Shadow Hack Chapter 527 - Gambling Everything

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Chapter 527: Gambling Everything

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In this aspect, Li Yunmu’s foresightedness was admirable. G.o.d Flowing Wind might only be a soul which had barely reached the state of influencing the real world, but there was more than physical power to some people.

He was very weak, but his soul remembered the experiences of G.o.d Undercurrent, which made him an extremely precious mountain of knowledge.

If it wasn’t for his discerning eyes, three rare treasures would’ve definitely slipped pa.s.sed Li Yunmu’s hands.

And the weapon which was like a knife but not a knife, like a sword yet not a sword would’ve been one of them. Li Yunmu was convinced that G.o.d Flowing Wind had definitely discovered some sort of astonis.h.i.+ng secret.

With a single thought, G.o.d Flowing Wind was instantly freed from the independent s.p.a.ce.

“Are you alright?” Li Yunmu asked with concern.

“I am fine. If Master Yunmu had delayed by another moment, then my little life would have probably been lost,” G.o.d Flowing Wind said with fear and trepidation in his voice. While speaking, he carefully observed the transformation of Li Yunmu’s body.

The more he observed, the more astounded he became.

“You’ve gained a bloodline power?”

This discovery scared and surprised G.o.d Flowing Wind.

“Yes, my luck was pretty good. I had previously cultivated a secret technique which was compatible with the red G.o.d fruit,” Li Yunmu said in a light tone, giving a simple explanation.

G.o.d Flowing Wind turned silent. He could clearly remember the red sun which had risen in the heavenly world. He had never antic.i.p.ated that Li Yunmu would have cultivated such a technique which he would consider as forbidden.

But clearly, Li Yunmu didn’t want to speak about it, for the next instant, he pointed towards the weapon lying on the ground. “This, don’t tell me this also has some unbelievable origin?”

Previously, if Li Yunmu had been enchanted by the weapon, G.o.d Flowing Wind would’ve definitely flaunted the climax as way to display his superiority over Li Yunmu.

But since he had been almost exterminated a moment ago by the red sun which had arisen from the young man’s body, things were different. Perhaps even he didn’t know, but in his subconsciousness, a hint of reverence towards his master Li Yunmu had taken root.

Therefore, he replied without any showing off. “Yes, this sword in stone has a deep origin which could be considered as extreme. It is more valuable than all the other items except for the secret treasure map. I am afraid that even the red G.o.d fruit cannot compare to it.”

“What? So domineering? What sort of origin does it have?”

Li Yunmu was quite astonished.

It has to be know that the red G.o.d fruit was a G.o.d ingredient which could allow an ordinary person to obtain the strength of a sage flux expert in a single night. It was something that countless people dreamed of obtaining.

G.o.d Flowing Wind nodded, ascertaining that he wasn’t exaggerating, and asked, “I wonder, does Master know about the most formidable race of the Origin World?”

“Naturally, it’s the Deus. They have stood at the top of the Origin World for a long time. Although they haven’t appeared in the world for a very long, no one dares to suspect their strength and status. You mean to say that there’s some relation between this sword in stone and the Deus?”

“Precisely. However, if it was only related to the Deus, it’s worth wouldn’t be comparable to that of the red G.o.d fruit. Then Master have you heard of a person named Ren Shenji?” G.o.d Flowing Wind asked again.

“The most qualified artifact refining master in the history of Deus? That Ren Shenji?”

This time, Li Yunmu snapped his head up in attention. When his gaze fell on the seemingly ordinary weapon, his emotions changed.

“Yes, the master refiner has crafted three divine weapons in total. This is one of them.”

Li Yunmu was actually unable to understand what was happening. He had only ransacked the treasury of a third tier sect, but it somehow contained four extremely precious treasures.

Apart from the sacrifice refining method, which was somewhat inferior in quality to the others, if any one of the other three treasures was revealed to the world, they would immediately incite all the powerhouses to come and fight to obtain them. Yet all of them had been rotting from neglect in the treasury of a third tier sect.

