Shadow Hack Chapter 363: Hall Clan

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Hall Mountain Island was located one thousand eight hundred kilometers to the west of Blue Moon Island. Although it was part of the latter's territory, but people rarely went there. 

There was a clan of primitive aboriginals residing on that island who called themselves the Hall Clan. 

In the boundless Origin World, apart from the natives, there were also many clans of aboriginals of the human race. They had preserved their several tens of thousands of years of tradition, from never leaving their territories to drinking raw blood and wors.h.i.+ping bonfires as G.o.d of fire. The had been one thousand and eighty-six aboriginal clans long ago, but after pa.s.sing through the long river of time, most were on the verge of extinction, with only two or three of their members remaining. 

There were roughly around two hundred aboriginal clans who were still able to preserve their status as a clan. 

And the Hall Clan was one of those two hundred. They had strange abilities and great courage. The hall clansmen also possessed strong primitive battle instincts as well as matchless unity. 

Thus, even Blue Moon Island had been unable to eliminate them when occupying a region of their territory. 

It wasn't that Blue Moon Island didn't think of it, but rather that it didn't have sufficient strength. 

Fortunately, the aboriginal clans of the Origin World usually didn't go out of their territory where they had been established for several generations. Thus Hall Mountain Island was basically considered as the territory of the Hall Clan. 

Usually, neither the fishermen nor the people of Blue Moon Island would court disaster by setting foot on that island. 

"How far are we?"

At this time, Li Yunmu was seated on an enormous devil serpent. 

Two days ago, after he agreed to Night's request in the Contribution Hall of Blue Moon Island, the two of them had left on a journey, hastened regardless of whether it was day or night. 

Night's time limit was three days, but just while rus.h.i.+ng to Hall Mountain Island, two days and two nights had already pa.s.sed. And this was when they were using a beast from the enormous category to travel. Otherwise, the timeline of three days would have been far from sufficient. 

Li Yunmu was extremely anxious at that moment. According to logic, he was the rescuer and rather than him, the person who hired him should be more anxious. But after hearing about the matter from Night, Li Yunmu couldn't calm down. 

The reason was that she had already been at the Contribution Hall for many days. The three day time limit was there just to test him. 

It was simply that the sick person couldn't wait anymore. After struggling for so many days, they only had three more days left. 

If that sick person died before Li Yunmu arrived there, then there would be no way for him to get his hands on the four source ma.n.u.scripts. After all, they were given to Night by her cla.s.smen to find help. The person who possessed the final authority wasn't Night. In fact, she hadn't even opened the summaries of the four source ma.n.u.scripts. 

Li Yunmu couldn't understand this mysterious woman who never revealed her true colors, but every time he looked into her eyes, his heart would throb crazily. 

What sort of sensation was this? Even he himself didn't know. 

"We're about to reach the island, you should prepare to hasten for the next part."

Li Yunmu was anxious, but Night was even more anxious. The sick person was probably a close kin of hers. 

But unfortunately, she had met Li Yunmu too late. 

While both of them were extremely anxious, the devil serpent quickly traveled through the ocean. The movement speed of this enormous beast category monster surpa.s.sed that of several hundred meter large cruises. Li Yunmu was quite flabbergasted that Night could control such a creature. 

How formidable was she exactly?

Her strength was probably no worse than that of w.a.n.g Hu who was about to advance to great flux masters. Only with a strength approaching that of sage layer would she be able to control an enormous beast category monster. 

After two more hours, as Li Yunmu's mood grew more gloomy with each pa.s.sing moment, their destination finally appeared in front of them. 

Hall Mountain Island was an extremely expansive place, its area surpa.s.sing that of Blue Moon Island. Even from a distance of ten kilometers, Li Yunmu could clearly see the mountain ranges spread all over the island. 

The large mountain range was around two thousand meters high, which was quite shocking, and pa.s.sed through the jungles which occupied 90% of the island. 

When Night led Li Yunmu onto the island, he was. .h.i.t by a strong smell of a subtropical jungle. Until then, he had seen no traces of human habitat. 

"Move quickly, there's still a long distance to cover to reach the stronghold of Hall Clan."

The next instant, they entered the jungle and began to run. Li Yunmu even activated his five times strengthened great heart and unleashed the Spirit Pincer Step which could move through all terrain, only then was he barely able to keep up with Night's speed. 

It wasn't that his speed was slow, but that the gravity of the Origin World was extremely strong. As they increased their speed, the journey became more and more demanding for him. 

Fortunately, Li Yunmu's physical strength wasn't bad. Although he only had the strength of eighteen oxen, the endurance of his fleshly body far surpa.s.sed that value. 

Night was astonished when she saw that Li Yunmu could run that fast. 

The jungle on the island was extremely dangerous. It wasn't like Blue Moon Island where humans had disposed not only of the enormous beasts, but also the vicious category ones. 

If Li Yunmu encountered an enormous beast, he would have no other option but to escape for his life. 

Night took out a wooden carving of a mythical monster's skull. After that , Li Yunmu noticed that the vicious beasts and those above would themselves avoid to cross their path. 

Li Yunmu envied this item taken out by Night which could put pressure on the majority of the enormous beasts. It was definitely a divine item. Compared to any sage treasure, it was a grade hight. But the most rare thing about this item was that it was extremely useful, rather than just being flashy. 

Finally, after traveling at a speed of 180 kmph without any hindrance, they reached the center of the dense jungle. 

There, Li Yunmu discovered numerous houses spreading into the distance. It was Li Yunmu's first witnessing of the aborigines of the Origin World. Looking at the number of houses, he estimated that the number of Hall clansmen wouldn't surpa.s.s five hundred. 

When they moved forward, Li Yunmu with his keen intuition, discovered that there were densely packed tree houses built at the top of the trees in the surroundings as well. 

The positions chosen for those tree houses were quite clever. After paying close attention, he even discovered many archers in them. Yet he still couldn't figure out how these aboriginals were able to cause concern for Blue Moon Island which had more than ten thousand inner disciples.

Shadow Hack Chapter 363: Hall Clan

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