Shadow Hack Chapter 431: The Horror of Forgetting

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Chapter 431: The Horror of Forgetting

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

Thinking about the two points, Li Yunmu's brain almost broke apart, but he still couldn't imagine an ent.i.ty which would be able to neglect the rules laid down by an ancient G.o.d and arrange his world's territory.

[This point isn't something impossible. As long as the latter person possessed absolute power, it could be easily accomplished,] the system suddenly sent out, astonis.h.i.+ng LI Yunmu.


It wasn't like his thoughts hadn't went along those lines, but he couldn't believe that it was possible. What sort of existence was an ancient G.o.d?

Yet the system surprisingly said that there was an ent.i.ty which far surpa.s.sed an ancient G.o.d, to the extent that it could neglect the rules of the other's world.

[In this world, nothing is impossible. For example, do you remember that enormous dragon which looked like a mountain range when you descended?] The system indifferently presented him with an example.

And Li Yunmu once again remembered the time when he had just descended and seen the enormous mountain which seemed boundless at first glance but was actually the corpse of a dragon who had died many years ago.

He had forgotten about that region in his travels after. No one in the Origin World talked about that place, or maybe they hadn't discovered it. But perhaps it would be best to say that no one dared to venture into that region. Even if they knew that it was full of important secrets.

When the system gave the a.n.a.logy of the enormous dragon, Li Yunmu suddenly gained a hint of understanding that his worldview was extremely narrow.

Given the system's a.n.a.logy, everything became easier to understand. Apparently the cave was an existence independent of the island. This, of course, raised a new question: If he couldn't approach the human emperor, how could he uncover its secret?

For a period of time, Li Yunmu was trapped in a circle of his thoughts. Although he had been able to s.n.a.t.c.h Zheng Quan's target, he couldn't find any way to eat it. However, he wasn't willing to give up.

Time kept pa.s.sing slowly in the mausoleum. After a long while had pa.s.sed, the eleventh shadow suddenly came near Li Yunmu and transmitted a message. Once he received it, he was completely shaken by its contents. He slapped his forehead as he had finally found a method with which he could proceed.

While he had been pondering about the issue, he had completely neglected Ya Yan's group. The eleventh shadow had kept on following them, but since the system had determined the goal of their journey, Li Yunmu had quickly forgotten about it. Because of that, he hadn't expected that he would receive the most crucial piece of information from the four cannon fodders.

The eleventh shadow had informed him that Ya Yan and his group had decided to turn back.

Why were the four cannon fodders returning? The reason was very simple—they had collapsed mentally. They had been walking forward into the depths of the cave in a straight path without a single side branch and had experienced all sorts of mental torments.

Finally, a dispute arose among them, for they couldn't help becoming suspicious of their surroundings. After they had walked for thirteen days without break and still hadn't found any sign of the end, they began to mentally collapse. The journey of seven hundred and sixty-eight kilometers in the unchanging cave had broken them.

They no longer had the tenacity and curiosity they possessed at the start of the journey. Although they didn't dare to turn back because of fear of being made eat coconut every day, they also didn't have any desire to walk down the path which seemed endless.

While they were on the verge of mental collapse, the one called Fang Ming had cursed, "What nonsense path of heaven? That devil is a cheater."

Li Yunmu instantly caught the crux of that man's line.

Why was he cursing in such a manner? Clearly, when they had come into the cave the first time, they had obtained some information. Li Yunmu could then understand why they had been excited about the prospect of entering the cave again.

"Lock the four of them individually. As to that one called Fang Ming, pay special attention to him."

Li Yunmu instantly made his decision. It was clear to him that Fang Ming was the weakest link among the four. And since he had already ascertained that the four of them knew something, it was time to make them spit out the secret one by one, or use force to extort a confession if they weren't collaborating.

Ling Feng accepted the orders without a word and led seven shadows to intercept the group.

When Li Yunmu looked at the time, he suddenly realized that thirteen days had pa.s.sed since he had entered the mausoleum. Cold sweat ran down his back when he noticed it.

"System, why did I sense that only half a day had pa.s.sed while two weeks had pa.s.sed in the outside world? Are you sure that you haven't counted the time wrong."

[System isn't wrong. Originally it also had this suspicion, but it has a new conjunction about the fact that this region possesses an unprecedented force field. It can cause anyone to forget everything while focusing on a task. They will forget to eat and even forget about the pa.s.sage of time.]

[Ding, emergency alert, an unknown terrifying force field has been discovered. Suggesting host to leave immediately.]

The next second, the system awakened and released a red alert.

"Then let's go, let's leave this d.a.m.ned region before talking more about it."

Without the slightest hesitation, Li Yunmu left the emperor's mausoleum. A force field which could distort a person's sense of time was far too frightening.

If it wasn't for the eleventh shadow which had coincidentally come to report back, Li Yunmu probably would have needed a lot more time to wake up from his thoughts. Without influence from the outside world, perhaps he might have even forgotten about everything while pondering until he died of old age.

After returning back to the surface, Li Yunmu breathed a sigh of relief. He then quickly withdrew from the strange cave.

He finally clearly understood the reason behind the unwillingness of the insects to step inside the cave. When he came out, Lu Zhong, w.a.n.g Ru, and He Miao were waiting for him. They had stayed there for a long time, for it had been full twenty days since he had stepped into the cave, and during all of it, there had been no news from him.

After a few more days, Ya Yan's group were escorted outside the cave by Li Feng and the seven shadows which had went with him.

Shadows didn't know fatigue and didn't have any emotions like humans. Because of that, their speed of traveling within the cave was naturally higher than that of Ya Yan's group.

"Lock each of them separately and cross examine them. If even one of them says something different from the others, I will throw them into a group of ghost spiders who'll make them wish they were dead," Li Yunmu's said in a freezing voice.

Shadow Hack Chapter 431: The Horror of Forgetting

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