Shadow Hack Chapter 244

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Chapter 244

The material and shape of the Slaughterer's Eye Patch looked ordinary. It was just a black eye patch made of leather.  Nothing special could be seen about the eye patch. The Grid of the past would've complained before appraising it.

"This is s.h.i.+t! I wasted 10 days just trying to get an eyepatch? d.a.m.n! What is this? Lauel, you $%!#$!"

He would say. He would throw a tantrum. But Grid was no longer so immature.

'Lauel wouldn't advise me to get this for nothing.'

There must be something about the item. An item wasn't something that could be distinguished with just the appearance. Grid had high expectations.

"Legendary Blacksmith's Appraisal."

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]


[Slaughterer's Eye Patch]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 7/7

* The skill 'Vital Spot Detection' will be generated.

The Slaughterer was tortured for a long time. He was also forced to watch the torture of countless people. 

As a result, he has a high grasp of vital spots.

This eyepatch has been used by the Slaughterer for a long time and gained this ability.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 0.1

[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[This is an item with a grudge. The wearer will be dominated by the impulse to kill and will become a reckless murderer.]

Curse. It was a cursed item. It was impossible to play the game normally if he was a senseless murderer. But Grid didn't care. Curse? He could just resist it.

“Lauel, this nice guy."

Grid was thrilled. He wanted to summon Lauel right now and embrace him. The Slaughterer's Eye Patch was a good item. No, it wasn't just at the level of good. It was an item that helped Pagma’s Descendant take off the 'limit.'

'I didn't think I would get Vital Spot Detection.'

Vital Spot Detection. It was a top grade pa.s.sive skill that only a small number of optimized for battle would acquire. The function was simple. As the name suggested, it identified the opponent's vital spots. 

But this simple function had enormous power. If the vital spot was. .h.i.t correctly, the probability of a critical hit would increase, causing bleeding, paralysis and other conditions. In other words, it meant that his attack power would increase dramatically.

'Lauel, he got something huge from Haynes.'

First ranked monster discerner, Haynes. He was able to predict the items that monsters would drop based on their characteristics. If Minor was a minerals detector, Haynes was an item detector.

'Lauel would've paid a lot of money to get this information from Haynes.’

Grid realized that Lauel's heart was deepening. He worked hard to overcome his master's weakness, so Grid's liking towards him increased.

'Lauel is busy with acting as the lord… I must surely reward his hard work.'

Grid promised happily as he wore the eye patch. Then something interesting happened. The left eye, covered by an eye patch, started to emit a dim red light. It was so weak that it was hardly noticeable in a bright place. However, it was clearly visible in dark s.p.a.ces like this bas.e.m.e.nt. 

Lauel would be very excited when he saw this.

[Your hatred for humans is growing. You are filled with the urge to murder someone.]

[You have resisted.]

Grid was being provided a new perspective. Randy stood beside him and Grid could clearly see the 'core' of the doppelganger. It wasn't precise, but it was powerful enough to be able to grasp the target's vital points.

'I was worried that the vision on one side would be obscured. Fortunately, that isn't the case.'

It was a perfect artifact. Of course, that was on the a.s.sumption that the murderous impulse curse could be suppressed. Grid's joy was comparable to when he raided the pope and acquired the Holy Light set.

"Then…" Grid watched Noe. He had a cute tail of modest length. A white part at the end looked like a flower. “Your tail is your weakness…"

“I am the best demonic beast of h.e.l.l. I don't have a weakness! Nyang!"

Noe bluffed and raised his palms. He seemed to be bewildered at his weakness being seen through. Grid thought about making Noe an armor to defend his tail. Then he turned his attention to another item dropped by the Slaughterer.

The Slaughterer's Mask. It was an iron mask designed to cover the right half of the face.

'The material is black iron.'

Unlike ordinary masks, this one was made from a good mineral. However, the design was dismal. The crying eye shape seemed the opposite of the smiling mouth shape. It looked like a clown's mask. There were even a few teardrops carved into it.

'I didn't hear anything about this mask.'

It was probably a small item that wasn't worth emphasizing. Grid didn't have much expectations.

"Legendary Blacksmith's Appraisal."


[The Slaughterer's Mask]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 39/39     Defense: 21

* The skill 'Evil Spirit's b.l.o.o.d.y Tears' will be generated.

