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After sending Li Qinghong and Demon away, Li Yunmu was completely lost in his thoughts. Although he was using Li Qinghong and Demon to fight for the final three flux points, it wasn't sufficient.

Who could say if one of them won't screw up at the most crucial time? After all, even he himself has been forced to betray the sect just before the inner sect compet.i.tion.

After losing the springboard that was the sect, even if Li Yunmu was formidable, he still couldn't use this strength.

"This won't do. There're still three days left. During them, I cannot sit around waiting for others," Li Yunmu muttered after commanding Li Qinghong and Demon to strive for the final three flux points.

Who could say how long it would take before they could become important enough in a second tier sect, and the thing he lacked the most at the moment was time. He couldn't just wait for them to succeed.

After hesitating for a long while, Li Yunmu finally decided on something and went outside the courtyard in large strides.

Before long, he reached the headquarters of Underground Serpent.

The position of this headquarters was extremely secret. When Li Yunmu had arrived the first time, he had used a small teleport channel in an ordinary vicious beast fur shop to get to it.

Perhaps an ordinary person who had just been pa.s.sively teleported wouldn't know about the genuine position of this branch of Underground Serpent, but Li Yunmu possessed the system's detection ability.

With that, he had found the real position of the headquarters. It was actually established five kilometers under the ocean, on one side of Whale Island.

He wasn't clear as to what methods or abilities had Underground Serpent used to establish a branch headquarters more than five thousand meters under the ocean surface, but given his current strength, he didn't have any curiosity regarding it.

His only priority right now was to use the quickest and most efficient method to cultivate the final three flux points. Otherwise, without those three flux points, he wouldn't have any hope of entering the deity realm eternally.

Soon, he was guided to a hidden room in which An had already arrived. She had her back toward the door of the hidden room while looking at the wall in front of her in a daze.

"This is..."

Li Yunmu hadn't expected to see such a scene when he entered. But when his gaze accidently fell on the wall, he shuddered faintly. He almost couldn't believe what was in front of his eyes.

It was advanced technology, an entire field from a different plane being used in front of him. The whole wall under the ocean had been transformed into crystal.

A long mountain range was reflected on it. On an enormous flat mountain, numerous ancient buildings could be seen. They were simple yet impressive, serene yet imposing.

When Li Yunmu got closer, he could see people working around them. Suddenly, the scene flickered, and he could see everything better. Several disciples of the sect dressed in sect's clothing were attending to all sorts of matter on the enormous mountain peak.

There were many couples indulging in lecherous activities in the trees halfway up the mountain. There was also a group of old fellows sitting on a stage at the peak and gazing toward heaven. But even more astonis.h.i.+ng were the countless sect disciples silently cultivating in their personal houses.

Apart from human cultivators, there were also all sorts of flying beasts who seemed to be completely harmonious with the group of human cultivators. There were many flying beasts which had been turned into mounts for disciples as well as land beasts which had been turned into guardian beasts for the sect. There was also a pool on the side near which no organism was allowed to go.

All the characteristics of the mountain gave Li Yunmu a feeling of a majestic sect. However, his previous sect, Blue Moon Sect couldn't even be spoken of in the same sentence as this mountain sect.

This scene made Li Yunmu feel like a spectator watching a mountain sect in a movie in theater. Before long, the camera zoomed in by ten folds, and the scene changed again, focusing on a s.p.a.cious plaza for martial practice at the peak of the enormous mountain.

The floor of the plaza was made of beautiful blue bricks arranged tidely. The screen focused on a huge ancient cauldron, then an unknown hall enshrined at the center of all the buildings.

After the camera zoomed in again, three letters from ancient G.o.d age radiating extraordinary grandeur could be seen on top of the main hall. If the system didn't translate wrong, then those three words meant 'Origin G.o.d School'.

After this scene, the wall of the ancient room finally returned to its original state. The crystal slowly returned to being strong ocean rock.

"This was?"

Li Yunmu remained stunned for a long time.

He was completely shaken by the activity in the mountain sect. On top of that, he was shocked to have finally witnessed technology which wouldn't be inferior to that of Earth's technology in any way. If that wasn't enough, he still had the question about why An had showed it to him.

It had to be known that the more he learned about the matters of Underground Serpent, the more dangerous his situation became.

An slowly turned and explained with a slight smile, "This is a second tier sect's base in the western part of the Southern Mountains. It is called Origin G.o.d Sect. Although it's just a second tier sect, it still possess a complete inheritance of an ancient G.o.d."

After Li Yunmu heard it, he remained silent for a long time, just looking at An.

"In the end, you couldn't bear it and came to find me, right?" An asked.

"Yes, seems like I can't hide anything from you," Li Yunmu said with exasperation coloring his voice. "I want the final three flux points. What's the price for them?"

"I can't get the final three flux points for you. Let alone me, even the entire Underground Serpent doesn't have that ability." An paused before continuing. "But we could create an opportunity for you."

"By giving me a chance to enter Origin G.o.d Sect?" Li Yunmu asked, understanding where she was going with those words.

"That's right. In truth, we would have you impersonate someone and use that opportunity to infiltrate the sect. Naturally, the premise is that you will have the ability to attract their attention during the inner sect compet.i.tion," An explained.

While speaking, she sized Li Yunmu up. After a careful observation, a slight hint of astonishment appeared on her face.

"Seems like my concerns are unnecessary. The development of your strength far our best scenarios. So as long as you agree to this matter, there shouldn't be any problems."

An looked at Li Yunmu with a firm gaze.

Clearly, she knew about his original strength, and also knew that he had been cultivating in seclusion in a courtyard on Whale Island. But she hadn't expected that in less than ten days, his strength would reach this level.

Shadow Hack Chapter 458 Opportunity Provided by Underground Serpen

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