Shadow Hack Chapter 353: Iron Pistil Wood's Aqua Armor

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The strength of an individual ape G.o.d was quite formidable. In the Fifth Dimension, they could be considered as one of the few peak rainbow crystal monsters.

Once they consumed a drop of divine blood and awakened their ancestral bloodline, which allowed them to transform into six-limbed ape G.o.ds, their strength had increased even more.

Not only had they obtained another pair of limbs, the tyrannical bloodline flowing through their bodies had become even more powerful. Because of that, the six-limbed Ape G.o.ds easily adapted to the sixty-six times higher gravity.

The reason why Li Yunmu had taken the risk to smuggle them into the Origin World was because he saw three major advantages to their bodies.

First was their physical strength as well as their almost undying state. As long their head and brain weren't shattered, their limbs and other body parts would regrow due to their bloodline.

Second, ape G.o.ds were one of the few species of monsters in the Fifth Dimension which possessed intelligence. In regards to it, they only lost to humans and could be trained with relative ease.

The third factor was also the most important one—ape G.o.ds were one of the few species who could learn to cultivate battle skills and cultivation methods. Because of this, four-limbed ape G.o.ds were nurtured by many sects as the guardian beasts of their sects on Earth.

The six-limbed ape G.o.ds under Li Yunmu's command were much more formidable compared to four-limbed ape G.o.ds.

Regardless of whether it was their physical strength, bloodline, or the extra pair of arms, they surpa.s.sed them in all fields. But the most important thing was that they also cultivated the Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect which allowed them to use the sunG.o.d flame energy, a type of dark flux energy.

Apart from this, they also cultivated Chaotian Eight Steps which allowed them to display their explosive strength.

It could be said that the current six-limbed ape G.o.ds were extremely formidable existences.

According to the system's evaluation of their present strength, they already possessed power of ten oxen while their flux energy reached forty-five points.

This level of combat strength was equivalent to that of formidable fluxers who had stepped upon the seventieth level within Tower of Glory. Although their strength couldn't be compared to that of descenders, their large numbers were enough to compensate. What made Li Yunmu even more happy, though, was that these Ape G.o.ds could also live underwater.

As long as their brains weren't damaged, they wouldn't die.

After thinking about this, a question gradually arose in Li Yunmu's mind.

"System, if I released all the ape G.o.ds in the ocean to a.s.sist the shadows in hunting monsters, what would be their survival rate?"

It was obvious that if all the ape G.o.ds were used then the hunting of the sea beasts would be accelerated, but he didn't dare to make the decision lightly.

After all, not only had he invested a drop of divine blood on each ape G.o.d to awaken their ancestral bloodline, he had also racked his brains and taken all sorts of risks to smuggle them over.

It was a certainty that if they were nurtured to become more powerful, they would definitely become a hidden trump card in Li Yunmu's struggle for supremacy in the Origin World.

Let alone speaking of losing eight or ten, even if two or three of them died, Li Yunmu would feel his heart hurt. Therefore, the prerequisite of using the Ape G.o.ds for him was that their survival rate should be more than 90%.

Otherwise, the losses definitely wouldn't make up for the gains.

After a simple a.n.a.lysis, the system determined that the survival rate of the ape G.o.ds in the mid sea region would be 24% at most.

This meant that out of a hundred ape G.o.ds who would have to face the attacks of tiger fish at the ocean floor, seventy-six would die in a day. This would mean that only twenty-four would be left to meet the day after.

This sort of low survival rate sent a chill down Li Yunmu's spine.

When all was said and done, the strength of individual six-limbed apes placed them at the top of the Fifth Dimension. They could even be said to be comparable to eight rainbow light devil kings.

However, they were about to confront the sea beasts of the mid sea region in the Origin World, all of whom were enormous monsters that belonged to the category of vicious beasts.

Ape G.o.ds were much weaker when compared to the ten shadows, each of which had the same strength as Li Yunmu. Yet those shadows died occasionally, so how could it be that the ape G.o.ds which were weaker wouldn't die?

"Is there no way to improve such a low survival rate?" asked Li Yunmu, not willing to give up on this line of thought.

[If host could prepare a set of heavy armor for each of them, then perhaps their survival rate could be increased to 80% or higher. As long as their head is protected, then given their numbers and almost undying bodies, they would suffer heavy injuries but wouldn't die completely,] the system replied after some pondering.

As always, it provided the most apt suggestion for Li Yunmu.

This suggestion focused on the hard to destroy bodies of the ape G.o.ds. As long as the brain was protected, Li Yunmu's worries wouldn't come true.

Even if the ape G.o.ds were heavily injured, they would heal after a good meal.

This suggestion immediately settled the worry which had plagued Li Yunmu. He then quickly acted to put this plan in action.

The next day, he walked to the Mission Plaza of the fifteenth residential region. There, he randomly took a few missions and even rented a sea beast to leave Blue Moon Island.

After ten days, he appeared in the vicinity of a subsidiary island known as Ocean Pavilion Island.

This place was famous for its blacksmiths. The weapons and armor created by them were unique in the territory of Blue Moon Island. This came to because Ocean Pavilion Island had the best material for creating armor, iron pistil tree.

Its timber was even harder than the hardest type of iron and was exclusive to Ocean Pavilion Island. Among the natives of this island, the usage of iron pistil wood was very large.

Whether to create a several hundred meters large cruise or an iron pistil bow or any other sort of weapon, there was a variety of applications.

But the true reason behind the reputation of the iron pistil tree was that the armor created with it was most suitable one for physical flux experts. Not only was the iron pistil tree harder than any type of iron, it was also lighter than even pig iron.

But this wasn't the true reason why it was considered as the most optimum material to create battle armor. The true reason was that iron pistil wood possessed a certain amount of buoyancy, so both physical and not flux experts could also fight underwater.

It was not only lighter but also allowed the user's body to maintain its agility underwater, thus it wasn't a wonder that the natives considered it a unique natural resource.

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu ordered five hundred battle armor made of iron pistil wood which were especially thick around the head. Iron pistil armor was five centimeters thick, which was enough to protect against the attacks of the tiger fish.

In order to pay for the batch of iron pistil aqua armor, Li Yunmu had to give away almost all the corpses of sea beasts he had deposited in his heavenly world as payment.

Shadow Hack Chapter 353: Iron Pistil Wood's Aqua Armor

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