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[First step, purify the king crystal armor for one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven seconds.]

As Li Yunmu began to congeal the innate expert armor, the system provide him with detailed guidance from the very beginning.

The purification method and its length would guarantee that the entire twelve rainbow light king crystal armor would be thoroughly purified and could be used as a base for the innate expert armor.

The suggestions provided by the system were precise to the point of raising anyone's hackles.

It counted everything to seconds, not one more or less.

At that moment, a countdown going from one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven seconds had appeared in Li Yunmu's consciousness sea. As long as he wasn't an idiot or didn't doze off, then even if he wanted to, he would still find it difficult to make any mistakes.

Flux energy combustion was a method for refining while congealing the great flux expert armor.

In the air, two majestic b.a.l.l.s of flux flame floated above Li Yunmu's hands. Under the control of the world power, the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor floating in the air was slowly becoming more transparent from being burned.

As each second and minute pa.s.sed, some simple but varied traces and runes began to gradually appear on the surface of the crystal armor. It was the genuine core of expert armor.

As time pa.s.sed, the number of mysterious runes began to increase. Their color also began to darken.

[Second step, add the black ghost king armor and purify it for three hundred ninety-six seconds.]

Li Yunmu continued the process meticulously, his attention focused only on his task.

Without catching his breath, he immediately commanded with his thought, and the black ghost king armor floating in mid air moved to the middle of the two flux flames. The whole process went without any hitches.

At that moment, Li Yunmu wasn't using only the system's precise calculations to congeal the armor, but also he world power of the heavenly world to save himself some energy and get some a.s.sistance.

With a thought, the world power could a.s.similate any material which was to be purified.

When the black ghost king armor was continuously burned by the flux flame, Li Yunmu saw that it gradually melted and permeated into the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor.

One second, ten seconds, a hundred seconds, three hundred and twenty-six seconds… The time for purifying was quite short, less than seven minutes. Once it was about to be finished, Li Yunmu heard the system's voice once again.

[Third step, add the Azure Dragon Arm Gauntlet and purify it for three thousand eight hundred and eleven seconds.]

Although it was just a part of a supreme battle suit, the time required to purify it far surpa.s.sed what he'd needed for black ghost king armor.

The time difference between the former and the latter was about ten times.

Li Yunmu calmed his heart and continued to follow the set of procedures provided by the system, operating without any mistakes.

At this instant, he didn't dare to get distracted. If he made a single mistake during the process of purification, there was a good chance that his congealing would fail.

After all, it would definitely lower his chances!

From the start, Li Yunmu didn't have a 100% chances of success, so if the chances were lowered, it was extremely probable that he might fail in the risk he had chosen to take

As a consequence of such a loss, all the treasures which he had invested would turn into dregs. Even Li Yunmu himself wouldn't be able to estimate the exact amount of value as well as benefits provided by all of them.

Therefore, he definitely couldn't make any mistakes or let an error happen. So his entire focus and energy were concentrated on his tasks.

It has to be said that this was a matter which properly tested a person's calmness while putting extreme pressure on them. However, Li Yunmu had been sharpening himself on the grindstone for a long time. He had forcibly turned himself into an accurate machine, smoothly completing all steps.

After the purification of Azure Dragon Gauntlets, it was time to purify Azure Dragon Leg Guards. Once that was done, it was time to add the Azure Dragon Sage Pear. The dragon pearl was the core energy source of Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

By the time Li Yunmu was covered in sweat, the expert armor which had been purified began to emit magnificent lights and extraordinary pressure.

Li Yunmu's heart began to beat fiercely. Success! Surprisingly, just by purifying and fusing four items, the first stage of congealing the expert armor had been completed.

It's a treasure armor, Li Yunmu cried out in his heart.

That was right. By using the black ghost king armor together with three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit as well as twelve rainbow light king crystal armor as base, Li Yunmu had already been successful in the third type of congealing, the treasure congealing and produced a treasure armor. But that was only the start. He was yet to even use the silver sand, gold granules, and sacred steel

That meant, it would be the highest grade expert armor which could be congealed by the flux experts of the Origin World. From this, the rarity and preciousness of the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit could be clearly seen.

The quality of the materials used in congealing the amor determined everything.

Li Yunmu couldn't help but take a glance at the innate expert armor which was far from taking form. When he took a look at the ability and characteristics of it, he was stunned.

He didn't dare to investigate the specifics, but he could sense that the flux energy amplification provided by this expert armor which hadn't been formed yet was already 100%!

It had yet to be completed, but it had already achieved the highest amplification rate of between 50-100%. Clearly, it had already reached the level of the perfect and top notch treasure armor!

But… this wasn't Li Yunmu's target. For a split second, Li Yunmu remained somewhat distracted, but he was soon brought out of his reverie by the system which gave him the procedures for the fifth step.

He first added the silver sand, all hundred tons of it which were piled on the ground in the heavenly world, forming a small mountain. If the ordinary people of the Origin World could see it, they would definitely go crazy.

Silver sand was just the most basic material for congealing the innate expert material and nothing more.

A hundred tons of it might seem like a very large amount, but after being purified continuously by the flux flame, it was like a moth in the fire. Under the manipulation of Li Yunmu's world power, it took the shape of a silver dragon and entered the expert armor in a steady stream.

Before long, the expert armor began to take shape. The completely transparent body of the expert armor filled with mysterious runes, then many rays of silver starlight were emitted from it like stars from a crystal body, twinkling with silver s.h.i.+ne.

After more than ten minutes, all of the hundred tons of silver sand were finished. They were followed by five tons of gold granules, after which a large amount of sacred steel was added into the mix. It was purified and turned into melted steel before slowly permeating the whole armor.

After the three types of most basic materials had been used, a fervent gaze appeared in Li Yunmu's eyes.

There was no need to talk about how formidable the unformed expert armor was, but seeing its outer appearance and characteristics, anyone would be fascinated. The armor was sparkling and translucent, filled with little specks of silver s.h.i.+ne which couldn't conceal the even more dazzling golden threads.

They covered the armor like hair a person's head and were the result of adding gold granules.

Shadow Hack Chapter 499 Ferven

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