Shadow Hack Chapter 508 - Origin of the Demonic Filth

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Chapter 508: Origin of the Demonic Filth

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Are you alright? They haven’t done anything to you, right?”

Li Yunmu walked forward and chopped off the formless restrictions binding Li Qinghong to the boundary stone, allowing her to regain her freedom.

“I’m alright. They had other matters to attend to and didn’t have any spare time to deal with me.”

A hint of bitterness appeared on her cold and elegant face. She lightly moved her muscles while speaking.

The two of them weren’t sentimental people. Li Qinghong didn’t enquire much as to where had he disappeared for the past time or how had he entered the Black Spirit World.

And Li Yunmu also didn’t blame Li Qinghong for having overestimated her abilities. There were some matters in the world which even if people knew they couldn’t deal with, they could only harden their resolve and try anyway.

Clearly, Li Qinghong was this type of person.

Underworld Serpent had provided some of the details about Zhan Wuya’s situation long ago. And regardless if it was Li Qinghong or Li Yunmu himself, both of them could make a guess that it was highly probable that Zhan Wuya would be able to open a pa.s.sage to Earth in the near future.

Because of that, after Li Yunmu disappeared in the Origin G.o.d World and lost all contact with them, Li Qinghong stood up to take the responsibility of dealing with Zhan Wuya’s matter.

Li Yunmu provided her with some power grain and water while anxiously asking, “What’s their progress?”

“When I infiltrated them more than ten days ago, they had progressed to a crucial stage. As for whether they have already succeeded or not, I can’t tell. All of them are presently in the depths of the Black Spirit World .These days, the sounds of activity coming from there have become a lot quieter…”

Li Qinghong quickly narrated all she knew.

“Then let’s go, follow me.”

Once Li Yunmu heard her words, his blood went cold. He glanced toward the depths of the Black Spirit World and rushed rushed there with quick steps, not daring to delay.


Li Qinghong blindly followed him, but she still called him with some hesitation.


“The strength of this Black Spirit Valley is more formidable compared to what you may think. They have at least five old monsters here.”

Li Qinghong brought Li Yunmu’s attention to an important fact.

Once he heard it, his steps faltered. He instantly understood why Black Spirit Valley hadn’t shown any strength on the outside, why the amount of great flux experts outside was so low.

It was all so they could proceed with the matter at hand with great speed.

Zhan Wuya truly was bold. In order to open the pa.s.sage to Earth in advance, he didn’t hesitate to reveal the secret of his origin to this sect.

Such behavior was equivalent to showing a wolf into one’s house. It was no wonder then that he had obtained such an important position in Black Spirit Valley and had figured a way to open a pa.s.sage to return to Earth so quickly.

Everything was because he was using someone else’s might. At this instant, Li Yunmu was extremely furious. Such people who betrayed their whole world to accomplish their goals without even caring for consequences needed to be exterminated straight away.

The five monsters which Li Qinghong had mentioned were undoubtedly five sage flux experts of Black Spirit Valley.

This sort of power would be considered as terrifying among third tier powers. Moreover, it seemed like the demonic Black Spirit World was even more complicated than he’d thought.

It was hard to guess how many lives the third tier power which occupied a corner of the Origin World controlled to fill this up the demonic Black Spirit World.

Li Yunmu didn’t know whether he could hold his own against five sage flux experts with his present strength, but he had no other option.

However, after entering the Black Spirit World, a new ability had awakened, which put his mind at ease.

It was the ability of the black ghost king armor which he had a.s.similated into his innate expert armor. After entering the demonic plane, it had been triggered. Such an ability really put his heart at ease.

After thinking about it for a moment, Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate anymore. He caught Li Qinghong in his arms and unleashed all his great flux energy strength of three thousand five hundred units. The next instant, his figure became a sharp arrow that shot through the demonic rain.

“So fast, master, your strength?”

Li Qinghong who was the closest to Li Yunmu was the person who experienced the large increase in Li Yunmu’s strength most clearly. When he unleashed his great flux energy, the energy at the soles of his feet were like rockets propelling him forward at an extremely fast speed, which left Li Qinghong astonished.

“Oh, I’ve cultivated to the great circle,” Li Yunmu calmly replied while carrying Li Qinghong at an exceptionally fast speed.

“What! You cultivated the final chest, abdomen, and naval star points too?”

Only after receiving a positive reply from Li Yunmu did she start to believe it.

Even if she was an extremely proud and powerful woman who would’ve never acknowledged anyone before, a hint of acceptance was took root in her mind after witnessing the miracles created by Li Yunmu.

She had successfully became an important disciple of Green Goblin Mountain, and yet she had barely obtained the cultivation method of the chest sea point. Li Yunmu, who had disappeared for the past three months, however, had already cultivated the final three points and advanced his cultivation.

Li Qinghong couldn’t even imagine how had he accomplished such speed and efficiency.

“Then master, what level of expert armor have you congealed?”

Although it was the first time a hint of acknowledgement entered her mind, she was still unwilling to give up.

“Treasure armor?”

Originally, Li Qinghong wanted to guess that it was opulent expert armor, but when she noticed the dominance of Li Yunmu’s Azure Flame Expert Armor covered in dragon scales, she couldn’t help but raise her a.s.sessment by a level.

“Wrong. If it had been treasure congealed expert armor, I probably wouldn’t have possessed the qualifications to make my way into Black Spirit Valley today,” Li Yunmu said with a faint mocking smile.

He wasn’t being unduly humble. In truth, if he hadn’t been given World Ancestor’s seed by that crazy Yuan Biyao before leaving the Origin G.o.d World, then he would’ve definitely followed the original plan and obediently congealed a treasure armor.

However, if he had congealed treasure armor, then given the flux energy amplification of 50% to 100%, his flux energy strength wouldn’t have reached what he could use at that moment

With that strength, even defeating Han Qingyun who had congealed a treasure armor would’ve been a difficult task, let alone dealing with Ling Caiyin and the other four great flux experts who had joined hands to face him.

There would’ve been no killing his way into the forbidden region of Black Spirit Valley, the Black Spirit World, either.

“Is it the legendary innate expert armor?”

Li Qinghong sucked in a cold breath.

“That’s right, it’s innate expert armor. This is the biggest reason behind your rescue today,” Li Yunmu said without much thought behind it.

Strength didn’t represent everything, and it also didn’t solve all troubles.

But it could lessen the amount of inconveniences one faced. It could also make sure that people wouldn’t dare to find trouble with the person. This was how the Origin World worked.

“Quick, the central region of the Black Spirit World is ahead of us. When I came here before, I was discovered and captured by them.”

Even though Li Qinghong was stunned at the news of her master congealing the legendary innate expert armor, she was still paying attention to their surroundings.

Shadow Hack Chapter 508 - Origin of the Demonic Filth

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