This truly was the funniest joke in the world.

“This sword, will it will bring me luck or disaster?” Li Yunmu wondered after learning that he’d come into possession of one of the only three divine weapons created by the most formidable master refiner.

His first thought wasn’t one of excitement but one made his heart grow heavy.

Deus weren’t an ambitious people, but they were the most formidable race in the world. There was no question about it.

And Li Yunmu had obtained one of the only three divine weapons created by their most formidable artifact refining master. The moment thought about it, his scalp went numb.

If he wasn’t in his heavenly world, then the appearance of this weapon would’ve probably caused an incident already.

“It’s difficult to say. Even when my main self was at the peak his strength, it hadn’t wanted to provoke the Deus. But I’m almost certain that as long as the sword was released in your heavenly world, it would remain safe.”

A hint of madness appeared in the eyes of G.o.d Flowing Wind.

“But what would be the use of a sword which cannot see the light? I feel like I’m hiding a nuclear warhead,” Li Yunmu refuted while shaking his head.

“Nuclear warhead?”

Clearly, G.o.d Flowing Wind didn’t know about the technological weapons on Earth, but he didn’t have any intention to ask about them. In a raised voice, he suddenly said, “Master, you shouldn’t forget that you are a character who possesses an innate expert armor.”


Li Yunmu was startled.

“How could a divine weapon created by a master refiner disappear ? If Master Yunmu used his armor’s ability to improve, his strength could rise to the next level and his innate expert armor would evolve by two levels. It’s a possibility, but I may have been a bit too bold with my thought just now…”

When G.o.d Flowing Wind spoke, a hint of hope appeared in his expression.

“You mean to say that a.s.similating this divine weapon into my innate expert armor would help it reach the divine grade?”

Li Yunmu wasn’t a fool. He could clearly see through G.o.d Flowing Wind’s ambitions.

Although G.o.d Flowing Wind, who was a wisp of soul separated from an ancient G.o.d, had become his follower, he had his own thoughts and goals.

From beginning to the end, he felt great animosity toward G.o.d Undercurrent.

Until the day G.o.d Undercurrent ceased existing, he wouldn’t be whole. His existence would always remain in danger of merging with the main part. Because of that, it was clear that he was making an effort to increase Li Yunmu’s strength to the highest extent possible so he could eliminate G.o.d Undercurrent who hadn’t reached his peak stage yet.

Then what was the quickest way to become more formidable without being afraid of consequences?

Naturally, nothing could compare to obtaining the a.s.sistance of Li Yunmu. Yes, perhaps given his present strength Li Yunmu wouldn’t be able to use the divine weapon, but what if he could a.s.similate it into his innate expert armor.

As long as this weapon was refined and became a part of the innate expert armor, its previous properties and presence would be completely erased. Just like that, one of the three divine weapons created by the master refiner would vanish without a trace.

“But can the innate expert armor refine this weapon?”

“Master Yunmu, it is the fastest way to evolve to legendary divine innate expert armor. Otherwise, given your present cultivation of first rank great flux expert, who knows how long it will take you to reach that stage.”

Li Yunmu had to accept that the other party was extremely crazy and bold to think this way. But he was also excited. riginally he was quite content with the armour that he had congealed.

He was content with the armor he had congealed to begin with, but now there was an opportunity to evolve it right before his eyes. If he became afraid because of Deus and missed the opportunity to congeal a divine innate expert armor, he wouldn’t have any right to stand among the most powerful people of the Original World.

His innate expert armor was extremely close to the threshold of the legendary divine grade. If he used one of the three divine artifacts created by the master refiner of Deus, then maybe there would really be a chance for it to evolve and reach that level.

“Alright, that legendary divine innate expert armor, I have decided to try to obtain it.”

Shadow Hack Chapter 527 - Gambling Everything

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