Shadow Hack Chapter 505 Crushing Black Spirit Valley

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At that instant, regardless of whether it was Han Qingyun, who was boasting previously, Ling Cuiyin, the other three great flux experts of Black Spirit Valley, or even the other disciples who had hidden far away in fear of bringing calamity onto themselves, all of their blood ran cold.

Li Yunmu had neither evaded nor dodged, but eaten the attack of Ling Cuiyin's seven rainbow fish directly. He then used a single hand to crush it with his tyrannical great flux energy.

The action had seemed extremely domineering and had cast a deep shadow over the onlookers' hearts, making them feel powerless.

It has to be known that Ling Cuiyin had obtained the seven rainbow fish two years ago from the deep sea region after suffering unbelievable hards.h.i.+ps. The fish was a vicious beast which possessed a special ancient bloodline.

In the last two years, Ling Cuiyin had spent countless heavenly treasures and her blood essence on it. Its strength had went up almost to the level of a genuine enormous beast.

However, the seven rainbow fish which possessed ancient bloodline was still unable to pose any resistance and was crushed by Li Yunmu.

"Oh… so this is the attack of a fourth rank great flux expert? It doesn't seem all that powerful. Alright, since you're done with playing jokes, then let me send you all to h.e.l.l."

After two tests, Li Yunmu had obtained an understanding of his own strength.

Although Han Qingyun was only a great flux expert of third rank, he still had a bit of capital to boost his confidence. The great flux expert armor which he had congealed was actually the third type, the treasure armor.

Given the formidable flux energy amplification provided by it as well as its defense, he was unscathed and could even stand up on his own after being hit by Li Yunmu's first attack.

But once Li Yunmu had understood the strength of the people around him, the next scene would be completely different.

"Eat my kick, wind G.o.d."

Li Yunmu's speed increased at that moment. A crack that spanned a hundred meters opened in the ground from the place where he'd stamped his feet.

His movement was far quicker compared to before, and he instantly appeared in front of Han Qingyun. He launched a heavy kick and unleashed the thirty-sixth form of Wind G.o.d Kick, sweeping him away.

He didn't stack the the thirty-five forms before it because there simply wasn't any need. The power of the final attack was more than enough.

The final move of Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick was also the most powerful form which was the best at dealing fatal blows.

When using it, Li Yunmu utilized three thousand units great flux energy, the power of a hundred oxen, as well as the terrifying force of impact from his speed.

That was why when Li Yunmu attacked again, Han Qingyun felt choked from the suppression caused by the kick. There couldn't even be any talking about fighting back against it.

Boom, peng!

Li Yunmu's kick seemed to have landed on a human-shaped tree. The enormous power and impact force as well as the terrifying great flux energy caused Han Qingyun's figure to explode on the spot.

What formidable treasure armor—in front of Li Yunmu's kick, it was only a balloon.

Han Qingyun was dead!


From the distance, waves of panic-filled shrieks could be heard.

Although Han Qingyun's strength wasn't very high and he was only a third rank great flux expert, he had been able to congeal a treasure armor. From this, it was clear that he received nurturing from Black Spirit Valley.

When he exploded into pieces because of Li Yunmu's kick in front of everyone, pieces of his treasure armor and flesh scattered all over the ground.

"How could this be? He only used great flux energy, but it was way too terrifying."

Ling Cuiyin, who was the closest, looked lifelessly at the flesh of her Junior Brother Han splattered on the ground. Her face had already went colourless from fear.

What grandeur of a great flux expert? Nothing like that existed in her at that moment.

It was because the person who had intruded in their Black Spirit Valley was too formidable, just way too formidable.

He clearly used only great flux energy, but he had crushed the seven rainbow fish with a single hand and blown Han Qingyun into pieces with one kick.

Great flux experts were chickens in front of him who was a tiger on the hunt. The moment he pounced, a life was lost.

"Run quickly, junior sister; we will stop him. What are you standing there like a fool for? Run!" one of the remaining three core disciples of Black Spirit Valley shouted out..

"It is too late to think about running."

Once Li Yunmu had decided to kill, how could he show the slightest hint of pity? Since he had to capture Zhan Wuya and rescue Li Qinghong, it was foreordained that he would enter into conflict with Black Spirit Valley.

From the instant he reached its territory, everyone was an enemy for whom he couldn't show any sort of kindness or pity.


Li Yunmu's figure flickered again, and he transformed into an azure phantom that rushed to attack the remaining three core disciples of Black Spirit Valley.

He no longer held back any of his strength, unleas.h.i.+ng all of his f.u.x energy of three thousand five hundred units as well as physical strength of one hundred and fifty oxen.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

The great flux experts couldn't stop him even for a moment.

After they crossed the path of Li Yunmu who was like a devil at that moment, they could only give up their lives in order to protect the life of junior sister Ling Caiyin.

They were forced to perish in sadness. Their expressions after death were filled with profound remorse. It was because at the last moment, they had realized that the enemy in front of them wasn't a human but a devil.

He was someone who possessed the cultivation of a great flux expert, but whose strength was much closer to that of sage flux experts.

The trio had only congealed opulent expert armor, which was only second in the ranking, so they were helpless in front of Li Yunmu who had already released his killing intent.

"You, still think you can run?"

Suddenly, Ling Caiyin who was still engrossed in the thoughts of running back to Black Spirit Valley heard a voice from ahead of her.

She slowly lifted her head while s.h.i.+vering and looked at the mysterious youth who had blown Han Qingyun into pieces with one kick. The devil's body was covered by scaled armor which was emitting green flames.

"You, you won't have a good death. If my grandfather comes out of seclusion, he will certainly kill you ruthlessly!"

"Oh, then before that, I must first get rid of his treasured granddaughter."

A hint of coldness flashed past Li Yunmu's face, and he slowly extended his hands, easily catching the beautiful neck of Ling Caiyin.


The eyes of the young woman who had a melodious voice and flowery figure went lifeless.

Weak, too weak!

Clearly, Caiyin was a descendant of someone important in Black Spirit Valley. She was a great flux expert who had lots of treasures, but her heart was very weak.

When she saw Li Yunmu kill Han Qingyun, her spirit broke. With ease, Li Yunmu twisted her neck, and the only outcome was that her precious life came to an end.

After easily settling the resistance of the five great flux experts, Li yunmu didn't pay any attention toward the h.o.a.rds of disciples of Black Spirit Valley fleeing in disarray.

He didn't care for anyone below great flux expert realm. Even if he was surrounded by them, they would pose no threat to him.

Li Yunmu slowly closed his eyes and focused on his five senses. The next instant, his expression changed slightly. Sure enough, after personally entering Black Spirit Valley, he could already sense a weak connection to Li Qinghong.

Black Spirit Valley might have been able to block his senses from thousands of kilometers away, but now that he was so close, the connection between them was like a lamp flickering in the darkness of the night.

Li Yunmu temporarily renounced Zhan Wuya and looked in the direction of the depths of Black Spirit Valley. He immediately rushed there while pa.s.sing panic stricken disciples all along the way. They were dodging to the sides to avoid him at all costs.

Absolute power, this was the absolute power which people standing at the top of the pyramid possessed. And in this region, Li Yunmu was now the one who possessed it.

As for the numerous disciples, they were just fleeting clouds.

Shadow Hack Chapter 505 Crushing Black Spirit Valley

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