Shadow Hack Chapter 516 The Most Formidable Race In The World

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What sort of person was w.a.n.g Ren? Although he didn't belong to the lowest cla.s.s which was no different from slavery, he was part of an ordinary family.

Even if he possessed a little bit of scholarly knowledge, he was only an ordinary person, an extremely ordinary person. And now he suddenly discovered that Li Yunmu with whom he had been chatting the whole journey was surprisingly a legendary flux expert.

w.a.n.g Ren instantly began to panic, and his words also became slightly incoherent.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't that w.a.n.g Ren didn't have any courage, but that the hierarchy of the human society in the Origin World was extremely firm.

The difference between the status of flux experts and ordinary people wasn't just a difference of a few Instead, it was equivalent to the difference between heaven and earth.

When w.a.n.g Ren finally managed to regain his composure, he went from talking to saluting Li Yunmu and thinking to go down on his knees. But soon, he discovered to his fright that there was a formless pressure in the air which was stopping him from kneeling down.

Once he calmed himself again, he realized he'd obtained a verification that Li Yunmu was really not spouting lies. He was definitely a flux expert lord, and one with outstanding strength.

When Li Yunmu saw the change in the way the man acted, he couldn't help lightly creasing his brows and sighing gloomily. 

Sometimes, the disparity between the position of two people was extremely large, to the point that no friends.h.i.+p as equals could exist between them. Although Li Yunmu didn't care much about their status difference personally, the other party could never think like that.

"Brother w.a.n.g, you don't need to act like this. Cultivators are also people."

"This is completely unacceptable. Lord, you are a cultivator. If the word ever got that I dared to call a lord brother, my little life would be completely finished."

The more w.a.n.g Ren spoke, the more terrified he became.

The rigid social structure of the Origin World and its way were deeply entrenched in the hearts of natives since long ago.

In the end, Li Yunmu couldn't persuade the other party to change their opinion, but it was a relatively minor matter. His main concern was about the treatment received by human cultivators after entering Pangu City.

He had escaped from the Origin G.o.d Sect with great difficulty and hadn't imagined that after coming out of the wolf's nest, he would immediately get caught in the tiger's den. Pangu's strength in the Origin World was considered relatively tyrannical.

Although the Origin G.o.d World was formidable and had a lot of potential, it was like a minor wizard in front of a prominent one when compared to Pangu. After all, they were different from Hall Clan.

The tyrannical race of people which had inherited a bloodline from the ancient times made all the human powers of the Origin World unwilling to provoke them. They were all afraid to become enemies with them.

Because of this reason, even though Li Yunmu's strength had increased greatly and could be considered equivalent to that of initial stage sage flux expert, he still didn't dare to have any thoughts of belittling Pangu City.

As the carriage drew closer and closer to the gate to enter the city, Li Yunmu had no option but to narrate his worries to w.a.n.g Ren while they waited in the line.

"So the lord is afraid of this point?" w.a.n.g Ren was unperturbed after hearing it. After some thought, he said, "Actually, if lord doesn't have any malicious thoughts and doesn't want to cause trouble in Pangu City, there's no need for lord to be concerned."

When Li Yunmu heard the other party's words which proclaimed that the situation wasn't as bad as he'd thought, his spirits rose. "Oh? What sort of trouble?"

"The trouble which humans are thought to create is mostly spying to obtain information about the exact strength and numbers of Pangu. Some people even go as far as using ordinary humans to infiltrate the city."

After a pause, w.a.n.g Ren continued, "In short, if lord is only a knight-errant, then every action you take in Pangu City should be done in an honest manner, without being secretive in any way. Pangu don't have any evil thoughts about ordinary human cultivators."

"In other words, if all my activities are in front of their eyes and I don't use any underhanded means, Pangu wouldn't bother with a rogue cultivator like me?"Li Yunmu asked, double-checking to make sure he understood everything correctly.

"Yes, if lord is just a knight-errant, then staying in Pangu City will be very safe."

w.a.n.g Ren nodded with certainty.

"If I enter the city, can I still carry out business transactions involving large amounts of wealth?" Li Yunmu asked.

"Oh… You will obtain the goodwill of Pangu for doing so because from some angles lord's arrival could be seen as a contribution to improve the economy of Pangu City. But you must conduct all business transactions in an honest manner and never engage in underground dealings."

"Alright, I have benefitted from your advice."

Li Yunmu finally calmed down. It seemed like the decision to enter Pangu City to rest and reorganize himself had been a pretty good idea.

In any case, from the start, he hadn't planned any petty maneuvers. Now that he somewhat understood the rules and regulations of Pangu City, this tyrannical power wouldn't cause him a disaster. If he didn't break any rules, it would even provide him an asylum for a short while

Powers at the level of Underworld Serpent and even Origin G.o.d World were, after all, unable to infiltrate the sacred city.

For the moment, Li Yunmu had no place to which he could return. If he came back to Underworld Serpent, he didn't know what he should do with the information which he had obtained by entering the Origin G.o.d World.

Should he sell their secrets?

Even if he forgot about the favor he owed to Yuan Biyao in exchange for the gift of World Ancestor's leaf juice, Li Yunmu wasn't a naive fool who would directly reveal all the information about the Origin G.o.d World.

If he truly acted in such a foolish manner, the day when Origin G.o.d Sect would hunt him down wouldn't be far. Underworld Serpent might obtain a lot from the information he would provide, but for him personally, it would be a catastrophe.

With all his concerns about entering the city settled, Li Yunmu's mood went up a notch. Without any further worries, he began to peacefully wait in the line to enter the city.

After more than half an hour, it was w.a.n.g Ren's turn to enter the city.

As they neared it, Li Yunmu finally witnessed one of the most tyrannical aboriginal races of ancient times—Pangu!

In the rankings of more than a thousand aboriginal races in the Origin World, they were among the top five.

The most powerful race in the Origin World wasn't humans, despite humanity a.s.suming the leaders.h.i.+p of most of the land. It was simply that human civilization was enormous, and that the populace had an innate tendency to work hard.

In the Origin World, the most formidable race among the countless aboriginals was called Deus, which was a publicly known fact. Their numbers were really small, and they weren't social people. Instead, they loved to live in seclusion and would only reveal themselves occasionally.

But even so, their strength was enough to stand atop all life-forms. They had occupied that spot for tens of thousands of years, and in that time, no one had ever been able to threaten their position.

Shadow Hack Chapter 516 The Most Formidable Race In The World

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