Shadow Hack Chapter 543 - Create Something from Nothing

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Chapter 543: Create Something from Nothing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In terms of human strength, this was almost equivalent to ancient G.o.d realm.

Humans were separated into physical flux experts, flux experts, great flux experts, sage flux experts, deities, and ancient G.o.ds…

When compared to the monster bloodline evolutions, these levels corresponded to ordinary beasts, vicious beasts, giant beasts, devil beasts, ancient devil beasts, and immemorial devil beasts.

In other words, if Little Qing was nurtured with divine power, her potential could rise to the next layer which was beyond ancient devil beast realm.

But this wasn’t even the most important point. When G.o.d Flowing Wind explained Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake’s innate divine ability, Li Yunmu was completely stupefied.

Innate divine ability was a new phrase for him. Previously, he hadn’t known what sort of ghost such a thing was.

During his exchange with the sea breeze whale, he had heard about innate abilities possessed by devil beast grade lifeforms and had personally experienced their inborn strength.

But he had definitely never heard anything about ancient devil beasts, let alone them possessing an innate divine ability.

Only ancient devil beasts with the deity realm bloodline could possess an innate divine ability.

And Little Qing’s innate divine ability was ‘Morph’.

Because of it, the ancient G.o.ds viewed Cyan-Feathered Giant Snakes as evolved ancient devil beasts.

The morph ability’s existence didn’t increased the combat strength of the Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake, but the strength of it when the master and the combat pet fought together.

From G.o.d Flowing Wind’s short explanation, the morph ability possessed unlimited possibilities.

Former ancient G.o.ds had used the Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake’s morpg ability to change the creature into a weapon. It would be suited to their tastes and would be the most formidable weapon in their possession.

Of course, there were ancient G.o.ds who used the morphing ability to create all sorts of other objects as well. For example, an arm s.h.i.+eld, helmet, or a human-shaped organism to a.s.sist in combat.

At other times, the snakes were told become cave dwellings or something else that their master needed at that moment. In short, Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake’s morphing ability was precisely as G.o.d Flowing Wind had described it—possessing unlimited possibilities.

As long as Li Yunmu properly used this innate divine ability and the Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake became his combat pet, it could transform into any weapon he thought would suit him and increase his combat strength.

It could also transform into common necessities, thus saving him a lot of trouble.

Only when Li Yunmu mentally communicated with Little Qing after being reminded by G.o.d Flowing Wind that he discovered the scariness of the morph ability.

“Little Qing, transform into a cave dwelling for me,” Li Yunmu instructed Little Qing in his mind.

He brought the image of the cave dwelling to the front of his mind, and an amazing event occured the next instant.

Once Little Qing heard Li Yunmu’s request, she hesitated, then the enormous serpent body began to melt.

In a short while, the giant snake entrenched in front of Li Yunmu morphed into a small mountain. After another short moment of hesitation, it formed a cave dwelling resembling the one in Li Yunmu’s mind.

Perhaps because it was Little Qing’s first time using her visualization ability, there was a lot of hesitation and unfamiliarity in the process.

But the fact that she had such an innate divine ability was confirmed. Even if it was Little Qing’s first time unleas.h.i.+ng it, she was still able to do it without any need for guidance. With time, she would only become more proficient in using it.

Little Qing’s first mimicked form was generated under Li Yunmu’s command.

It was actually identical to the cave dwelling which Li Yunmu had imagined in his mind. It was a small dwelling concealed within a cyan mountain.

Besides all the residences, gardens, and cultivation chambers, even the storage house, treasury, training rooms, and other things were available.

But the mountain cave dwelling was very small, unusually so. It was like a miniature version of what was in Li Yunmu’s mind, a lifelike model.

“This… What is this? How can such a small cave dwelling be useful?”

When Li Yunmu saw Little Qing transform into a thatched cottage-sized mountain, he was dumbstruck.

Only if his size was reduced by a hundred fold so he was the size of an ant could he properly enjoy the cave dwelling made by Little Qing.

“I forgot to inform Master Yunmu that although Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake’s innate divine ability allows it to morph into anything, it is not omnipotent. It cannot create something out of nothing,” G.o.d Flowing Wind said with a smile.

“Create something out of nothing?”

“That’s right, if Master Yunmu wants it to transform into a weapon or even a small cottage, that’s fine. Given Little Qing’s enormous size, the morphed objects would be much stronger compared to genuine weapons and cottages. But if Master Yunmu asks it to transform into something which its size, the result would be like this…”

After G.o.d Flowing Wind’s detailed explanation, Li Yunmu gradually understood the problem.

Sure enough, Little Qing couldn’t just create something out of nothing; its creations had a limit.

Regardless of whether Little Qing morphed into a cave dwelling or a weapon, her morphing ability was inevitably linked to her density and ma.s.s.

In other words, Little Qing’s ability could only be used perfectly when Li Yunmu leanred of the snake’s physical strength and the density of her body.

Otherwise, if he blindly asked Little Qing to transform into an object which far surpa.s.sed her large body size, it would be the same as trying to create something out of nothing. The practical usage of such a thing wouldn’t be able to compare with the expected thing.

Li Yunmu thought of something, and the next instant he asked Little Qing to transform into Li Qinghong’s weapon, the Frightening Imperial Spear.

Soon, an identical Frightening Imperial Spear was lying in front of Li Yunmu, right under the astonished gaze of Li Qinghong. But the system’s scan revealed that the difference in the ma.s.s of the two spears was like that between heaven and earth.

“The ma.s.s of the Frightening Imperial Spear used by Li Qinghong is one hundred and thirty kilograms, while the ma.s.s of the morphed Frightening Imperial Spear is sixty-nine tons. Li Qinghong’s spear has a ma.s.s density of thirteen while the morphed spear’s is one hundred and eighty-six.”

When the system carefully scanned the two identical Frightening Imperial Spears and carried out the most detailed a.n.a.lysis to compare them, both Li Yunmu or Li Qinghong found themselves short of breath.

Although the Frightening Imperial Spear which Little Qing had morphed into was identical to the original, it was only so in appearance. Whether it was in weight or ma.s.s density, the disparity between the two was extremely great. Li Qinghong’s Frightening Imperial Spear was countless grades lower than the one created by Little Qing.

Shadow Hack Chapter 543 - Create Something from Nothing

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