Shadow Hack Chapter 359: Normal Cultivation vs Quick Cultivation

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Chapter 359: Normal Cultivation vs Quick Cultivation

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

Huang Xiang naturally didn't know that since Li Yunmu had dared to come to Whale Island, he was naturally prepared.

While the power behind the high grade grain shop was trying to investigate Li Yunmu, he stayed at Songlong Town for one night. The next day, he changed his facial features to take on another ident.i.ty before using the transfer channel.

After several days and traveling through numerous channels, Li Yunmu finally reverted back to his original appearance and ident.i.ty, after which he returned to Blue Moon Island.

This Thousand Faces Mask is truly not simple.

After returning to Blue Moon Island, the first thing Li Yunmu did was to remove the mask on his face.

Li Yunmu felt deep admiration for this trump card Battle Sage Vega had prepared for him.

Thousand Faces Mask was a sage treasure which had reached perfection. According to Battle Sage Vega, this mask had been manufactured using the facial genes of ninety-nine people. The one who wore it could put on any of the faces at will.

Moreover, besides changing the facial features of the user, it could also change the emitted presence and flux energy.

In the beginning, Li Yunmu hadn't believed it. But after using it once, he knew that Battle Sage Bega hadn't exaggerated in the least. In fact, she had only provided him with a conservative estimate.

In truth, it wasn't a dimensional item, but a product manufactured by mixing dimensional materials with dark technology. Its effects almost reached the degree of turning fake into real. As long as it was used, one's features and even the skull would be genetically altered for a time.

Li Yunmu solemnly put the mask back and left the fifteenth residential region to go to Blue Moon Island's contribution hall. It was time to digest the enormous harvest obtained from the journey to Whale Island.

At the moment, he had thirteen thousand contribution points, which was enough to improve his strength in many aspects.

Blue Moon Island's Contribution Hall was established exactly halfway up Blue Moon Mountain. There was a large number of disciples always loitering around it.

"Hey brothers, this is something good. I obtained it from a cave underneath the mountain on Thousand Island in North Blue. You can get it as long as you have thirty contribution points. Do you want it or not?"

"Power grain, I have five catties of power grain here. If you think that your cultivation speed is not fast enough, these power grains are exactly what you need. As long as you have enough contribution points, your strength is guaranteed to increase."

"I want to purchase fruit flux pill. Ready to pay a higher price than the contribution hall, and the sooner the better."

"Employing three high level flux experts for completing a core mission for a high price. The condition is that you must have opened fifty flux points or above and your body has reached the strength of thirty oxen."

When Li Yunmu stepped into the Contribution Hall, he could hear people shouting everywhere. With several hundred people concentrated here, it was just like a small town.

All sorts of hawkers shouting about every type of item made it feel as if the place was a market rather than a sect at the level of officials.

When Li Yunmu came inside, he stopped walking for a moment, which immediately caught the attention of vendor disciples who began trying to attract him. After all, he was a n.o.ble, given his body stature, which was like telling the other disciples that he's a fat fish, both tasty and wealthy.

Li Yunmu was looking at around several hundred booths in the hall when a person with a stocky build said to him, "This brother, I have some flux pills here. I will sell them to you for a suitable price, would you be interested?"

In truth, many hawkers were waving toward him, but the person with a stocky build attracted Li Yunmu's attention. That was because he was surprisingly a n.o.ble as well. Although his body build was quite robust and st.u.r.dy, his height wasn't more than 1.9 m.

Although weak ordinary natives were also of this height, this person was different. After all, he had appeared on Blue Moon Island which certified that his height was 1.9m because he was a n.o.ble.

Of course, he might also be a descender from another plane, because of which Li Yunmu couldn't help but stop and pay more attention to him. However, he soon decided that this person shouldn't be descender since an authentic presence was being emitted from his body.

"Flux binding pill? The person over there is selling it at a much higher price than you? Will selling it at this rate be alright for you?"

Li Yunmu couldn't understand.

"Feh, which of the flux binding pills sold by that person are real? That guy is just a cheat, a specialist in cheating the newcomers out of the little money they have," the big person said while laughing heartily, his disdainful eyes focused on the other vendor.

The big person laughed heartily and said while looking at the other vendor master with disdain.

"So it's like that. Actually, I also have fruit pill. What's the use of this thing?"

Li Yunmu revealed his ignorance without any worries, since he was currently also a newcomer.

"So brother has just come to the island this year. This flux binding pill is a good item. With it, you can quickly open your flux points. We are both n.o.bles, so I will not cheat you, I will sell all of them to you for two hundred ninety-five contribution points."

After this, w.a.n.g Hu provided all the information he knew about flux binding pills. Once Li Yunmu heard it, his mind was greatly shaken. It was the same as what he had guessed previously.

The flux cultivation in the Origin World was indeed different from flux cultivation on Earth. The main method used by the flux experts of the Origin World to open their flux points was to use the foundational breathing method distributed by Blue Moon Sect.

Using this to cultivate day after day, year after year, and absorbing the flux energy drifting around in the Origin World, one would slowly open their flux points one by one.

Flux experts simply named it as cultivating flux, a short form for cultivating flux energy.

This path was chosen by the majority of flux experts who used to be slaves.

But there was another method of cultivation, which was the second cultivation path. This method was quite similar to the cultivation method of Earth.

It used flux binding pills to open flux points. As long as one had enough flux binding pills, they could quickly open all the flux points and enter the great flux master layer.

Finally, Li Yunmu had learned all about it. After all, he had been searching for a long time for the subst.i.tute for flux energy crystals in the Origin World.

And the answer showed up to be flux binding pills.

But a new problem arose then. Flux binding pill was clearly a man-made product and wasn't the same as flux energy crystals formed by dimensional beasts of Earth.

Then what were the ingredients to manufacture that pill?

This question made w.a.n.g Hu feel quite awkward, for it wasn't suitable for him to divulge this kind of secret. Seeing this, Li Yunmu gave up on investigating it for the moment.

However, only then did he realize that the gift presented by the uncle master when Suo Lei had taken them to meet him wasn't that cheap.

Shadow Hack Chapter 359: Normal Cultivation vs Quick Cultivation

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