Shadow Hack Chapter 440: Ye Qing's Assistance

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Chapter 440: Ye Qing's a.s.sistance

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

Ye Qing looked at Li Yunmu in shock before saying, "During the short time I didn't see you, you have already become so formidable.

"Although the Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets have been good for me, I will never be able to escape from your heavenly world in my lifetime, so what's the use of anything?" Suddenly, he smiled coldly. "I am finished with this life, completely finished!"

Ye Qing looked around his surroundings. The spatial bridge connecting to fifty-fifth plane was in front of him. As long as he rushed onto it, he could return to Earth within three seconds.

However, he also knew that Li Yunmu could retake complete control of the situation in less than three seconds. Thus, Ye Qing didn't try do anything. He was in complete despair at that moment.

"You aren't finished. When my strength has increased to the level that I will no longer be influenced by you leaking information about me, I will give your freedom back to you."

How could Li Yunmu allow Ye Qing to fall into complete despair?

Infant Soul Preservation had been very important for him before, but after learning about G.o.d Undercurrent, it had become even more so. It would show him how to form the foundation for mortal soul's cultivation. After cultivating it, his mortal soul would turn into a dragon from a fish.

Without it, even if he possessed countless cultivation methods similar to Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets, he'd be unable to use even one of them. Thus, Li Yunmu naturally gave a bit of hope to Ye Qing.

"Really?" A hint of excitement flashed in Ye Qing's eyes.

"I guarantee this on my family's honor!"

Li Yunmu said only one line, but it was sufficient to convince Ye Qing. After all, the proverb that the person who could understand you the best is your enemy was quite famous.

There weren't many people who understood Li Yunmu as deeply as Ye Qing. When Ye Qing was on Earth, he had thought of countless ways to deal with Li Yunmu. He well understood that all the words coming out from the other's mouth might be false and couldn't be taken seriously since who knew when they might have a fallout and turn hostile against one another, but his family's honor was an exception. Li Yunmu would never joke around with it.

In truth, Li Yunmu was quite sincere with his vow.

"Alright, we will exchange the cultivation methods."

Ye Qing didn't think much. His mind was shaken because of Li Yunmu's words. He could see that Li Yunmu had already opened the Heaven's Path, so the chances of him obtaining his freedom had also increased greatly. That was why he didn't hesitate and quickly accepted to exchange the extremely important Infant Soul Preservation.

Li Yunmu breathed a sigh of relief, finally he had settled this difficult problem. He immediately took out the Devil Soul Refinement, and they exchanged their cultivation methods.

When Li Yunmu finally obtained the Soul Preservation from Ye Qing, he became extremely joyous.

It hadn't been easy for him to obtain it. Although Infant Soul Preservation didn't belong to the ranks of the best cultivation methods in the world, it was definitely of the most uncommon cultivation techniques. It was one of those which rarely had a proper systematic cultivation as described in them.

At least he still hadn't heard about anything that had any relation to a person's mortal soul during his long stay in the Origin World.

After obtaining Infant Soul Preservation, it was also going to become much easier for him to convince G.o.d Flowing Cloud. He had good reason to believe that if he showed the cultivation method to G.o.d Flowing Cloud, the other party's hesitation in serving him would definitely break instantly.

"Alright, now you can return to the heavenly world and wait for me to mature. When the time comes, I will honor my commitment."

After obtaining Infant Soul Preservation method, Li Yunmu quickly requested for Ye Qing to leave.

The two of them were mortal enemies. Without any chance for great benefits, Li Yunmu wouldn't have released him. But since he had used his family's honor to guarantee his promise, he wouldn't go back on his words. It was his only bottomline.

Just when Li Yunmu was about to wave his hand to return Ye Qing to the heavenly world, the youth spoke anxiously. "Wait a minute, I have something else which could a.s.sist you."


Li Yunmu couldn't understand it. Now that he had already found the method to return to Earth by relying on himself, what a.s.sistance could Ye Qing provide him? He was quite curious and stopped his actions.

"I don't think that you know it, but this sacrificial altar can also establish a bridge with your heavenly world," Ye Qing suddenly said.

"What do you mean?"

After hearing Ye Qing's words, Li Yunmu thought of something, and his body trembled.

"Precisely what you are thinking. I know a method to establish a link between your heavenly world and this sacrificial altar," Ye Qing unwillingly said.

Just as Li Yunmu was unwilling to release him, but could only promise to release him in exchange for the Infant Soul Preservation, he also didn't want to a.s.sist him, but to obtain his freedom as quickly as possible and escape from the prison of the heavenly world, he was willing to a.s.sist Li Yunmu as much as possible.

After that, he taught his mortal enemy a special method to operate the sacrificial altar. Under his guidance, Li Yunmu offered a couple extremely rare objects as sacrifice. The altar seemed to be satisfied with his offering and began to release a bright light as response.

"Good, now give it the coordinates of your heavenly world. Since it is satisfied, it will naturally allow you to open a pa.s.sage to your heavenly world," Ye Qing said anxiously.

Without saying anything, Li Yunmu followed his words to the dot.

The next instant, an unremarkable point in the void began to s.h.i.+ne brightly. Gradually, an extremely small spatial bridge compared to the grand heavenly bridge connected to the fifty-fifth plane shot out from it.

"Waow, it succeeded!" Li Yunmu was pleasantly surprised. "Go," he then said to Ye Qing. The other nodded and went to the small spatial bridge on which he quickly disappeared. After a short while, Li Yunmu closed his eyes to sense the heavenly world.

He immediately sensed Ye Qing's existence inside. The young man had really returned to the heavenly world through the small spatial bridge. It was an extremely mystical event, a mystery among mysteries.

Li Yunmu then also stepped onto the small spatial bridge. In a blink of an eye, he found himself in his heavenly world. It was the first time he had returned to it without using his authority as the master of the heavenly world.

"I would have never expected that Divine Religion knew so much about the Origin World." Li Yunmu gave Ye Qing a deep look.

"Even if they knew more, it was all useless. Divine Religion had also never expected that all of its plans would be broken because of an unremarkable chess piece like you."

Ye Qing looked at Li Yunmu with an odd gaze. He had never believed in miracles, but now he was convinced that they existed.

Shadow Hack Chapter 440: Ye Qing's Assistance

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