Shadow Hack Chapter 360: Destined

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According to w.a.n.g Hu, the price of a flux binding pill in the Contribution Hall was three hundred contribution points. 

In other words, Suo Lei's uncle master gifting a flux binding pill to everyone was quite benevolent. Three hundred contribution points were equivalent to occupying the first ten rooms for a full month. 

However, three hundred points couldn't be considered much to Li Yunmu. 

"It's rare to meet someone like w.a.n.g Hu who treats me this sincerely, so I will purchase nine flux binding pill."

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu took out his inscribed tile and transferred two thousand six hundred contribution points to w.a.n.g Hu. 

Two thousand contribution points couldn't be considered a small figure. Even the masters of the front ten rooms could only obtain three hundred in one month, which would mean that they would need to occupy their rooms for nine whole months to earn that amount. 

Naturally, Li Yunmu wasn't just having an urge to spend his contribution points. Once he learned about the effects of flux binding pill and knew that he was going to purchase it anyway, this was the perfect time to establish a friends.h.i.+p without any effort. 

"To be frank, Brother Li, you have helped me greatly this time. If I didn't need money urgently, I wouldn't have sold these items which help us in cultivation."

w.a.n.g Hu was very excited by Li Yunmu's frankness and formed a favorable opinion of him because of that. Just as he said, he was in need of money and to provide help in someone's need was much better than providing an icing on a cake. 

Thus, w.a.n.g Hu put Li Yunmu to memory and cordially gave him his contact info. "If you have any problems, contact me."

After obtaining the contribution points, he didn't remain behind to sell other junk. He patted Li Yunmu's shoulder and hurriedly left. 

Li Yunmu took the contact info. He didn't think much of it, but once he saw what was written, he was shocked. That w.a.n.g Hu was surprisingly extremely formidable. In the contact info, there was w.a.n.g Hu's residential area as well as his contact details and publicly known strength. 

He wasn't far from great flux experts. 

On top of the inscribed card, w.a.n.g Hu's opened flux points reached one hundred and two. The strength of his fleshly body had also reached sixty-eight oxen. 

When Li Yunmu saw the strength of the outspoken and humble w.a.n.g Hu, he was greatly shocked. 

If not for the card, who would expect that his strength was so terrifying?

He only needed to open six more flux points to reach the target of one hundred and eight, and as for the threshold strength of fifty oxen, he already surpa.s.sed it. 

In other words, even if w.a.n.g Hu wasn't a genuine great flux master as of yet, his combat strength wasn't much different. 

It has to be known that the great flux masters of the Origin World had the strength comparable to new sages on Earth. 

It was no wonder then that w.a.n.g Hu dared to expose the disciple who targeted the new disciples to cheat them, and the other party didn't dare to say a word even if they were outraged. 

Everything was because of w.a.n.g Hu's extreme strength. 

Li Yunmu's boldness which obtained him w.a.n.g Hu's friends.h.i.+p caused the surrounding people to focus on him with envy in their eyes. 

When he went to check the items of other vendors, he was curious about some, but nothing excited him, because none of them included something which he urgently needed. 

That was until he entered the main hall. At a hawker in the front of the entrance, there were some yellow books which attracted Li Yunmu's attention. 

That shop's master was completely different from other vendors who were shouting loudly. He wore a black gown while his face was covered by a black mask, which only revealed a pair of gloomy eyes. He sat on the ground without saying anything. 

He couldn't be bothered to talk with the few customers checking out his items, let alone shout about his wares. 

This is another n.o.ble, Li Yunmu thought. 

The person might have been covered from head to toe, even making it unclear whether he was male or female, but given his body size, it was clear that he was a n.o.ble. 

By then, Li Yunmu had become aware that the ones who had the highest authority in the Origin World were the n.o.bles, despite the barbarians being nine-tenths of the total population. 

One glance at the Contribution Hall of Blue Moon Island alone was enough to see that all the good locations for stalls had been occupied by n.o.bles. 

But this wasn't important. What mattered was that among the dozen books sold by the black-gowned person, four were surprisingly original ma.n.u.scripts. 

Upon seeing this, Li Yunmu was astounded. 

Even on Earth, he hadn't seen anyone sell original ma.n.u.scripts. After all, who would be so foolish as to give away the original ma.n.u.scripts which could become the foundation of a sect to others?

After carefully scrutinizing these original ma.n.u.scripts, Li Yunmu's breath became slightly ragged. Even if he clearly suppressed his reaction, the black-gowned man had noticed the slight change in him. He slightly raised his head to look at him, then once more went to ignore him as the others. 

Shoot, what kind of eyes are those? They are extremely elegant. 

Li Yunmu's gaze barely met with that of the other party, but he felt as if something had exploded within him. His heart began to pound as if his mind had been caught by that gaze. 

Li Yunmu suddenly felt that things were getting somewhat out of hand. He was hopelessly enchanted by that gaze which was as deep and serene as the sea. 

He was certain that the person who possessed that gaze was certainly an extremely unique and exceptional woman. 

In his entire life, Li Yunmu had never felt as he did at that instant. 

After Lin Li, there had been many exceptional beauties by his side, and he had met all sorts of good-looking women like Ling Shuang, Lin Yuerou, Liu Noujie, Hai Yue, Xie Qianxue, but none of them were able to make his heart throb like this one. 

Li Yunmu was aware that he was displaying a lack of manners,but this was the first time that he lost control. The black-gowned woman in front of him seemed to be destined for him.

"You want to buy books or people?" she suddenly asked. Her voice was androgynous, so no one could discern whether she was a man or a woman from it. 

But with his keen intuition, Li Yunmu was certain that the one standing before him was a woman. When she suddenly interrupted his line of thought, he woke up from his daze. 

He felt an uncontrollable urge and blurted out without thinking, "What's the price for books and what's the price for people?"

The black gowned woman coldly looked at Li Yunmu and said, "Books can only be exchanged. As for people, you can't afford."

His reply made other fellow disciples burst out in laughter. 

"Hahaha, this newcomer really has guts. He actually dared to hit on Night."

"Young friend, you may have a good status, but Night's is so much higher that you can only gaze from afar, but never reach." 

Shadow Hack Chapter 360: Destined

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