Shadow Hack Chapter 44: Maintaining Secrecy

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Chapter 44: Maintaining Secrecy

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

"Big bear battle squad’s data regarding today's training has come out."

"Elder, this is big bear battle squad’s data regarding today's training."

"This is the genuine information of big bear battle squad recorded by the dimensional s.p.a.ce eye today. This has something to do with the information of Li Yunmu battling by himself, this is Li Yunmu’s family background and related people’s background profile....."

At this moment, within the Heavenly Cloud Fluxer Guild, several people were quickly moving around.

Some time ago, when the dimensional s.p.a.ce eye had gone to investigate the big bear battle squad of Lucky Wind City, it happened to arrive at the exact moment when Li Yunmu was battling by himself and had entered the battle sage entrancement realm. Now, the core members of the entire fluxer guild was swiftly collecting all information about this matter.

"En. Good work! Just now I have sent the information to Lord Sage, Lord Sage has commanded that today matter regarding Li Yunmu entering the battle sage entranced realm should be strictly guarded without any data regarding today's trainingleak. If someone among you leaks the information, then I believe everyone knows what will happen to him, I don’t think I need to say anything."

Lord Manager meaningfully swept his gaze over all the core investigators.

"Yes, we will all forget everything related to Li Yunmu’s investigation today."

The few investigating commissioners all quivered once they thought of what could happen to them if they went against the command of that Lord Sage. They immediately bowed their heads and declared.

"Lord manager, could it be that Lord Sage has really taken fancy to this Li Yunmu? But he only has 7 points innate talent, his future path to becoming more powerful will continue to become increasingly more difficult."

When the few investigating commissioners were fearfully withdrawing from the secret room, a female secretary sitting near Lord Manager cautiously asked.

"Hmph, what do you know? For a youngster who can enter battle sage entrancement realm, what level of innate talent he has isn’t important. What’s important here is that he already has a bit of chance to enter the battle sage cla.s.s!"

Lord Manager flicked his sleeve:

"Good, for now, publicly announce that the investigation related to big bear battle squad’s abnormal situation has been concluded and all the data regarding big bear battle squad had been found to be normal."

As the manager of this Heavenly Cloud Steel Fortress’s fluxer guild, his sentence directly overruled all the doubts and questions. Only he alone had the authority as well as qualifications and confidence to do so because behind him stood the most honoured and glorified supreme lord of Heavenly Cloud City.

"What if it attracts more doubts and questions from these people? But we also cannot reveal the truth regarding Li Yunmu. I am afraid these jealous fools won’t sit still."

The secretary asked hesitantly.

"Then clear the doubts of those people, tell them the lord has decided and see which small town representative still dares to question."


At this moment, within the hall of fluxer guild, all the other cities representatives were still attentively observing the ranking list of military successes by killing monsters. What made even more people surprised was that the ranking of the team from Lucky Wind City, which was rumoured to be cheating yesterday, had risen again.

After advancing to the 70th position yesterday, today, it had risen six ranks, forcibly cutting its path through many outstanding squads and has reached 64th position.

Although it was an increase of a mere six ranks, it must be known that today’s top three rankers weren’t included in this. After all, today, Lucky Windy City had cut a b.l.o.o.d.y path through more outstanding cities to occupy the lead position.

"This is abnormal, right? After returning back yesterday, I had investigated all the contestants from Lucky Wind City, but even if we include the recently transferred Ling Shuang, they only have one half silver crystal fluxer. All the other newcomers are nearly same and are at an even lower level, so what kind of secret does this Lucky Wind City have? That it is quickly surpa.s.sing our cities?"

"That’s right, in the previous years, my Shanjing City had always been ahead of this Lucky Wind City. But now, this Lucky Wind City had suddenly surpa.s.sed my Shanjing City, which was at 70th position. I do not believe this experience gaining squad isn’t using any underhanded means."

"Don’t be noisy, yesterday, the fluxer guild had sent a s.p.a.ce eye to investigate them. So all we need to do is to wait, I believe we will have the results today."

Although many representatives of other cities had been commenting on the exceptional data of Lucky Wind City, within the fluxer guild’s hall, there was another small city which didn’t care about this result.

That was because the Lucky Wind City was simply unable to threaten them. Entering the top 64? Haha, its quite embarra.s.sing but they were far from attracting the attention of this formidable city’s top ranks.

On the contrary, this year, the situation of the top 20 cities was extremely weird. The Heavenly Dragon City, which was ranked at the 7th place yesterday, had fallen out of top ten ranks today, directly falling to 13th place, a decrease of six ranks.

And thenthere was the Iron Cultivation City, which should have been at the 17th place, but they seemed as if their fluxers were all on steroids. They had been continuously climbing up ranks, directly to 7th place. Reportedly, the Iron Cultivation City had created a completely new cla.s.s-specific squad, everyone in the squad was an armoured soldier.

This kind of peculiarly structured squad, perhaps couldn’t do anything else, but it was extremely strong in killing monsters and dimensional beasts.

Apart from this, Darkseid City had also risen abruptly, killing their way into top three ranks. There was another exceptionally conspicuous city this year, Snow City, which had attracted the concern of the representatives of many top-ranked cities.

This year, under the lead of Xie Qianxue, Snow City had killed its way into top thirty yesterday. Today, it had advanced again by full eight ranks, almost entering the top twenty.

"Xie Qianxue, the only proud daughter of heaven with pinnacle grade innate talent in all the regions under Heavenly Cloud City. Moreover, it is reported that she is a divine expert who had naturally awakened her dark flux energy. It would be interesting to see if Snow City can enter the top ten with her."

"Yes, this is the scariness of pinnacle grade innate talent. Presently, it is only the second day, let’s wait and watch. There is a long time left to gain experience, Xie Qianxue’s personal strength should grow with frightening speed."

"Have you all forgotten about the existence of another pinnacle grade talent, Ling Shuang, in our Heavenly Cloud City?"

"Oh right, the Ling Shuang you are talking about had already been taken as a disciple by that lord, however, she had entered his tutelage very late and her start was also quite late. In this year’s city rankings, she shouldn’t be able to cause any storms."

"Yes, I heard that Ling Shuang had transferred to Lucky Wind City and had entered an inferior battle squad there. Without the a.s.sistance of a good battle squad, it would be difficult for her to lead the Lucky Wind City into top thirty."

"Forget about Xie Qianxue and Ling Shaung, why has the 7th ranked Heavenly Dragon City fallen out of the top ten today? Do any of you have genuine information?"

"Haha, you my friend are an ignorant being, you still don’t know about the matter that had happened in our Cloud City’s battle region in the dimensional battlefield?"

"Eh, what happened? Don’t tell me it has any relation to Heavenly Dragon City?"

"Yes, Heavenly Dragon City’s most powerful squad leader, Tang Ruochen was defeated by a mysterious rookie at the dimensional battlefield yesterday and was cut into two parts in front of everyone. The video of this is still being replayed at the battle region of our Cloud City. Tang Ruochen must have suffered quite a psychological shock from this event, whether he can stand back up or not, that remains to be seen."

"Ehh, hearing you, I also remembered something. Reportedly, this mysterious super rookie is also from Lucky Wind City, his name is Li Yun!"

"You said Li Yun? Is he the same Li Yunmu from the big bear battle squad which had presently caught everyone’s attention?"

"If this Li Yunmu is really the Li Yun who had defeated Tang Ruochen at the dimensional battlefield yesterday, then I don’t have any complaint against Lucky Wind City’s abrupt rise in ranking."

Shadow Hack Chapter 44: Maintaining Secrecy

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