travel up to eight thousand kilometers, even through complex terrain," the beast-taming master answered sincerely.

But based on his tone, he didn't seem the least bit pleased with himself. From this, it was clear that this eight pillar mountain tortoise wasn't considered outstanding.

But in the ears of Li Yunmu, it was like a joke.

Incomparable, truly incomparable. The difference between Earth and this Origin World couldn't be described in just one sentence.

Such a terrifying monster was only an ordinary mount in the Origin World.

If they were on Earth, this eight pillar mountain tortoise would've been priceless. With its height surpa.s.sing five meters and eight legs which resembled stone pillars, it was no wonder that it was named eight pillar mountain tortoise.

It was able to travel eight thousand kilometers in a day, which would be considered as terrifying on Earth. Riding on it, traveling from one side of the Earth to the other would be an effortless task.

But in the Origin World, eight thousand miles wouldn't even cover the territory of a third rate sect like Blue Moon Island.

Therefore, there was nothing that the beast taming master could feel complacent about. Although he was saying that it was pretty fast, it was only bragging.

Before long, the speed of the eight pillar mountain tortoise became faster. In less than two minutes, Li Yunmu found that the speed of this mount had already surpa.s.sed 150 kmph.

And this was still the bustling city street, which allowed Li Yunmu to gain another experience in the Origin World.

This made him quite astonished. It had to be said that the layout of Whale City was truly impressive. Even if they were traveling on a secondary street, it had thirty-two lanes.

Because of that, even though they were traveling through a city street, it wasn't the least bit congested.

After roughly thirty minutes, Li Yunmu arrived at his destination. He paid the beast taming master ten silver sand coins, which caused the other party to be pleased beyond expectations and thank him profoundly.

Li Yunmu had reached the power grain transaction center.

Both sides of this street were filled with stores where physical and not flux experts could buy their power grains.

Seeing this scene, Li Yunmu remembered Good News Pavilion in the Virtual Dimension. He had to admit that trading in reality, without the Virtual Dimension and Good News Pavilion was extremely complex.

He chose one small grain shop and entered without hesitation.

In the past few days, he had acc.u.mulated fifty thousand grams of vicious beast blood essence, due to the combined efforts of shadows and more than three hundred six-armed ape G.o.ds.

Li Yunmu had procured a large amount of ordinary beans from nearby islands, and according to a method prescribed by the system, he finally refined his first batch of croton.

"Lord, is there anything I can a.s.sist you with?"

At this moment, a young attendant recognized Li Yunmu's distinctive appearance and temperament, certain that he wasn't a barbarian.

It has to be said that descenders' body stature was a big advantage for them in the Origin World. It was something that none of them had thought about before.

However, this superiority could diminish very quickly.

If descenders continued to quickly increase their physical strength in the Origin World, their body size would also begin to grow, unless they quickly got their hands on the secret method used by the n.o.bles.

This was a difficult problem which Li Yunmu needed to solve urgently.

"I have come here to get a batch of croton appraised and get their price."

Li Yunmu didn't beat around the bush and directly got to the point, taking out a small bag filled with croton power grain.

There were different types of power grain, which included bean-sized power grains, rice-sized power grains, and some that were just fine powder.

But in the end, the worth of the power grain depended on only two factors their ability to preserve strength and nutrition.

The more strength they preserved, the longer they could be used. This was equivalent to a fruit staying fresh for a long time.

Li Yunmu had verified that the blood essence of vicious beasts refined by using the Refining PaG.o.da was pretty good.

After all, this blood essence had been refined by a transcending sage treasure which definitely surpa.s.sed the level of blood essence refined in the market.

Regarding this, Li Yunmu was extremely confident that his power grain's quality wasn't inferior.

Moreover, he had used his heavenly world's spring water in place of the neutral harmonious liquid which was another necessary component to prepare the power grain.

His heavenly world was a two sun heavenly world, so its water was much more powerful compared to ordinary spring water. Due to that, Li Yunmu wasn't afraid that the quality of power grain he refined would be inferior.

But for the real quality, he could only wait for the shop attendant to test and verify to know the answer.

As for the nutritious strength, Li Yunmu had confidence in his creation because the blood essence refined by him belonged to the vicious beasts of mid sea region.

The vitality of those sea beasts far surpa.s.sed those of land type vicious beasts.

Every grain shop possessed a set of tests to verify the quality of power grain. To do it, the shop attendant sc.r.a.ped off some powder from the croton and poured it into a water, after which he added some unknown fluid.

Before long, the color of the croton poured into the water changed.

Originally, the croton was deep red, but it began to change to scarlet, resembling the most beautiful cherry on Earth. That redness caused people's hearts to palpitate and looked extremely fascinated.

"How can this be, this is the best type of power grain!"

The shop attendant found it hard to believe.

However, he soon realized that it was highly possible that Li Yunmu was a n.o.ble, so in his heart he decided that this peak quality power grain had come from some influential clan in the Central Continent.

Once the attendant thought of this, he was no longer shocked.

There were three types of power grain based on their quality. The first was ordinary power grain which Li Yunmu received from Blue Moon Island.

The ordinary type cost one life point per power grain. The nutrition acc.u.mulated in this power grain far surpa.s.sed that of ordinary food, while the highest time for which it could be preserved was ten days.

The second type was high level power grain which was three times as nutritious when compared to ordinary power grain. It could be preserved for around one month.

Although this sort of high level power grain was only three times more nutritious, their value was five times greater. One high level grain cost five life points.

The majority of flux experts preferred to buy the ordinary power grain because they were more economical.

The final type was an extreme level power grain which was five to six times more nutritious than ordinary power grain. It could be preserved for three months.

Its value was ten times that of ordinary power grain. One grain cost ten life points, thus making it the food of only the rich.

"You are saying that this is the best quality power grain?"

Li Yunmu's breath froze the moment he heard the astonished voice of the attendant.

Shadow Hack Chapter 357: Becoming Wealthy in a Day

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