Shadow Hack Chapter 507 - Demonic Black Spirit World

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Chapter 507: Demonic Black Spirit World

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Then it should be…”

Li Yunmu thought about it and realized that the system hadn’t gathered any data about the strength of sage flux experts. Because of that, its review was only a conjunction and not a certainty.

But since the system had made this a.s.sessment, Li Yunmu’s self-confidence increased.

The spirits of protection and slaughter as well as the azure dragon holy spirit were the three special properties which had manifested in Azure Dragon Expert Armor.

If he had congealed a treasure armor, then only one of them would’ve appeared, for certain. But from the time it was congealed, Li Yunmu’s expert armor had displayed three innate properties.

According to the system and his own guess, the azure dragon holy spirit which was the core had actually appeared from the three parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

According to the system’s speculations, after the fifty million ability points were added with the Snake G.o.ddess’ scale, it caused the blue serpent dragon spirit to appear.

Its ability was the same as what its name said, mainly protection of Li Yunmu.

Earlied, he hadn’t even needed to move to catch Ling Caiyin’s seven rainbow fish . At that time, he had actually used the protection spirit which resided in his left arm to defend against the attack of an extremely penetrating nature.

The opponent’s seven rainbow fish fatal move didn’t even have the opportunity to come in contact with Azure Dragon Expert Armor’s or Li Yunmu’s personal defense before it was stopped by the spirit of protection.

The main ability of this serpent dragon in his left hand was to defend the master. It also could become more formidable with battles, that is, if Li Yunmu was always in combat.

Unless the enemy thoroughly broke through the s.h.i.+eld of spirit of protection, it would automatically absorb a part of energy from the attack and transform it into its own, thus strengthening the s.h.i.+eld.

Simply speaking, the more the spirit of protection was attacked, the more powerful its s.h.i.+eld would become. As it continued to absorb the power of enemy attacks, the more its strength would increase. It could go up to an extremely terrifying degree.

This was a formidable ability of spirit of protection which had formed from fifty million ability points as foundation and the addition of Snake G.o.ddess’ scale.

There was also Li Yunmu’s right hand which held the spirit of slaughter.

It possessed the ability to grow stronger with battle as well. It was mainly formed from the fifty million experience points added with Snake G.o.ddess’ scale.

The more lives were taken and the more formidable life-forms killed, the more powerful would become the effect of spirit of slaughter.

Although the fourth and fifth rank core disciples of Black Spirit which he had faced recently were great flux experts, they were still not powerful enough to make Li Yunmu use his spirit of slaughter.

As for the azure dragon holy spirit, it was even more important.

Most likely, the reason why the system had the a.s.surance that Li Yunmu could battle against a sage flux expert was because of it.

As long as he possessed the azure dragon holy spirit, Li Yunmu would have a power source which could produce an energy which was extremely close to deity level. Although the amount of azure dragon deadly might he could draw from it wasn’t enormous, it was sufficient to resist the terrifying might of sage flux experts.

Apart from this, Li Yunmu’s Azure Dragon Expert Armor also possessed another innate ability which hadn’t completely formed yet.

It was the special power of World Ancestor’s seed. After dropping the five drops of leaf juice on the seed, it had germinated, but it was only a sprout and had yet to to grow into a sapling.

Because of that, Li Yunmu’s expert armor only possessed three special abilities, namely spirit of protection, spirit of slaughter, and azure dragon holy spirit. As for the other treasures used in refining, like wings of winds and black ghost king armor, they clearly didn’t cross the required threshold.

Due to that, they didn’t manifest any special properties, but even so, after the wings of wind were a.s.similated into innate expert armor, Li Yunmu had obtained the ability to fly with the cultivation of great flux expert.

As for any ability manifested from a.s.similation of black ghost king armor, Li Yunmu had yet to see one. However, here was a high likeliness that it would be triggered under special circ.u.mstances.

All the properties mentioned above were the most terrifying aspects of innate expert armor congealed by Li Yunmu which had increased his strength greatly.

If his own defense was also counted into the mix with it, then neither he nor the system would be able to guess his actual combat strength. Because of that, it could only be determined after he faced off against a sage flux expert.

Although Li Yunmu’s main goal was to rescue Li Qinghong, he also wanted to use the third tier sect Black Spirit Valley to see the extent of his combat strength after the great increase.

But unfortunately, he had counted his chickens before they had hatched and now had nothing.

Black Spirit Valley was extremely strange; the entire upper echelon as well as all the core disciples had disappeared without a trace. Even though he had intruded in the sect’s territory, no action had been taken against him.

“Ohh, here it is, Black Spirit World’s stele? So this is the case. They’ve been holding Li Qinghong under this stele, so no wonder I couldn’t sense her from a thousand kilometers away.”

After Li Yunmu finished his monologue, he stepped into the Black Spirit World.

After the five drops of World Ancestor’s juice had blended into his Azure Dragon Expert Armor, the so-called Black Spirit World which was just another dimensional s.p.a.ce couldn’t be hidden from his eyes and other senses.

Once he stepped into the Black Spirit World, his surroundings immediately changed.

The sky wasn’t blue and bright anymore, but had become completely dark and gloomy. In the Black Spirit World, rain kept falling incessantly, but it was also black. Just as the name suggested, the place was dark and gloomy.

“Such intense demonic energy…..”

Li Yunmu’s brows wrinkled slightly, for the black rain was filled with demonic energy.

It was strange, extremely strange!

The sect had provided shelter to Zhan Wuya and didn’t give him up easily. They also occupied the territory of a third tier sect at such a place, so it definitely wasn’t an ordinary third tier sect. At that instant, Li Yunmu had confirmed this.

“So? Did they do anything to you?”

Li Yunmu walked another few steps forward to achieve his first target for intruding upon Black Spirit Valley—rescuing Li Qinghong.

The kidnapped woman was tied to the black spirit boundary stone. They were using its power to suppress the connection between master and follower. But, it was completely useless by then.

Li Yunmu used his hand as a blade and released a wave of great flux energy in the form of a sword. It went in the direction of the boundary stone, removing the bindings off Li Qinghong who had been tied to it.

Shadow Hack Chapter 507 - Demonic Black Spirit World

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