Shadow Hack Chapter 511 Heavens Explode

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All of a sudden, Li Yunmu understood. It seemed that the heavenly platform obtained by him from the island dimensional s.p.a.ce was an extremely rare treasure which had been pa.s.sed down from ancient times and couldn't be obtained without a stroke of luck.

"Master, they are about to open the pa.s.sage between the two worlds. It will be too late if we don't stop them now."

At some point in time, Li Qinghong had caught up with him and was looking before them with a hint of anxiousness in her cold face.

After she had learned about the resurrection of an ancient G.o.d from Li Yunmu, she clearly understood what would happen if these people opened a pa.s.sage to Earth.

She wasn't afraid that they would invade Earth, but that their descent would provide the ancient G.o.d with a great opportunity to steal a perfectly good body.

"Don't be anxious, let's wait for a bit more. They still haven't started on the most important part."

With his true sight, Li Yunmu easily saw through the workings of the nefarious spell formation.

A hint of unexplainable craziness flashed through his eyes whilst he was waited for the most optimum timing.

Originally, he had only intended to destroy the enemy's plan and use Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution to escape the attacks of the five sage flux experts. This was the best scenario in his mind.

However, after seeing that the opponent offering sacrifices to a demonic spirit, another thought emerged in his mind.

Clearly, they were about to offer the sacrifices to some demonic spirit, but what would happen if at the most crucial moment, they were stolen by Li Yunmu? What would be the consequences of that?

Li Yunmu didn't know the answer to that question. But he was aware that if he truly did that, there would be two main possibilities in regards to what would happen next.

The first possibility was that the terrifying demonic spirit would become furious after the transaction broke off. The entire upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley would then be devoured for angering the demonic spirit.

Then there was the second possibility that the fury of the demonic spirit would descend only upon Li Yunmu who had interrupted the transaction.

Naturally, given that the demonic spirit was a deity, there was another possibility that it would eliminate everyone present without any exception.

Soon, the system performed some calculations and agreed on Li Yunmu's opinion, which was that the third possibility had the highest chance of occuring.

The fury would descend on all the people present, without any differentiation. After obtaining this result, Li Yunmu's heart began to pound fiercely. He began to hesitate. Before him was clearly a rare opportunity, but he needed to offer himself as the price to drag down the entire Black Spirit Valley in one go.

But could he possibly resist the fury of a genuine demon G.o.d?

Li Yunmu didn't have any plan in mind, but he could only make the choice.

This is the only opportunity.

Li Yunmu was a relatively decisive person. He had made the decision to gamble before, like with his Azure Dragon Expert Armor, and he now chose to gamble again, whether he could resist this calamity or not.

His only advantage was that being an outsider, he held the initiative and wouldn't receive any backlash. After all, he hadn't poured the least bit of his flux energy into the sacrificial offering.

"Don't leave the one meter radius around me. I'm preparing to take action."

After making the decision in his heart, Li Yunmu didn't think much more because the sacrificial offering had finally reached the most crucial moment.

As it happened, a large amount of blood from the young women converged at the center from all directions while the upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley continued to offer their energy in a steady flow.

At this instant, intense energy fluctuations gradually appeared above the top of the altar. Under the effect of an enormous amount of demonic energy, the pa.s.sage to the Earth which had been concealed here began to open.

The aim of Zhan Wuya and his people was to exploit the large amount of energy to open the pa.s.sage completely. At this moment, the sky of the Black Spirit World was covered by a wave of extremely sinister presence.

Even Li Yunmu whose strength had greatly increased felt his mind fill with extreme resentment and chaos just by trying to check out the presence, while it was even worse for Li Qinghong.

An indescribable but hard to control killing intent attacked his brain. His eyes gradually turned red, and he subconsciously looked at the woman standing near him.

At that instant, he had an intense urge to throw her on the ground and ruthlessly tear her to shreds, before eating large mouthfuls of her flesh.

Blue light brightly shone in his mind at that moment, and the blue serpent dragon intruded forcefully into his thoughts. It opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and fiercely absorbed the demonic presence.

Instantly, Li Yunmu's mind began to clear up. After sobering up, he felt a chill run down his spine. The demonic spirit's presence was extremely terrifying. He had almost failed in his task because of it.

Li Qinghong's situation was even worse. Her face had turned completely red. She was flushed and perspiring profusely. She had crouched down and was tightly holding both her legs close to her chest, looking like a ball.

Clearly, she had lost against the demonic presence. Li Yunmu then struck the back of her head and made her lose consciousness.

The time is now.

After sobering up, Li Yunmu discovered that at some point in time, an enormous phantom had appeared above the sacrificial altar.

The phantom opened its blood-red eyes as if attentively watching everything that was happening underneath it. Its gaze was filled with cruelty and desire to kill.

The faint rain falling all over the Black Spirit World turned red from black.

As the demonic spirit's phantom descended, the pa.s.sage to Earth continued to materialize. The entire upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley as well as Zhan Wuya grew extremely excited as they watched the pa.s.sage becoming increasingly more solid without blinking.

At that moment, Li Yunmu who was being protected by the s.h.i.+eld of the blue serpent dragon realized what was happening.

It wasn't too early nor too late, but precisely the exact time!

Without much thought, he took out the bottle of sacred life water which contained the final three drops, since thirty of them had been used in congealing =Azure Dragon Expert Armoor.

"Go, devour them, eliminate everything."

A hint of madness flashed in Li Yunmu's eyes. He waved his hand at the speed of a bullet, and the sacred life water instantly fell on a body of a young girl. It then followed her blood and went into the great spell.

One drop of sacred life water could save a person, but sometimes, it could also kill people. And that time was now, for the sacred life water had a divine attribute.

It was an innate nemesis of demonic creatures.

And sure enough, when the drop of sacred life water sneaked into the great spell of blood sacrifice, it didn't take even a second for a heaven-shaking miserable howl to echo in everyone's consciousness sea.

"Humans, you've become so brazen that you dare to plot against this G.o.d! I want all of you dead! You will die, be exterminated. Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhh!"

Shadow Hack Chapter 511 Heavens Explode

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