Shadow Hack Chapter 405: Test for the Contradicting Emotions

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Chapter 405: Test for the Contradicting Emotions

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

Li Yunmu believed that while trying to escape from the disaster, Zhang Yuan and his people would definitely be harmed by Zheng Quan. After all, when he had used the ghost silk pollen, it was completely ineffective against the giant ants.

However, when Zhang Yuan and the others were crazily escaping into the forest without caring for anything and encountered the giant ants, what happened next caused Li Yunmu's mouth drop wide open. He was so startled his mind went empty.

The h.o.a.rd of giant ants which was rus.h.i.+ng forth, bubbling with killing intent, suddenly scattered and ran away the moment they were ten meters away from Zhang Yuan's group. They acted as if they had encountered their nemesis at that moment and were filled with instinctual fear.

It was even more intense than their desire to stop Zheng Quan and others from reaching the center of the island. One group of ants scattered after another the moment they got close. Even the giant ants which had been chasing after them also stopped.

Although the scorpions didn't scatter and flee like ants, they also slowed down and didn't seem willing to get any closer, thus allowing Zheng Quan and the others to escape with a new lease on life.

"Ha ha, good stuff, it really is good stuff. If I had known about its effect earlier, I would have taken it out long ago to scare them away."

After the crisis subsided, Zhang Yuan and the others burst out laughing, not seeing the sinister smile that flashed through Zheng Quan's face. Only Li Yunmu who had been observing everything through the eleventh shadow saw it.

Clearly, Zheng Quan had added other items to the ghost silk pollen which had changed its effect, so it would induce fear in the hearts of insects.

It was an instinctual fear, like some sort of innate suppression. Even the twenty-something scorpions chasing after them became powerless as soon as they got close to Zheng Quan and the others, losing 70% of their combat strength.

Thus, not only had they settled the crisis, they also got the opportunity to launch a fierce counterattack on the twenty-something giant scorpions.

After their great drop in strength, they simply became unable to resist the attacks coming their way. Moreover, as long as the ghost silk pollen was scattered around them, the defense of their thick carapace would also decline, making it easy to deal with them.

Even He Miao and Zhang Ru were able to kill one by attacking together.

In ten short minutes, all of the twenty-something scorpions were killed by everyone's joint counterattack.

"Alright, with this pollen, we can proceed to the center of the island without any fear."

Lei Jun's morale was greatly boosted. He brandished his large sword, repeatedly striking a three meter long giant scorpion.

"Then let's not delay. Since we have already lost our path of retreat to the outside world, we must rush to the center of the island. Yangwei, you lead some experts and protect Brother Zheng. W escaped this catastrophe only because of Brother Zheng's preparations. We must carefully protect his group and not allow them to come in harm's way."

Although Zhang Yuan considered everyone beneath him, he wasn't a fool. The more effective the ghost silk pollen was, the more confident he became that Zheng Quan and his group had definitely made proper preparations before coming here. After all, the situation in the dimensional s.p.a.ce was far more terrifying than what he had imagined.

Given that, he became even more attentive toward the actions of Zheng Quan and his two companions.

"Wait a minute… I will go to find Brother Yunmu. Didn't you say that he stayed here to act as decoy for you? Where did he go, quickly tell me," w.a.n.g Yan said with anxiousness as she shook Zhang Ru's shoulders.

"I-I don't know…."

Zhang Ru quickly started crying. Now that everyone had reached the location from which they had fled and still didn't Li Yunmu, she didn't even dare to think of what might have happened.

"You don't need to find him. w.a.n.g, sweetie, he had been trapped by so many giant ants. Without the ghost silk pollen, he probably has already been digested by the giant ants. You only need to obediently take us to the center of the island, alright?"

Zhang Yuan chuckled at her misery.


w.a.n.g Yan turned away and began to crazily look all around her, but how could she still find any traces of Li Yunmu.

"Let's go. You heard Zhang Yuan, as long as we reach the center and obtain control of this island, we'll be able to find Yunmu's whereabouts easily," Zheng Quan gloomily urged her after sighing.

None of them knew, however, that the person they spoke about was witnessing everything with a cold smile.

Yet he was also faced with an issue which he needed to resolve urgently. He had to obtain the genuine recipe for intimidating the insect monsters, for otherwise, he probably wouldn't be able to get close to the center of the island.

But the difficulty lay in how he could obtain the secret recipe for ghost silk pollen from Zheng Quan.

Whether it was Zheng Quan or Luo Honghua, neither of them would reveal such an important secret to him without much trouble. Other than them, he could only obtain it from w.a.n.g Yan.

But once he thought of her, he felt a headache coming. He didn't want to owe the other party, but what else could he do?

For the time being, Li Yunmu had no solution at hand.

[Host, you don't need to feel conflicted. You must directly request the secret recipe from w.a.n.g Yan. If she willingly hands it over to you, it will mean that you are more important than her plane in her heart and you should treat her properly.

[If she doesn't give you the secret recipe, then it will mean that you aren't important enough to her, which is also good. Then you won't need to worry about killing her together with the other descenders.]

Li Yunmu couldn't help but accept that the system's suggestion had great merit and was quite reasonable.

Although he didn't want to take this path, he wasn't an indecisive person. He contemplated it for half a moment, then quickly hardened his heart.

The system's words are correct. This could also be considered a test.

Li Yunmu then immediately sent a summoning crystal crane to w.a.n.g Yan!

With this action, he wouldn't be able to hide his ident.i.ty from w.a.n.g Yan; after all, in the Origin world, there were no such things as summoning crystal cranes. When she would see it, she would certainly make the connection.

It was a test which was quite risky for him as well. It was a test for his own heart.

If w.a.n.g Yan didn't reveal the secret, then there would be no problem. But if she did, then Li Yunmu would have to kill everyone on the island, including w.a.n.g Yan, even if eight of his shadows would have to die twice more.

Li Yunmu quickly entered his thoughts into the summoning crystal crane.

How fast would it travel when he sent if forth? Truth be told, fast or slow couldn't be used to describe it.

It was a product which had an innate ability regarding planes and s.p.a.ce which couldn't be comprehended. It walked in the void by folding the s.p.a.ce between two planes. Even the dimensional s.p.a.ce wasn't able to stop the summoning crystal crane, and it disappeared into the void. The next instant, it appeared next to w.a.n.g Yan's hand.

Shadow Hack Chapter 405: Test for the Contradicting Emotions

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