Shadow Hack Chapter 517 The Valiant Pangu

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The second most powerful aboriginal people were Earth Devils. They spent long periods of their lives residing thirty thousand meters under the surface.

The temperament of Earth Devils was completely opposite of Deus, who were completely indifferent to worldly matters and didn't desire to fight. Earth Devils were in love with conquest and invading other lands, but because of the innate restriction of their bloodline, they were unable to reside under the sun. Regardless of how much they desired to invade the Origin World, they could not do it.

Only darkness suited them. If they appeared under the sun, their strength would drop greatly. Those who were weak might even melt and turn into a puddle of a blood if they were exposed to the suns.h.i.+ne for a slightly longer period of time.

If someone ended up encountering an Earth Devil, then they could be congratulated. They would have met someone with extremely terrifying strength, and they should quickly get away from them.

Fortunately, because of the innate restriction, the probability of running into an Earth Devil on the land was extremely minute. There were few Earth Devils who possessed sufficient strength to raise people's hackles and who would occasionally come out from the ground's core. They did that to infiltrate human society and enjoy the customs of other races.

The third most powerful people were humans.

Pangu, in the meantime, were only the fifth among the most powerful races!

The question then was why were humans which were two ranks higher than Pangu in terms of comprehensive strength were apprehensive of Pangu?

The answer to this question lay in the word comprehensive.

That was right, the comprehensive strength of the race didn't describe how formidable were the individuals of the race. Pangu only had some forty million people which was like a drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of billions of humans in the world.

However, apart from children below three years, all the other Pangu possessed formidable combat strength.

This was the disparity between the two, and also the reason why humans had apprehensions toward some of the aboriginal races ranked in the top ten of the most powerful races in the Origin World.

The reason behind it was that even though the number of human cultivators was enormous, they were spread all over the Origin World. This meant that it was extremely difficult a.s.semble them to fight.

That being said, although humanity's comprehensive strength ranked third, it was actually somewhat exaggerated.

Human cultivators, naturally, weren't unduly humble. As they were concerned about the Pangu, Li Yunmu could sense that, Pangu were also deeply concerned about humans.

"Show your ident.i.ty proof, human."

Soon, it was Li Yunmu and w.a.n.g Ren's turn to undergo the safety check to enter the city. Two rows of Pangu soldiers were stationed at the gate, blocking their way.

The soldiers appeared extremely strong and violent. Their temper was naturally similar to their appearance—extremely crude and straightforward. Based on the information gathered by Li Yunmu, Pangu were stubborn people.

Naturally, there were exceptions to everything, but this description fit the majority of Pangu.

Pangu soldiers grew to be stronger than human barbarians. Each of the soldiers was three meters tall, while some were even three and half meter tall.

Among the human barbarians, such height was extremely rare. Only if they didn't use any cultivation methods to control their height would continue to grow and become enormous barbarians as their strength increased.

But even if the humans of the Origin World possessed innately strong physiques, they were still far surpa.s.sed by Pangu.

However, their attire and equipment were quite tattered compared to the delicate and luxurious human equipment. Pangu soldiers were clad in skirts made of giant beast's skin while their upper bodies were naked. In their hands, they held stone hatchets or spears. This could be considered as their complete set of equipment.

But if someone judged them based on their appearance, they would be gravely mistaken.

When Li Yunmu took a careful look at the seemingly ordinary stone hatchets in their hands, he found they were filled with an extremely bizarre and mysterious power which covered the weapon in various patterns.

Pangu used the mysterious patterns which had been pa.s.sed down for many generations on the stone weapons to make them terrifying. They would threaten everyone with their power, and they were also extremely st.u.r.dy.

Based on this, it was clear that Pangu and the Hall Clan, who Li Yunmu used runic powers on their weaponry, possessed the same type of origin.

But the effects of Pangu's patterns were clearly more formidable than the runes of Hall Clan.

Li Yunmu only needed a single glance at the two rows of Pangu soldiers lined up in front of the city for his blood to run cold. Reading countless books couldn't compare to walking around the world to gain experience.

The rumors had seemed exaggerated, but they were inferior to personally witnessing the truth. From just a vague estimation, Li Yunmu was already terrified of the strength of the soldiers before him.

They were emitting enormous bloodline energy, like human-sized volcanoes which were on the verge of erupting. And the carriage was right next to them.

Even w.a.n.g Ren, who was an ordinary scholar, was continuously wiping the sweat off his forehead, let alone Li Yunmu whose strength was nearly equivalent to that of sage flux experts.

The bloodline energy being emitted unconsciously by Pangu soldiers was like a burning stove. It was so strong it was hard to believe it was real.

"System, what's their physical strength?"

Li Yunmu couldn't resist enquiring the system about it.

[Very high. Extremely high. The weakest of them possesses a strength surpa.s.sing five hundred oxen. The strongest of them is close to seven hundred oxen!"

The system's reply astonished Li Yunmu.

Five hundred to seven hundred oxen?

Motherf*ckers, what sort of numbers are these?

Li Yunmu knew that Pangu soldiers didn't cultivate flux energy, but that the entire race, from children to adults, cultivated their bloodline energy. In other words, they only cultivated their physical body's bloodline which was their innate capital.

Because of that, when trying to find out their genuine strength, there was no need to look at their flux energy strength; their physical strength was the thing that said it all. Five hundred oxen meant that the weakest of the soldiers in the two rows possessed five hundred tons of pure physical strength.

As for the ones with strength close to seven hundred oxen, they were even more outrageous.

It had to be known that Li Yunmu's physical strength had barely broken through one hundred and sixty oxen. After crossing the mark of one hundred and fifty, he had gradually began to feel that his physical strength had reached a bottleneck.

If he didn't have any lucky encounters, G.o.d only knew how long it would take for him to cross the barrier of two hundred oxen.

But… the Pangu soldiers before him were very different.

[The system has come up with a comparison scale. Five hundred oxen physical strength is probably equal to fifth rank great flux expert. Moreover, pure physical strength provides them with an advantage which cannot be subst.i.tuted for, and it is extremely fast regeneration. With the innate Pangu bloodline, their bodies can regain their stamina pretty quickly.

[Moreover, five hundred points of strength also provide them with a natural and extremely strong defense. If fifth rank human great flux experts confronted these guards in equal numbers, then based on the system's calculations, human great flux experts wouldn't stand a chance of victory.]

Shadow Hack Chapter 517 The Valiant Pangu

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