Shadow Hack Chapter 390: Purple Mist Passage

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Chapter 390: Purple Mist Pa.s.sage

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

When the experts thought about it, they did realize that it wasn't worth to put their life at risk because of some small favors. After realizing that, their complexions started to get better.

Li Yunmu had to accept that Zhang Yuan was quite skilled compared to Zheng Quan, who had barely matured and only understood the benefits of using a carrot but didn't pay enough stress on using his personal strength.

"How about it, Zheng Quan? You won't make a loss. You had been good to us, so I suggest you to agree. Given the large amount of resources in the dimensional s.p.a.ce, even 30% will be more than enough for your future cultivation," Liu Yangwei said with a smile.

Zheng Quan's expression remained gloomy for a long time, but he yielded in the end. "What can I do about it? Perhaps your words are correct, circ.u.mstances are more formidable than people. Although this region was discovered by me and Maple Wood Alliance also founded by me after paying a great price for it… Since all of you decided on it, how could we not agree."

"That's right. Since this matter is already settled, we shall begin to exploit this island together."

Zhang Yuan quickly made his move without the slightest hint of modesty. While taking control of the alliance, his gaze intentionally or not kept lingering on w.a.n.g Yan and Li Yunmu who was standing near her.

Soon, he personally called out two people from Zheng Quan's group and asked them to find a path to enter the island. The intention behind his plan to cooperate was his need for cannon fodder.

When Zheng Quan understood that, his complexion grew ugly, but he didn't say anything. With a wave of his hand, he quickly sent two unlucky members to look for a path.

At that moment, he was unable to stop Zhang Yuan. The two people chosen to find the path could only regret choosing the wrong group and summon their courage to walk ahead of everyone, step by step following the pa.s.sage formed by the purple mist into the island.

They were at the most outer perimeter of the island, which seemed quite safe at first glance.

But they had to penetrate deeply if they wanted to truly exploit the island's dimensional s.p.a.ce. Moreover, the path to reach the depths of the dimensional s.p.a.ce was a pa.s.sage through the purple mist which was wide enough for three people to walk side by side.

No one knew when the purple mist would end or what would they encounter at the end of the channel. They could only watch the two of unlucky fellows enter the channel cautiously.

Everyone waited for a quarter of an hour, until suddenly there was a shadow at the end of the pa.s.sage. The two members who had been sent to scout the pa.s.sage returned.

Once they left the pa.s.sage, they reported directly to Zhang Yuan. "Boss Zhang, we verified that after pa.s.sing through the violet mist, there is a large subtropical island which a very large jungle that has many life-forms. We didn't dare to be rash and immediately returned to report to you."

Zheng Quen's inability to control the situation and a sort of betrayal without the slightest hesitation had allowed them to realize that they had chosen the wrong side.

"Ha ha, that's right. Your performance was good, come, drink this and go to the rear to rest."

When Zhang Yuan heard their words, he burst out laughing and allowed the two of them to go to the rear of the group.

It didn't need to be said that although the two had chosen the wrong side at the beginning, it wasn't too late for them to change. They quickly betrayed Zheng Quan. Although they weren't given any position, they wouldn't need to go scout ahead for a time.

When the other members of Zheng Quan's group saw this, their expressions changed. In no time, there were two members who stepped forward of their own initiative. "Boss Zhang, we know our mistakes. We request that you take us under your command. We will obey all of your orders."

"Come, since you see your mistakes, then naturally I will allow you to join me. Go stand at the back," Zhang Yuan said in an imperious tone.

With such an example, four more people instantly came forward and requested to join.

Zhang Yuan didn't stop any of them, and in the blink of an eye, eight people from Zheng Quan's side had defected. Soon, Maple Wood Alliance, which had had many members, only had the three descenders, Lu Zhong, Li Yunmu, and two women who had good moral integrity.

"You all are a just a bunch of lowlifes," the two descenders rained curses on the group of defectors.

But given that situation had reached that point, they were unable to change anything.

During the whole process, Li Yunmu was just watching Zhang Yuan. Although his methods were quite clever, he apparently didn't realize that in front of absolute strength, every trick was useless, all the voices of dissent were like chickens and dogs. Thus, he kept watching everything as a spectator.

He was extremely interested in knowing what sort of trump card would Zheng Quan and his companions would use in such a situation.

In truth, Zhang Yuan's actions were completely according to his plans. He glanced at Zheng Quan and discovered that although that proud son of heaven had a indignant expression on his face, there was a hint of a sneer concealed in his eyes. Instantly, Li Yunmu became even more vigilant.

"Let's go, we will enter the island," Zhang Yuan loudly commanded. Since there was no danger at the end of the pa.s.sage, he took the lead with others following after. At the end was Zheng Quan's group, Li Yunmu being the last of them.

Originally he was just waiting for a good drama, to see what sort of tricks Zheng Quan had hidden, but as soon as he stepped in the pa.s.sage of purple mist, he received a pleasant surprise.

[Notice, highly dense flux energy detected. Host, this pa.s.sage contains a dense flux energy. This seems to be a plane where flux energy can be collected as mentioned by sea breeze whale,] the system said, its voice suddenly echoing in Li Yunmu's consciousness sea.

"What? System, are you sure?"

Li Yunmu was completely shocked by the system's notice.

The sea breeze whale had mentioned that there were dimensional s.p.a.ces with dense flux energy which could be gathered and used to refine soul binding pills.

It could be eaten by flux experts to further their cultivation of flux energy or to help physical flux experts to cultivate to flux expert level.

In simple terms, if there wouldn't be any method to gather flux energy and use it for cultivation, then all the cultivators in the Origin World would be physical flux experts.

But after they learned to exploit the flux energy to transform their bodies, their lives changed, and humanity began to grow increasingly more formidable.

However, Li Yunmu knew that of the countless dimensional s.p.a.ces in the Origin World, there were only a few whose density of flux energy was high enough that it could be collected.

If they weren't that rare, then the secret of flux binding pills wouldn't be under the control of a limited number of people. Yet the secret island discovered by Zheng Quan and his group of descenders was surprisingly such a dimensional s.p.a.ce.

Was that a coincidence? While thinking about that, Li Yunmu couldn't calm himself anymore.

Shadow Hack Chapter 390: Purple Mist Passage

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