Shadow Hack Chapter 477 Yuanbi Yao

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When Li Yunmu heard the reason, he felt like a thunderbolt had fallen by his ears. How could Li Tingting's situation be so similar to the condition of people on Earth?

Each adult of the Origin World, regardless of whether they were men or women, would at least possess a strength of three oxen. The strength of those who possessed more formidable innate const.i.tutions might even reach ten oxen without cultivating any body tempering secret techniques. 

This was the foundation of the Origin World. People with exceptional const.i.tutions like Pan Shan of Azure Dragon Isle's fisherman village could even possess the strength of more than thirty oxen without any cultivation experience.

And Lu Tingting's description of the Origin G.o.d World's people was almost identical to that of Earth's natives. The only difference was that the adults of the Origin G.o.d World at least had the strength of one ox.

What concerned Earth's adults, speaking of one ox would be crazy. If they had even one third of that they would be on the stronger side among their peers.

Clearly, the situation described by Lu Tingting was similar to that of Earth's inhabitants. This meant that the cause of the innate weakness came from the fact they hadn't been nurtured by the origin energy of the Origin World.

As for what exactly this universal origin energy was?

Although Li Yunmu didn't know, he had an idea that it was something exclusive to the Origin World which made all living organisms in it more formidable from birth.

"Then why have you chosen to become the legacy disciple of the Origin G.o.d Sect?" Li Yunmu asked without batting an eye. He truly couldn't understand what was so unique about Lu Tingting.

If she didn't possess the status of Profound South Sect's sect master's daughter, then apart from being somewhat beautiful, she wasn't any different from other n.o.bles.

The system had scanned her strength previously, but her flux energy was roughly seventy points while her physical strength was twenty-eight oxen. If she was placed in Blue Moon Sect's fifteenth residential region, she would be able to occupy the thirtieth room at best. Among the countless third tier sects, her strength wouldn't be enough to cause any ripples.

But Li Yunmu was mistaken, greatly mistaken.

The next sentence said by Lu Tingting after some hesitation left him completely dumbfounded, to the point that his mind stopped working.

"Actually I'm not Lu Zhen's daughter. I'm from the Origin G.o.d World, but since I was born, I had placed in care of Profound South Sect." She paused for a short moment again and looked at Li Yunmu's reaction before continuing. "My true name is Yuanbi Yao."

At some point in time, Little Yuan and Little Bao had retired, leaving behind only Li Yunmu with a stunned expression on his face.

He somewhat understood the situation now. Who said that the Origin G.o.d Sect was attracting disciples from the Origin World? This wasn't attracting, but rather recalling them. Just like what had happened with Lu Tingting, oh wrong, she should be called Yuanbi Yao from now on.

If the Origin G.o.d Sect wanted to strengthen their sect, they needed to send their people to the Origin World in the infant stage and let them mature there so that they would grow strong in its environment.

This would quickly solve the problem of future generations for the Origin G.o.d Sect.

After deducing everything in one stroke, Li Yunmu immediately thought of something. "Then say, Profound South Sect is actually part of Origin G.o.d Sect in secret?"

"That's right. Profound South Sect is one of the sects managed by Origin G.o.d Sect in the Origin World."

Yuanbi Yao looked at Li Yunmu with a complicated gaze.

"Why are you telling me all this? Also, why recruit me?"

Li Yunmu's blood went cold. The more secrets he knew, the more he felt like he was losing control of his destiny.

He recalled that the master of Profound South Sect had urged him to not choose Origin G.o.d Sect, but another second tier sect. Now he knew that it hadn't been because there was any problem with the Origin G.o.d Sect, but hat they didn't intend to recruit any outsiders from the Origin World.

As for for the inner sect battles to recruit people, that was just a pretense and nothing more.

But this left him with a question. If the Origin G.o.d Sect was using that battle as a pretense, why did the elder recruit him?

Li Yunmu instantly looked at the woman in front of him which was probably the reason.

"Since you killed Brother Qingyan, you are him from now on. I want you to spend your life in this world, until I get old." Yuanbi Yao continued watching Li Yunmu with a complicated expression. "I gave you a choice earlier, but you didn't hear my words."

Flabbergasted, Li Yunmu couldn't help but blurt out, "You're crazy!"

"Yes, I'm crazy. I loved Elder Brother Qingyang. Who asked you to make him disappear? Now you shall subst.i.tute him forever. I cannot live without him."

Yuanbi Yao smiled faintly.

Her words crushed Li Yunmu's heart with their madness. His only thought then was about how to escape from the gigantic prison in which he now found himself.

He felt unprecedented despair.

He was akin to an ant which had fallen into a large lake. Regardless of how much it struggled, there was no hope of reaching the sh.o.r.e.

The banks of the lake were so distant that he felt powerless. But he wasn't someone who would lose all hope, drowning in despair without any struggle.

Regardless of whether it was the mysterious Origin G.o.d Sect or the Origin G.o.d World which was like a giant prison, he didn't want to give up without trying his best.

As long as the crazy woman in front of him didn't decide to kill him, he could look for a way to escape.

After taking a few deep breaths with great effort, Li Yunmu suddenly said, "Lin Qingyang was Ling Qingyang, I'm me. If you want me to continue subst.i.tuting Lin Qingyang, then I want the method to cultivate the final three core flux points."

He could make out that Yuanbi Yao's position in the Origin G.o.d Sect or perhaps the entire Origin G.o.d World was very high. Otherwise, how could she force the elder to recruit an outsider with just one sentence?

Yuanbi Yao thought thought for a moment, then tilted her head sideways and bluntly asked him, "Was that why you joined Underworld Serpent?"


This was an unpleasant surprise for Li Yunmu. The final three flux points were so easy to obtain; the position of the woman before him seemed even higher than he had thought.

"Let's go. Wait until we reach the sect, then I will provide you with the methods to cultivate the final three flux points. For now, you need to promise me that you'll eat a meal with me. On top of that, from now on you're called Lin Qingyan and shall never use the name of Li Yunmu in front of me."

After she finished speaking, she pulled Li Yunmu to the dining pavilion.

At that moment, Li Yunmu was enquiring the system about the fastest way to escape from the d.a.m.ned Origin G.o.d World.

Shadow Hack Chapter 477 Yuanbi Yao

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