It is a mask that reflects the sadness of the Slaughterer, a being who lived a painful life just before he was born as a half man, half beast.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 55

[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[This is an item with a grudge.  The wearer will be dominated by the impulse to kill and will become a reckless murderer.]

[Evil Spirit's b.l.o.o.d.y Tears]

When hit, there is a 8% chance of releasing a blood flow. The ejected blood will paint the Slaughterer's mask with blood. When this happens 10 times, the mask will turn a distinct red.

At that time, the wearer's attack power will increase by 50% for 5 seconds.

"Crazy." He reflexively exclaimed.

Grid was astonished. Evil Spirit's b.l.o.o.d.y Tears. It might be a conditionally triggered skill, but its power was excellent. It was a fraudulent skill. It was a legendary rated artifact.

'Lauel didn't mention this item because he didn't know.'

It was proof that Haynes was still lacking. As a result, it was a huge profit. If Haynes knew about the existence of this mask, Lauel would've had to pay a bigger fee.


Grid couldn't help laughing. Half his face was covered with a black mask and his left eye shone red, making him look like a demon. The level of oppression was much higher than when he wore the Frostlight Orc Chief's Helmet in the past.

Lauel would be shocked if he saw it.



Earl Zebra ran after hearing the news and couldn't believe the scene in front of him. The undefeatable Slaughterer was dead, leaving only a few body parts behind. This was caused by only one person!

"W-Who are you? Heok?"

Was this really the skills of a human? Zebra gulped after asking the question. He was frightened after seeing Grid in the bizarre mask and eye patch.

'There is a red light in his eyes…'

He didn't look like a human being at all. Maybe he was a real demon? Grid reached out to Earl Zebra.

"Give me the earrings."


Earl Zebra handed his most prized treasure to Grid.  The Black Quartz Earrings increased the wearer's intelligence by 15%.  It was a beautiful treasure that had been pa.s.sed down through his family for generations. He never thought there would come a day when he would really give this to someone. Now it was wasted.

'I was supposed to give this to the knights who are coming to kill the Slaughterer… s.h.i.+t, I need to send after this guy.'

Earl Zebra's greed caused him to make a wicked plan. But who was the greedy one? It was Grid. Grid could read Earl Zebra's eyes instantly.

'This ridiculous guy.'


Grid smirked. Then Earl Zebra asked him.

"W-Why are you suddenly smiling?"



Earl Zebra's face filled with anger. He was an earl of the great empire and over 40 years old, yet he was called cute? As if he was a pet? This was an obvious taunt.

'This insane b.a.s.t.a.r.d!'

Earl Zebra didn't like Grid at all. From the beginning, this young man had a nasty spirit. Earl Zebra wanted to brutally torture and kill Grid.

"T-Thank you."

However, Earl Zebra had difficulty meeting the eyes of Grid, who killed the Slaughterer alone. First, he just wanted Grid to get lost. Grid equipped the Black Quartz Earrings.

[Intelligence will increase by 15%.]

'This is the reward for a S+ grade quest.'

In fact, an accessory that increased intelligence by 15% was very valuable. Any magician would covet it. But thanks to the effects of all types of t.i.tles, Grid's intelligence already exceeded 1,000 and he didn't need it. He was able to have enough mana to use all his skills and didn't use Dainsleif anymore, so magic power wasn't that important.

'I will use this until I can find a craftsman who can make an accessory out of blue orichalc.u.m.'

Grid threw a question to Earl Zebra, who was avoiding his gaze.

“Do you think about weak people?"


It was a confusing question. Earl Zebra wanted this ghastly man to disappear. But he didn't dare express his heart.

“That is something I don't know."

He was a powerful man, born as the son of an earl. Tens of thousands of people bowed before him, and thousands of soldiers obeyed him. Weak? He had no interest in such things.

Grid nodded. "Right. You wouldn't know about such a thing.”

He was never subjected to one-sided bullying. Grid knew there was nothing as painful and terrible as that. He had no desire to save Earl Zebra, who had committed a crime against his people and tortured people for his own entertainment.

"You, aren't you weak?"

The red eyes swept over Earl Zebra's entire body. Zebra's instincts screamed at him and he stepped back.

"W-What? What are you trying to do?"

Grid shrugged.

"What am I doing?"

Then he just left? Earl Zebra was relieved to hear Grid's footsteps leaving. He waited until he couldn't hear the footsteps anymore, before running to someone else.


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Shadow Hack Chapter 244

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