Shadow Hack Chapter 348: Difference Between Humans Of Different Planes

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Li Yunmu had to admit that with his present strength, he had the confidence of prevailing over all descenders from Earth except Bladewood's Blade Devil. Whether it was Xiye Hanbei or Man Tian or anyone else, all of them were far from being his opponents. 

Yet even then, as a fluxer who could almost be considered as the most powerful Flux Disciple, he barely had one third the strength of an average peak flux expert.

In other words, if flux experts were divided into four levels—low, mid, high, and peak—then Li Yunmu's current strength would only be compared to that of a powerful low level flux expert, barely reaching the mid level. He was a step away from attaining the strength of a genuine mid level flux expert, let alone that of a high level one. 

By then, Li Yunmu had become completely clear about the level and position of flux experts in the Origin World. A peak flux expert's strength was around one hundred eighty points in flux energy and had the power of fifty oxen. 

Li Yunmu's current strength was only at fifty-three points or eighteen oxen. Although he was somewhat discouraged, his mood was still all right. With the a.s.sistance of the system's accurate a.n.a.lysis, he at least had a clear direction and goal for which he had to work hard. 

And at the moment, he knew what his first step should be. 

He needed to find a mystical technique to strengthen his flux points. Since the body const.i.tution of the people of Earth was weak compared to the natives of the Origin World, then his first priority had to be to patch up this deficiency. 

Li Yunmu was convinced that since the flux points had been researched for such a long time in the Origin World, there certainly had to be a mystical technique to strengthen them postnatally. 

There wasn't any such method on his Earth, which had to be due to the history of his Earth's flux cultivation being too short. In comparison, the flux experts of the Origin World had already existed for tens of thousands of years. 

That was why Li Yunmu dared to be certain that there was definitely a mystical technique to strengthen flux points in this world. While he was inputting large amount of data into the system, Zheng Quan was talking to some other residents of the residential area fifteen . 

"This senior brother, what's the difference between the natural resources received by the masters of the first ten rooms and those of others? I could see that everyone here is struggling to become a master of one of the first ten rooms," Luo Honghua said. 

The senior brother she approached was unable to resist in front of the charming and sweet voice of Luo Honghua and told them everything he knew, with complete honesty. 

"Junior sister, have you come from some influential clan to gain experience?"

"What makes you think so?"

"Quite simple actually, a pet.i.te but exquisite woman like you could only exist in an influential clan. Take a look at the few women around here. Which one of them isn't large and crude?" the senior brother answered with an honest smile while rubbing his scalp. 

When Li Yunmu, Zheng Quan,and the others paid attention to what the honest senior brother mentioned, they immediately understood what he meant.

There were indeed some female flux experts here, but even if they were female, they had the height of 1.9 m and a robust body. 

As for the male flux experts, the body stature of the majority of them was also similar to this, reaching the height of nearly two meters. There were even some formidable ones whose height surpa.s.sed 2.5 m. 

After surveying the surroundings, the descenders could see that there were almost no females like w.a.n.g Yan and Luo Honghua, reaching only the height of 1.7 m. There were a few, but they were extremely extremely low in number. In this group of stinking ducks, they were like a couple swans, extremely eye-catching. 

As for males like Li Yunmu who had the height of 1.8 m, they were quite conspicuous. Thus, the majority of disciples knew that the ident.i.ty of Li Yunmu's group was special at first glance. 

The people of the residential area fifteen thus committed a mistake by believing that Li Yunmu, Zheng Quan, Luo Honghua, and w.a.n.g Yan—these four strangers—had come from some influential clan in the Central Continent to travel around and gain experience. 

Because of this, their group hadn't been oppressed greatly in the residential area after joining Blue Moon Island. Otherwise, they would have been forced to endure the parasitic nurturing of this place. 

Everyone considered them to be people with a great background and status who had come out to gain experience. They were like children of n.o.bility mixing with common people. 

This was completely out of the expectations of Li Yunmu and the others that the natives would mistake their ident.i.ty. However, it made the matters more convenient for them and saved them a lot of trouble. 

Due to the discussion with the honest Senior Brother s.h.i.+ Liang, Li Yunmu's group of four learned a lot of new things. Compared to Suo Lei who had many apprehensions about Li Yunmu's group and thus was tight-lipped, s.h.i.+ Liang presented them plenty of information. 

Although the natives of the Origin World were divided into five— servants, civilians, bourgeois, officials, and the influential clans—just earning enough money was not enough to earn respect. Even if one worked hard or earned the required capital to attain the rank of an official, it didn't necessarily mean that other people would regard them as such.

Even if some person fulfilled the conditions required to become an official, those who had been such for many generations would not approve.

This sort of thing was exactly what happened between an emerging family and a genuine influential clan on Li Yunmu's Earth. 

Did the emerging families not have any money or position in society? They did have it, and they may even be more wealthy than the genuine influential clans. However, they still wouldn't be respected because of their shallow history. 

Given that the circ.u.mstances in the Origin World this, the fishermen and servants of every large island in North Blue who had gained the emblem of ab official after the great effort of many generations still weren't good enough. There existed a large gap between them and the old officials and influential clans of the Central Continent. One of the main reflections of that were the sizes of bodies. 

Among the higher cla.s.s natives of the Origin World, there was an idea that those with large stature who had great brute force were all barbarians. 

People like Li Yunmu, w.a.n.g Yan, or Zheng Quan belonged to the lowest cla.s.s of servant, but in the eyes of natives, they weren't considered as such. Their distinctive features betrayed everything. 

Once w.a.n.g Yan and Luo Honghua learned of this, they were both startled and joyous in their hearts. 

Given this, wouldn't all descenders be mistaken as n.o.bles in the eyes of natives? 

This was something that the proud sons and daughters of heavens fully approved. 

As for the question about why would two such greatly different physiques would appear in the world, the answer was quickly revealed by s.h.i.+ Liang. It was because of 'Appearance Preserving Secret Method'.

What was Appearance Preserving Secret Method?

The simplest explanation would be that it was a secret method to preserve the humanity's most optimum body stature. As the human body became more powerful, it increased in height and became more robust, without any limit. 

This, of course, was unacceptable. 

Shadow Hack Chapter 348: Difference Between Humans Of Different Planes

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