Shadow Hack Chapter 519 - Four Precious Treasures

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Chapter 519: Four Precious Treasures

With Li Yunmu’s financial resources and w.a.n.g Ren’s status, they quickly bought a small courtyard in a peaceful part of the city and settled there.

Perhaps the Pangu City had already heard about w.a.n.g Ren’s ident.i.ty as a teacher from the city guards, so on the second day, a high level character of the Pangu City paid a visit to show their sincerity and made all effort to invite Li Yunmu to take the post of a teacher in the Pangu City.

w.a.n.g Ren quickly established his foothold in the strange city of a foreign race.

And Li Yunmu also got peace and quiet for the time being. He could begin to work toward one of his goals for the trip, which was to sell and deal with the treasures obtained from the treasury of the annihilated Black Spirit Valley.

On the third day, w.a.n.g Ren left the courtyard at dawn.

Li Yunmu then entered his heavenly world. This time, he chose to not be secretive about the fact that he possessed a personal dimensional s.p.a.ce.

Of course, he had his reasons for doing this. The first one was that he knew that Pangu would definitely monitor a human great flux expert who had recently entered the city.

Second, there wasn’t any need for him to do so.

After all, his strength was sufficient to confront sage flux experts in a battle, so naturally his concerns had greatly decreased compared to before.

When he entered the heavenly world, Li Qinghong immediately went to welcome him and asked with a hint of curiosity in her eyes, “So how is it? The legendary fifth most powerful race of the Origin World, are they really as valiant as the rumors say?”

The day before yesterday, Li Yunmu had personally experienced the tyrannical strength of Pangu. He shook his head and replied with a bitter smile, “They outdo themselves!”

“No joke, are they really so fierce?”

Li Qinghong was startled. She was fully aware that Li Yunmu’s present combat strength was sufficient to confront a sage flux expert in a battle and was extremely surprised when she heard such an a.s.sessment from his mouth.

She suddenly felt that her imagination was quite poor compared to reality.

“They are extremely ferocious. If they were on our Earth, they would be considered descendants of G.o.ds,” Li Yunmu said without any sort of exaggeration.

According to hearsay, the children of Pangu possessed the strength of fifty oxen at the age of five, and by the time they reached fifteen, their strength reached three hundred.

In other words, even if they didn’t cultivate, they would still possess the strength of first rank great flux experts as long as they reached the age of fifteen.

After their body had matured and came to possess the strength of three hundred oxen, that was the end of their innate ability. If they didn’t cultivate, they would remain at the same level.

If being factual, their power would even drop as they grew old.

But even so, there was no comparing them to people of his Earth. There, teenagers only possessed the strength of one ox at most, so how could a race innately possessing the strength of three hundred oxen not be cla.s.sified as G.o.dlike? What else would it be called?

Without comparison one could not understand the magnitude of things. Regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu or Li Qinghong, both of them could clearly tell that the people of Earth were too weak. In front of the alien races of the Origin World, they were like ants.

“How is it going with the treasury of Black Spirit Valley?”

Seven days had pa.s.sed since Li Yunmu had left Li Qinghong in his heavenly world.

During that time, she had been busy sorting out the objects from the treasury of the entire Black Spirit Valley.

“I had ape G.o.ds for help, so we’ve already tidied up everything properly. Moreover, the harvest this time is huge. Senior Flowing Wind even personally went through it and found four objects which could be considered to be rare treasures.”

Li Qinghong looked shaken after saying the last part. The harvest obtained after kicking down a third tier power with its own territory was so huge that she wasn’t able to calculate its worth alone.

Moreover, what caused her to be surprised was that the third tier power had concealed many hidden treasures. In fact, four of them were so precious that even Flowing Wind, an ancient G.o.d, had a.s.sessed them as rare treasures.

Once Li Yunmu heard it, his eyes instantly began to s.h.i.+ne brightly. Since G.o.d Flowing Wind had made such an a.s.sessment once after the treasures had entered his discerning eyes, they were definitely something extraordinary.

“Very good, quickly take me to see them.”

Soon, Li Yunmu arrived in front of small mountains of treasures. Most of them were arranged and cla.s.sified by Li Qinghong and the ape G.o.ds.

Among them, there was a lot of basic weaponry and equipment for flux experts. In Li Yunmu’s eyes, these objects weren’t actually worth much.

But he didn’t miss the fact that their numbers were enormous. All sorts of standard arms and battle armor were piled up in front of him. Altogether, there were more than a hundred thousand pieces, and all of them had been maintained in good condition.

The system then made a calculation to roughly estimate their genuine wealth and grew excited.

If everything was sold, Li Yunmu would have enough resources for more than five hundred people to cultivate from initial stage flux expert layer to great flux expert layer.

This reply greatly excited Li Yunmu.

What sort of terrifying wealth was this? Previously, he had sold power grain a few times and had been able to barely purchase enough flux binding pills to cultivate one hundred and five points.

While in exchange for the weapons, he could offer enough resources for five hundred people to quickly cultivate to great flux expert layer. Naturally, these flux experts would’ve only cultivated one hundred and five flux points. The final three main flux points weren’t included.

Apart from the large amount of weapons and equipment, the treasury of Black Spirit Valley also had many flux binding pills, power grain, as well as all sorts of food used by ordinary people which could be stored for a long time. Furthermore, it also had a lot of herbs, doc.u.ments, and all sorts of other treasures.

But what excited Li Yunmu the most were more than ten treasure maps collected by the Black Spirit Valley over the years of its existence. The maps had the information and geographical coordinates of various treasures.

Some showed the way to where a legendary herb grew while others the location of an extremely suspicious but unknown dimensional s.p.a.ce. Another detailed the place where a monster with an extremely unique bloodline had set up its territory and so on.

Overall, the treasure maps recorded the locations of many objects of extremely high value. Li Yumnu took a glance at them and after roughly estimating their value put them away.

Then, he finally went to G.o.d Flowing Wind’s side and saw him studying four precious treasures with his head bowed.

The first item was a yellowish original ma.n.u.script.

Compared to the other treasures, it was a lot more important to Li Yunmu. Original ma.n.u.scripts were definitely the most precious items for cultivators.

Shadow Hack Chapter 519 - Four Precious Treasures

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