Shadow Hack Chapter 512 Backlash

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One drop of sacred life water was like a bucket of explosives. The entire Black Spirit World seemed to be trembling because of the roar of the unprecedentedly powerful beast.

As soon as Li Yunmu's keen senses felt the descent of the fury which made his blood run dry, he grabbed Li Qinghong who had already sobered up and was by his side. He then turned around and ran away.

"Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution."

At this instant, Li Yunmu didn't dare hold anything back while confronting the unknown demonic spirit of the Black Spirit World.

He used his most important skill in the first moments, without caring for the fact that it was an extremely strong fleeing technique in Earth.

In a flash, Li Yunmu transformed into a ray of light and fled toward the entrance of the Black Spirit World. By then, the people who had partic.i.p.ated in the sinister sacrificial offering had already began to suffer the backlash because of the drop of divine sacred life water.

While Li Yunmu used the opportunity to flee straight away, all the important people of Black Spirit Valley at the blood sacrifice altar were suffering the backlash because of the evil spirit's fury and the offering method.

A blood-red fog permeated into the bodies, without any one being an exception.

Regardless of whether it were the several core disciples who were great flux experts or the five elders who had already entered into the sage flux expert lever, all of them repeatedly coughed out big mouthfuls of blood.

The deep red blood terrified them. Thee blood which they were coughing because of the backlash didn't seem to be ordinary blood, but rather the blood from their heart.

They continued to cought mouthfuls of heart's blood, unable to control themselves until the formidable great flux energy fluctuations coming from their bodies were completely eliminated.

Ten majestic great flux experts perished because of one wave of backlash.

It has to be known that if they were on Earth, then even though they were only third-seventh rank great flux experts here, their strength was comparable to flux sages on Earth.

Yet the lives of these formidable people were lost without any protest or begging for life. When Li Yunmu who had already fled far away turned around and saw this scene, his heart instantly turned cold.

Ancient G.o.d, this was the power of ancient G.o.d realm!

Although the sinister ancient G.o.d was definitely far from his peak strength and his true body hadn't genuinely descended, he could exterminate great flux experts with just the backlash from the sacrificial offering.

However, the most terrifying fact wasn't that ten great flux experts had died, for the number continuing growing. Even the five sage flux experts of Black Spirit Valley couldn't hold it back anymore.

Puh, puh, puh, puh, puh…

They continued coughing out mouthfuls after mouthfuls of blood.

Until finally, their eyes gradually lost their s.h.i.+ne, and the men around of vitality. The five sage flux experts all followed in the footsteps of the great flux experts and perished.

But saying that everyone was lost would be wrong. There was still a final flux expert who continued to staunchly resist. A dense thick layer of black mist enveloped his body, firmly defending him.

If Li Yunmu's guess wasn't wrong, then that sage flux expert was the world master of Black Spirit Valley.

At that moment, the power of the whole Black Spirit World was s.h.i.+elding him. Despite that, when confronted with a genuine G.o.d's furious backlash, his st.u.r.dy black s.h.i.+eld gradually began to fluctuate intensely.

Even more terrifying fact which caused Li Yunmu's blood to run cold was that the heart's blood which the formidable experts of Black Spirit Valley had coughed out seemed to have suddenly come alive.

While lying on the smooth jade surface of the altar, the thick blood began to squirm as if it had suddenly developed consciousness.

One drop, two drops, three drops, a hundred drops, thousands of the coughed out blood converged. With a rumbling sound, they merged together.

The next instant, a three-meter high blood-red human creature whose entire body was formed from blood stood on the altar.

"Humans, you will all die. None of you will escape."

When the crimson monster opened its mouth, it quietly vented is fury toward the Black Spirit World.

Right then, it seemed to have sensed the little insect named Li Yunmu. With a loud howl, the crimson monster scattered and returned to being blood drops which filled the entire sky. They rushed after Li Yunmu.

At this moment, Li Yunmu took in a shuddering breath. He was almost at the point of weeping. If he'd known that the upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley paid their blood sacrifices to such a terrifying demonic G.o.d, then even if someone threatened to kill him, he still wouldn't use such a method to court disaster. He would have never broke down the pa.s.sage to Earth like this if he'd had any idea what he was doing.

After using Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution, his speed became extremely fast. It was especially so in the special environment of the Black Spirit World. The movement speed of the black line attained the pinnacle there.

It surpa.s.sed the usual speed when using this technique by a few folds. This was the fastest speed with which Li Yunmu had ever erupted.

But the crimson monster which had transformed into blood rain to chase and kill him was even faster!

If being truthful, its speed was on a completely different level. The next moment, a large amount of blood rain descended in front of the fleeing Li Yunmu.

One after another, the drops gathered together in a depression on the ground.

"Human, you destroyed my offering. I want to eat you."

The head of the crimson monster floated out from the depression in the ground.

It opened its mouth and swallowed Li Yunmu, who was a black ray, together with Li Qinghong. But the blood monster wasn't finished with just that. Upon gulping them down, it tried to sense for any other life-forms in the Black Spirit World.

It wanted to eat and swallow everyone inside. However, the next instant, it howled furiously, growing even more furious.

That was because it discovered that the insect which had injured it previously surprisingly wasn't swallowed. Rather, he had appeared at the center of the altar.

Such a majestic ent.i.ty like it had surprisingly been played by a little insect.


The crimson monster scattered and rose once more as countless blood drops to converge at the center of the altar.

Upon returning to the center of the altar, Li Yunmu murmured to himself in a voice filled with helplessness, "There's nothing which can be done about it. Seems like this is the only method."

Just before being swallowed, he had used the subst.i.tution technique of Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution; otherwise, he and Li Qinghong would've been finished.
The eleventh shadow had been sacrificed for this.

Shadow Hack Chapter 512 Backlash

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