Shadow Hack Chapter 498 Snake Goddess' Scale

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Li Yunmu could do nothing about it. There wasn't enough time for him to return to Earth and enter the King's True Territory to slowly gather king beasts' flux crystals to condense the twelve rainbow lights.

"What else do I have to increase my chances of congealing the innate expert armor?"

Li Yunmu took the final step and allowed the system to make precise calculations for him.

[If host uses the wings of wind, then your odds of success would rise to 55%,] the system said after some thought.

[If dark ghost king armor was to be added on top of the foundation, your chances would rise to 65%.]

"What else? It's still not enough."

Li Yunmu exhaled deeply. He hadn't thought that the bet for this grand gamble would be so great.

If he lost, then all the resources he had acc.u.mulated over the years, would disappear without any exception.

[There is still a one item left. If the host uses the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit, especially the azure dragon sage pearl, then the odds would reach 80%!]

In the end, the system had turned toward the most valuable item on Li Yunmu—the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. Its three parts surprisingly increased his chances of success by 15%.

They were indeed worthy of being parts of one of the five supreme battlesuits of Earth. According to this speculation, if he could invest all five parts of a battlesuit, his chances of success would probably increase by 30%.

Yet Li Yunmu hesitated. "If I invest the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, then when I obtain the final two parts in the future, wouldn't the Azure Dragon Deity Battlesuit become useless since it could no longer be completed?"

[Be at ease, host. The innate expert armor can also evolve. You needn't be afraid of this, since at the time you obtain the other two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, you will be able to add them to the innate expert armor. It would then evolve to become even more formidable,] the system explained with absolute certainty.

When Li Yunmu heard this, he couldn't help but breath a deep sigh of relief.

According to what the system said, if the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, the Black Ghost King Armor as well as the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor were invested into congealing the great flux expert armor, not only would their original abilities not disappear, they might even evolve to become more formidable.

"Are you certain?"

He couldn't help but ask for another confirmation. After all, given the importance of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he couldn't afford to lose it.

[The system doesn't dare to be certain. Everything is based on the information collected through various sources which were a.n.a.lyzed repeatedly. But the system has at least 80% certainty that the innate expert armor itself possesses the property of independently refining the best features of things from which it was congealed,] the system replied sincerely.

"80%... Never mind."

Li Yunmu bit his lip before making his mind and settling on a decision.

With the system giving him 80%, he would dare to attempt it. He believed in the system's calculating ability, but 80% probably only guaranteed that parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit wouldn't fall into oblivion as well as that nothing would go wrong with them.

But it had no relation with his odds of success in congealing the innate expert armor. Li Yunmu didn't dare to gamble on it with only 80% chance for success.

Li Yunmu shook his head before continuing his enquiry. "Still insufficient. Do I have some other resources which could be thrown upon it?"

[Nothing, the host only has two more treasures which possess the qualifications to be invested. The system is afraid that host won't want to use them here,] the system replied after some thought.

Li Yunmu quickly understood the system's meaning. "You mean the Void Disk and Refining PaG.o.da?"

The system's words were correct. Li Yunmu indeed wouldn't invest those two transcending sage treasures here. First of all, the refining paG.o.da was a treasure on which Li Yunmu depended to subst.i.tute his dwindling resources.

As for Void Disk, it was also extremely important. The ability to break all restrictions and shackles in s.p.a.ce had no subst.i.tutes for it. If he invested it here, then when Li Yunmu encountered some restrictions in the future, he would be completely powerless to deal with them.

"Apart from them, are there truly no other treasure which cross the threshold of items that could be used to congeal the innate expert armor?"

Li Yunmu refused the earlier suggestion, but still kept asking without giving up.

[Perhaps, there still is one treasure. If host is willing to invest this item, then your odds of congealing the innate expert armor would rise from 80% to 95%,] the system said after some hesitation.

"Which item?"

Li Yunmu was startled. What sort of forbidden sage treasure did he still possess which could compare to the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit?

[Snake G.o.ddess' scale,] the system replied while enunciating each word.

When Li Yunmu heard it, he took in a deep breath. If the system hadn't spoken about it, he wouldn't have even remembered that he'd once obtained such an item.

It was the scale of a deity subordinate to an ancient G.o.d. But ever since the little shadow ancestor had entered, it hadn't shown back up.

Li Yunmu didn't know anything about the world which existed or was perhaps connected to the snake scale. The location of the little shadow ancestor was also unknown. But once the system mentioned it, he was finally reminded of its existence.

He thought it over and over again, and finally decided to add snake G.o.ddess' scale to the armor because he was certain that if it was a genuine remnant of a deity, it would never lose its divine ability because of being congealed into innate expert armor.

How could divine abilities be so weak that they would disappear so easily?

Thus, he wasn't anxious that after refining the snake scale, the little shadow ancestor might not have any way to return in the future.

"Alright, so it's decided!"

Instantly, Li Yunmu made his decision. 95% success chance was already high enough to astonish people.

Although there was still a 5% chance that he might fail, his cultivation of so many years would have been in vain if he still didn't dare to risk it with such high odds of success.

[Okay. Host prepare to begin the congealing. The system will keep providing directions regarding the congealing steps and particulars.]

Upon hearing the system's words, Li Yunmu felt relieved. The process of congealing the innate expert armor was extremely important, so even the slightest mistake might cause the process to fail.

But with the existence of the system, he wasn't afraid that there might be any human error or negligence.

Under its directions, Li Yunmu stimulated the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor. According to the system's congealing process, the first step was to use the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor as foundation.

The process of congealing would be different for the majority of people. However, the method derived by the system after repeated calculations and a.n.a.lysis had to be more efficient and optimistic.

Following the system's suggestion, Li Yunmu began to move the flux energy from all one hundred and eight flux points at high speed, as per the igniting flux energy method to congeal the armor followed in the Origin World.

Shadow Hack Chapter 498 Snake Goddess' Scale

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