Shadow Hack Chapter 485 Li Qinghong's Resolve

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Green Goblin Mountains in the North Blue was both a mountain range as well as the symbol of an enormous sect. In the several tens of thousands of miles in the vicinity, there was probably no one who didn't know the prestige of its name. 

Each and every person in the households of this region were determined to enter the Green Goblin Sect since they were children. However, very few people could enter this mountain sect considered as one of the top notch second tier sects in the Origin World.

According to the legends, the name came from the founder of the Green Goblin Sect who had once captured a green goblin beast some ten thousand years ago. Reportedly, this beast had already entered devil beast category

If it was still alive after ten thousand years, it would've certainly entered deity level.

The main reason why the Green Goblin Sect could survive through numerous cruel wars and stand among the top second tier sects was because of its legendary green goblin beast acting as a guardian beast of the mountain.

Although no one knew whether the green goblin beast was still alive after such a long time, they could see that none of the first tier powers had made a move on Green Goblin Mountains. Because of that, everyone was suspicious in their heart.

In the last inner sect battle of Blue Moon Sect, two disciples had been extremely fortunate to obtain the invitation of Green Goblin Sect.

Although Li Yunmu couldn't understand why the third tier sects of the Origin World would allow their disciples with superior talents to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away with smiles on their faces, Blue Moon Sect had wantonly celebrated for three days because of the event. They even publicly announced on all the islands under their control that Li Qinghong had successfully jumped tiers to enter Green Goblin Sect.

As for why Blue Moon Sect viewed it with such great importance, it was mainly because being recruited by Green Goblin Sect wasn't easy. In the previous five years, not one person had been recruited by this top notch second tier sect.

In a short while, Li Qinghong's name spread through the entire North Blue.

But at this moment, the main character of the wildfire-like rumors, Li Qinghong, was standing atop a small mountain of Green Goblin Sect, gazing at a distance with a hint of gloominess on her face.

With the completely refined undying sage blood as well as the frightening potential and willpower, she had successfully completed the mission given to her by Li Yunmu. 

Moreover, because of her request, Demon was also judged leniently and was able to enter Green Goblin Sect.

Her performance in Blue Moon Sect's inner sect battle had been extremely dazzling. Even if she wasn't able to obtain the first place and was only ranked third.

The undying property displayed by her as well as her potential immediately attracted the attention of Green Goblin Sect, and they chose her instead of the top ranked person.

However, despite being considered important, Li Qinghong hadn't felt the slightest bit of happiness in the past two months she had spent in the Green Goblin Mountains.

The main reason was that Li Yunmu had completely disappeared. They had lost all contact with him.

Because of the deep connection between master and their followers, they knew that he wasn't facing life-threatening crisis, but this was the first time, she was in the predicament of having lost all contact with Li Yunmu.

Behind her, Demon suddenly appeared and asked, "Qinghong, still no news from him?"

In order to hide their connection with Li Yunmu, they had stopped using his name and just referred to 'him' in their conversations.

"No, I feel that he has encountered an unprecedentedly dangerous situation. Yet we are still well and alive."

A hint of worry flashed past Li Qinghong's cold face.

She didn't finish her sentence, but Demon who was also a follower like her understood. Although they were living well, it was the first time since they had bound their soul imprints to Li Yunmu's heavenly world that they couldn't sense his existence.

It has to be known that even after descending to the Origin World, they could still sense a faint connection to Flowing Cloud or Blade Overlord.

But they could no longer sense Li Yunmu's existence at all. What was the meaning of that?

What sort of trouble had he encountered that even though all three of them were in the same world, they had still lost all connection?

Li Qinghong and Demon were completely blind. But this matter wasn't the cause of their current distress. Although their master had disappeared, they were still alive, which proved that at the very least their master was alive and not dead.

What truly caused Li Qinghong distress was the d.a.m.ned daughter of the master of Green Goblin Sect. In the past two months, she had been tormented by that woman to no end.

That was written right, without any mistake. Who could've expected that the daughter of the grand sect master of a top cla.s.s second tier sect would surprisingly be not fond of men?

Since Li Qinghong had arrived, that woman had been completely charmed by her cold demeanor, and things got out of hand pretty quickly. If she had known about this previously, Li Qinghong would have never chosen Green Goblin Sect.

"In the past couple days, I've heard that the daughter of Goblin Master is reportedly the darling of the entire upper echelon. She is said to be the only person who can enter Ten Thousand Beast Cave."

Demon suddenly turned serious and mentioned the rumors he had heard previously.

"Ten Thousand Cave? Is it the rumored residence of green goblin beast that everyone talks about inside and outside the sect? Could it be that people believe that the devil beast is still alive after ten thousand years?"

Li Qinghong shook her head.

"I don't know. It's also extremely possible that our Green Goblin Sect has deliberately placed this smoke bomb. But it is also possible that it is true; otherwise, although the status of Goblin Master's daughter is high, the sect wouldn't let her run amok like that," Demon said with a bitter smile.

Goblin Master's daughter's name was Qing Yaoyao. In private, everyone called her Yao Nu. Only those staying in the sect knew what sort of unbridled person she was.

"Don't speak of her. Soon, the three months agreed time between him and us will come. If he doesn't appear then, I plan to leave Green Goblin Mountains and execute the plan he'd told us before," Li Qinghong said with absolute certainty.

"Do you really think that we can accomplish it, with our strength?"

Hearing her words, Demon turned gloomy.

The matter Li Qinghong was talking about was what Li Yunmu had planned to complete previously. It was to deal with the other descenders from their Earth.

It didn't necessarily mean killing them, just ensuring complete control over them so that they wouldn't return to Earth at the first possible chance and provide a suitable body to the ancient G.o.d Undercurrent.

A mission like that had to be completed.

It wasn't certain that everyone would understand reason or would believe them though, so they might have to use physical force. Demon didn't dare to guess how much had the strength of that group of proud sons and daughters of heaven grown during the time they hadn't seen each other.

At least he wasn't completely confident that with his present strength he could compare to Luo Tian, Man Tian, or Hai Yue. Even if Li Yunmu was present, he would still not be a hundred percent certain they could do it.

Yet Li Qinghong was prepared to use her life to execute this plan.

She, does she intend to go through with the plan only to follow master's orders? Or because it is a matter which concerns the future of our Earth?

Sometimes, Demon couldn't see through his companion.

Shadow Hack Chapter 485 Li Qinghong's Resolve

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