Shadow Hack Chapter 349: Reward System

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Upon becoming a Great Flux Expert, the body of that human would have already surpa.s.sed the power of fifty oxen.

With their new height, they would lose agility and flexibility. Furthermore, they would appear even more vulgar and crude from the outside, and so twenty thousand years ago the upper cla.s.s natives researched and developed an appearance preserving secret method.

If a person started to cultivate this appearance preserving secret technique while refining their physical body at the start of cultivation, their bodies wouldn't continue to grow without any limit.

However, this appearance preserving secret method wasn't circulated publicly. Only those from the genuine ancient influential clans had the qualifications to cultivate it.

Because of this, the natives of the Origin World who were cla.s.sified into five were also divided into two major communities. Those who hadn't cultivated the appearance preserving secret method were known as barbarians, while those who cultivated this appearance preserving secret method were known as imperials. 

Among the barbarians and imperials, the latter were bound to possess an undeniable position of superiority. This innate sense was similar to the disparity between n.o.bles and ordinary people in the ancient times.

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that apart from the strict hierarchical order, the Origin World would also have such a complex division.

As for why all the inner disciples struggle to gain the one of the top ten rooms, the reason behind it was quite simple. The masters of the top ten rooms would receive a certain amount of contribution points every day additionally to what was awarded to other inner disciples.

As for the uses for these contribution points, s.h.i.+ Liang told them that they were extremely useful.

Within the inner residential region, two types of points were used. First were life points which were also called blue moon points, while the other type was contribution points.

Life points could be used to purchase goods for regular livelihood and to exchange for items from other inner disciples, or even contribution points. 

For instance, the exchange rate between them was a hundred to one.

The second type, contribution points, were a higher level currency. They could be used for flux point opening secret techniques as well as physical offensive skills, flux skills, battle skills, and even secret techniques and cultivation methods.

But the most important thing was that they could also be used to purchase Blue Moon Sect's official positions, which were quite similar to administrative positions on Li Yunmu's Earth.

These positions were extraordinarily important, because they were directly related to one's future cultivation speed.

For instance, the lowest level position was the hall master of a subsidiary island's Island Hall, like that of Azure Dragon Island's hall master Bu Jie. He had used contribution points to purchase this position.

Above hall master was the position of an island master of a subsidiary island.

Above it was field master who was a master of many subsidiary islands and had much more authority compared to a simple island master.

As for the reason why these official posts were related to the future cultivation speed, s.h.i.+ Liang didn't know due to his status. This had to be a secret which only people who attained an official position of hall master or above were allowed to know. 

Li Yunmu and his group had never antic.i.p.ated that the cultivation system of the sects of the Origin World would be so bizzare, completely surpa.s.sing Earth's cultivation setup. Probably only someone with a broken head would be able to imagine that cultivation and official posts might somewhere be so closely related.

Li Yunmu had a feeling that the official posts were related to a number of dimensional crystals one might obtain.

This far, he had killed countless vicious beasts and sea beasts in the Origin World, but he had been unable to obtain even a single dimensional crystal. Then how did the the flux experts of this world open their flux points?

This question should also have some relation to the official posts, since the number of contribution points was related to the purchase of official posts.

After learning all this, the group became clear about why all the inner disciples were struggling for the top ten positions.

The reason behind it was simple, because occupying one of the front ten rooms was a stable means of earning contribution points. By taking possession of one of the rooms for a day, they would obtain one day's worth of contribution points.

The owners of the rooms after the first ten were awarded resources every day in terms of life points. Depending on their room number, the number of life points awarded would be judged.

Reportedly, Blue Moon Island had thirty inner residential regions and each one had three hundred independent rooms.

If the room occupied by a person happened to be the room number three hundred, then the number of life points received by them every day would be zero. Not even one life point would be awarded to the last person.

Occupying the two hundred ninety-ninth room would get the person one life point, which was basically next to nothing.

The concept behind the point awarding system was simple. The number of life points awarded to someone would be equal to his current room number subtracted from three hundred.

If someone occupied the eleventh room, then they would be awarded two hundred and eighty-nine life points every day, which was the maximum amount of life points awarded through this system.

For the masters of the top ten rooms, the resources would change. As long as they kept their room, they would obtain ten contribution points every single day.

Given the rate of exchange, ten contribution points were equivalent to a thousand life points, which was a drastic increase compared to the life points obtained by the master of the eleventh room.

Because of this reason, the front ten rooms had always been the aspiration of every inner disciple.

After fully understanding the point awarding system, Zheng Quan couldn't help but ask impatiently, "The lowest post of hall master, how much contribution points are required to purchase this post?"

"It requires ten thousand points, earning which isn't easy. We are just too far away from that number," s.h.i.+ Liang replied with a bitter smile across his face.

"What? Ten thousand contribution points? Doesn't that mean that if we wish to purchase the official post of hall master, we'd have to occupy the front ten rooms for at least two to three years?"

In an instant, everyone was terrified by the gigantic number.

It meant that for a few years, they would have to stake their all for the lowest cla.s.s official position. After all, the masters of the front ten rooms had to experience one challenge after another continuously. It was hard to imagine them lasting forever like under such a situation.

Thinking of this, even Li Yunmu felt a headache. This amount of time was too long; he didn't want to waste so much of it. As he thought that, another resident standing nearby spoke up.

"Being the owner of the top ten rooms isn't the only method to obtain a fixed amount of contribution points. It's just the baseline. In truth, if you have the strength, purchasing the post of a hall master isn't too difficult."

"What do you mean by this? Don't tell me that there's some secret way to quickly earn contribution points?"

When Li Yunmu and the others heard it, they all turned pensive. But the fellow disciple who had previously explained didn't continue speaking.

Clearly, the fellow disciples had many apprehensions about the rivals from the influential clan, so they naturally didn't show any kindness toward Li Yunmu and his group.

s.h.i.+ Liang telling them this much could already be considered a show of great sincerity.

Shadow Hack Chapter 349: Reward System

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