Shadow Hack Chapter 4

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Li Yunmu didn’t know how to return to the room. After hearing that his dad has met with an accident, his mind was completely distracted, he couldn’t even enjoy the sumptuous evening meal.

Chasing after his mom to the outside, he only managed to get one piece of information. His father’s camp had been attacked by dimensional beasts and his father, who had been celebrating his promotion, had managed to survive, but at the cost of both his legs.

Furthermore, somehow, even more bad luck had fallen on him. Because the whole camp of soldiers had been annihilated without a single survivor. He had acted in a manner unfitting of his role as the camp’s captain and had chosen to run away to save his life. Now, the military seemed to want him to take responsibility and judged that he didn’t act as the captain by choosing to flee instead of fighting.

Regarding this matter, Li Yunmu wasn’t entirely convinced. His father had always been a sincere and brave man, so how could he have behaved like this. After thinking about the point that all the soldiers in the camp had died, maybe this time, his dad was only being pushed out to take responsibility and become a scapegoat.

Even if Li Yunmu knew that he wasn’t reliable, after this day, for the first time, he realized that he was weak and powerless.

Until now, within this small family of three, Li Zhongmin was the most reliable person. But after losing both his legs and his job, he was now also under investigation for the suspicion of fleeing alone. Li Yunmu, who was contently pa.s.sing his days with his small family, instantly felt the reality around him collapsing.


With his father losing his job and income, let alone using his relations to make Li Yunmu enter the army, even being able to live in a city was going to be an issue.

Once he thought of the life in the slums, recalling those starved faces, thirsty, numb, desperate expressions, Li Yunmu shook his head resolutely.

Both his dad and mom were old, they certainly couldn’t withstand this loss.

In one night, Li Yunmu seemed to have matured greatly, maybe before today, he could still pa.s.s his days without any ambitions, but now....he can’t.

Now that his father had lost his both legs, he must become his family’s backbone and must support them. His gaze fell upon that old desktop.

"System, I hope you are still reliable."

He faintly sighed as a trace of hope appeared in his eyes. Although right now he couldn’t go to Heavenly Cloud City to see his dad, he knew that right now, he must become stronger.

[Ding, the Super Shadow Hack has started, do you still intend to choose the District Garden as the training location?]


He loosely said. Everything that was happening in front of his eyes was definitely mystical but certainly not a dream. Li Yunmu’s heart, which had been tightened whole day, finally relaxed.

As soon as he pressed enter, his shadow seemed to have been activated. The shadow automatically walked down his building and entered the little garden, stepping forward into those tall and mighty gra.s.s woods. This time, Li Yunmu had made his resolution, he must personally control the shadow and kill those ‘monsters’.

"System, can I control the shadow manually?"

[If you want to control this hack manually, choose the option ‘Manual Hacking’.]

The system displayed these instructions almost immediately. Li Yunmu a.n.a.lysed this for some time before he realized something.

Accurately speaking, the controls of the Super Shadow Hack System were very simple. Altogether, there were three adjustments that could be made. The first was to determine the training location from the map.

After the map had been synchronized with the real world, the present system’s training locations were actual real world locations. This District Garden training location was just the small lawn downstairs, the nearest and most rudimentary training location.

The second adjustment was the choice to use either Automatic Hacking or Manual Hacking, as well as setting up the hacking time, the unit of time was in hours.

The third adjustment was the ability to control which monsters were targeted for leveling after choosing a good training location, as well as avoiding formidable monsters that he doesn’t dare to provoke.

Higher levels of adjustments were only found in Automatic Hacking mode. Even if Li Yunmu, a person from new age, had never played with this kind of simple software before, just by sweeping his eyes over them once, he understood all the bits and pieces of the system.

The instant he selected Manual Hacking, his whole world immediately transformed.

"What? My consciousness had surprisingly descended into the shadow?"

Shocked, Li Yunmu surprisingly discovered that now he could control the shadow as if it was himself.

The shadow had already shrunk to the size of one centimeter. When he controlled the shadow to raise its head, all he saw in front of him was a dense stretch of large gra.s.s forest.

It was clear that this gra.s.s was originally only five centimeters tall, but now that his consciousness had descended into the shadow, that huge gra.s.s forest seemed to be omnipresent. Standing in this environment, the shadow seemed to be constricted and felt claustrophobic.

"System, my consciousness has left my body, will I die?"

Li Yunmu couldn’t help but feel anxious.

[Be relieved, as long as your consciousness returns to your body within one day, this hack controls won’t cause any damage to you.]

The system’s voice aptly sounded in his mind.

After obtaining the a.s.surance from the mystical system, Li Yunmu finally laid down the concerns in his heart and began to control the movements of his shadow.

"Ohh? Why do I feel like I am in danger?"

Shaking his head, he removed any extra thoughts and rushed into the depths of gra.s.s forests with a fierce howl.

This time, he was very lucky. Within few minutes, he very quickly found an ant in a thin gra.s.s patch. Taking advantage of the fact that the ant still hasn’t turned hostile towards him, Li Yunmu quickly rushed towards the ant and ferociously punched it.

[Ding, using the strength stored within you, as well as the strength gained because of your momentum from running, you have landed a furious strike on the ant’s head. You have attacked the ant’s weak point, resulting in your damage being doubled. Because you had gained additional strength with your momentum, it explosively increased the damage dealt to the ant. This attack has dealt 29 points of damage to the ant.]

"Awesome! This broken game can also be played like this?"

Stored strength, additional strength, weak point attack, furious strike, this was similar to the game ‘Dead House’ of the new age. Although he had only played it once, he could work out a lot of tips from it.

It was clear that Manual Hacking provided him much greater control compared to Automatic Hacking. At this moment, Li Yunmu resembled that of a genuine game character, whose aim was to kill monsters. And when compared to virtual reality games, it seemed much more realistic.

After landing one punch on the ant, he immediately evaded ant’s vision and moved to its blind spot.

Hei, this time, he wasn’t following the movements of the Automatic Hacking, which didn’t have any wisdom. Why would he remain in front of the ant and allow it to attack him with its pincers.

The instant that he dodged was the instant that this unlucky ant suffered from its tragic fate.

"I will destroy your a.n.u.s!"

The instant he reached behind the ant, Li Yunmu raised his foot and ruthlessly kicked that ant’s big b.u.t.tocks.

The kick’s full force crashed into the ant!

The kick caused 13 points of damage to the ant. Clearly, the attack power of a leg was much stronger compared to that of a fist. Even though this was just an ordinary kick, the damage it caused was quite impressive.

One kick wasn’t enough to take it down, but it caused the ant to stumble forward before stopping.

[Ding, you have kicked the ant with all your might dealing 13 points of damage to the ant and made its body unstable which stunned the ant for two seconds.]


He had once again discovered another little trick. Moreover, it seems like he could control this trick.


Li Yunmu smiled faintly as he learned to control it. This time. he seized the ant’s a.n.u.s and kicked it.


This kick precisely landed on that ant’s b.u.t.tocks.

[You have kicked ant’s vital part, dealing triple the damage. You have dealt 36 points of damage to the ant and killed the ant, gaining 1 experience point and 1 ability point.]

[Ding, you have killed the ant and a dimensional box dropped from the ant’s body.]

"Cool, that’s fantastic!"

Hearing the system’s message, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly.

This was not some dream, just by killing a Grade One ant, he had obtained 1 experience point, but what was this ability point that he had gotten? Being a person from new age, he had never heard of anything called ability points; moreover what was this box that was lying on the ground?

Dimensional box? What kind of thing was this?

Shadow Hack Chapter 4

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