Shadow Hack Chapter 529 Pangu's Treasure

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Li Yunmu hadn't expected to see numerous other alien races in the city all of a sudden.

Pangu were from the main Pangu Tribe.

Ba w.a.n.g alien race came from the Hundred Thousand Sunken Mountains.

Hua alien race, which rarely stepped into the outside world, was from the abyss of Prison Forest.

There was also Snow alien race which ruled over the vast ice fields as well as Python alien race from the central boundless ocean.

Naturally, all of them were among the front thirty alien races of the Origin World in terms of strength. Although none of them could compare with Pangu, they were far more formidable than humans individually. This was regardless if one compared them by their bloodline or individual strength.

Apart from that, there were many other unknown large and small alien races about which Li Yunmu hadn't heard. They raised the total number of alien races to thirty-eight. Even the only other alien race with which Li Yunmu had been involved previously, Hall Clan, was also present.

Pangu City was a business center which possessed unparalleled number of other alien races. Li Yunmu had obtained a lot of experience and knowledge from it.

According to what the system knew, there were more than a thousand recorded and verified alien races in the boundless Origin World.

The scene which Li Yunmu encountered in Pangu City was only a shadow of the Origin World concentrated in one corner. But even so, he profoundly sensed that humanity wasn't the leader.

If the comprehensive strength of humanity wasn't considered, then the strength of an individual of any alien race gathered in the auction house that evening would far surpa.s.s it.

Regardless of whether it was Ba w.a.n.g , Snow, or Python, the strength of an individual from any alien race was extremely formidable.

It was especially so for Ba w.a.n.g. It was said that their bloodline was even more formidable than that of Pangu, let alone speak of any other alien race.

As for what the alien races were?

As a matter of fact, Li Yunmu himself didn't knew the exact definition of the phrase alien race and the differences between the people under it. According to the system's definition, all the alien races could be traced back to to original intelligent lifeforms in the Origin World.

To put it crudely, the alien races were the hybrid lifeforms which originated from the joining of humans with other lifeforms of the Origin World over the span of tens of thousands of year.

Naturally, the alien races were formed from formidable ancient G.o.ds which had lived in the ancient times. Because of the inheritance of formidable bloodlines, numerous alien races had sprung up in the world.

Despite their common human origin, all the developed lifeforms were considered as alien races.

That being said, regardless of the special appearance of the alien races, some human blood flowed in their veins. They were also intelligent lifeforms with long lives.

Their sentiments toward humans were complex, ranging from hatred to yearning. Some hoped to subst.i.tute them, and some went as far as wanting to erase humanity. They desired to lose this origin story of theirs in the long river of time, so that it would never be brought to light again.

Overall, the majority of the alien races viewed humans with hatred.

Naturally, nothing is absolute in the world. There were also a few alien races which looked toward humanity with adoration, considering them as one with their race.

"Benefactor, the number we received after application is thirty-six. We should enter."

Despite repeated requests from Li Yunmu, w.a.n.g Ren didn't stop calling him benefactor.

w.a.n.g Ren hadn't become muddle-headed from Pangu Clan's special treatment. He was extremely clear that when all was said and done, he was still a human and an ordinary one at that, someone who belonged to the lowest cla.s.s.

Due to the increased interactions with Li Yunmu in the last couple days, he had only become more aware of the disparity between the two of them. He himself was just an ordinary person, so he had to show his respect for Li Yunmu.

When coming to the auction, Li Yunmu had certainly decided to exploit the special privileges received by w.a.n.g Ren due to his status. He wanted w.a.n.g Ren to appear personally and be prepared to fight for Pangu True Armor.

Acting in such a manner would give Li Yunmu an enormous advantage over the forty something alien races. Once w.a.n.g Ren partic.i.p.ated in the auction, he had the privilege to issue a veto to override his compet.i.tors.

Only if the other party had the money and were ready to double w.a.n.g Ren's price could they even attempt to defeat him.

Yes, that was written right. It was the privilege which came with w.a.n.g Ren's status as a teacher. Even ordinary Pangu doesn't have such power.

Although Li Yunmu had overestimated the privileges which came with w.a.n.g Ren's position at first, this piece of information astonished him.

Pangu's thirst for knowledge and skills of humans in their cities was reflected in this action. Otherwise, they would have never bestowed such handsome privileges and treatment to an ordinary teacher.

Because of this major privilege, Li Yunmu also had the confidence to s.n.a.t.c.h the Pangu True Armor in the compet.i.tion even when so many alien races had come for it.

As the time for the auction drew near, increasingly more people entered the room. Surprisingly though, there wasn't even a single Pangu in the auction.

The reason for this was very simple—the Pangu True Armor being auctioned had been obtained from a corrupted Pangu sage expert. This was a disgrace for the entire race; otherwise, they wouldn't have ever released their supreme treasure into the world.

Thus, the aim of the forty something alien races present in the room was the same as that of Li Yunmu, which was to get their hands on the Pangu True Armor which rarely appeared in the world.

"The first item in the auction is my race's famous Pangu Blade. It was previously used by a high cla.s.s crazy Pangu warrior and was nurtured by him for more than thirty years. It has seen the blood of thirty-three giant beasts, two hybrid giant beasts, and countless vicious beasts. Now the bidding officially begins. The lowest price is thirty thousand sacred pangu coins. Each bid must be at least a thousand sacred pangu coins higher than the last one."

As soon as the first item in the auction was announced, everyone in the auction couldn't help but cry out together in surprise. "Pangu Blade!"

No one had expected that the first item in the auction would be of such a high grade.
Although it wasn't considered a supreme treasure like Pangu True Armor, it was still something that under ordinary circ.u.mstances wouldn't be sold to outsiders.

It has to be known that it was an extremely vicious weapon. Even Li Yunmu became slightly excited at that moment.

Shadow Hack Chapter 529 Pangu's Treasure

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