Shadow Hack Chapter 546 Seeing Hai Yue And Ruyan Lanzhi Once More

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In an unremarkable private residence in Whale City which served as home for the branch of Underground Serpent, a black-clothed, purple-eyed youth lightly cast open a window, releasing the devil hawk which had flown in just a moment ago. Without turning his head around, he said with a gloomy sigh, "An, the mission has failed again!"

"Why, has something unexpected happened again?"

An creased her brows. She felt that the bad news had come to confirm the guess which she hadn't found greatly convincing previously.

Given the strength of the chess piece, it wasn't possible for it to repeatedly escape from the chase of Underground Serpent. But… it was already the fourth time that they had failed to catch him.

With this, An gained proof that during the time the chess piece had infiltrated the Origin G.o.d Sect, its strength had undergone a heaven-defying transformation.

However, what sort of opportunity had the chess piece encountered in the Origin G.o.d Sect that could rise the strength of a flux expert who hadn't even reached the great circle to such a terrifying level in a short time?

Although it wasn't like these kind of things didn't happen in the Origin World, there were very few people, less than one in millions and millions, who would encounter such an opportunity.

For a while, An continued to ponder over the matter.

A hint of coldness flashed past the sharp face of the purple-eyed youth, and his expression became even more grave.

"The Earth Devil has sent a lot of information. Reportedly, after the chess piece got close to Black Spirit Valley, he seemed to have sensed the danger and disappeared without leaving any tracks. Moreover, the number of people who have interest in our chess piece is very large."

An couldn't help but raise her voice in astonishment. "Many?"

"Yes, based on the investigation conducted by the arbitrator members belonging to the alliance of the local powers, the prime suspect is precisely our chess piece. There is another power, which is suspected to be a front for the Origin G.o.d Sect. Its strength isn't too bad as a whole. It has a number of high level cultivators, and i the person leading them is an initial stage sage flux expert.

"There is a third power as well. However, our Underworld Serpent has been unable to investigate its origin for the time being. This power has the smallest number of people, but their strength is quite deep and immeasurable. I truly didn't think that a trifling chess piece would surprisingly attract so many complicated powers," the purple-eyed youth said while fidgeting.

"This is not good. After racking our brains, we had finally found an opportunity to infiltrate the Origin G.o.d Sect, and this happened. We must get into contact with Li Yunmu. Regardless of his reasons for which he doesn't want to contact us anymore, we must learn the secret of the Origin G.o.d Sect.

"I have a bad premonition that we have probably greatly underestimated it. I wonder whether the organization's insistence on destroying the Origin G.o.d Sect will bring us good fortune or disaster…"

"Then do you have some way to establish contact with the chess piece?"

A flash of impatience flashed through the eyes of the purple-eyed youth.

"I have a method. I didn't want to use this if I had an alternative, but facing this situation, we can only use such an inferior method to bring him to us."

An's face turned slightly dark. She had no choice but to use that method to learn the secret of Origin G.o.d Sect. After all, the only chess piece which had been able to successfully infiltrate Origin G.o.d Sect and return was Li Yunmu.

Although her actions would turn them into enemies, making the young powerhouse with seemingly tremendous potential become hostile toward them, she had no choice but to proceed with her plan.

"Uncle Zhong."

An was a decisive person. She quickly made her decision and lightly called out toward the corner of the room.

"The old servent is here."

Under the incredulous gaze of the purple-eyed youth, a black-clothed elder suddenly appeared behind the woman.

"I'll have to trouble you to make a trip. You must capture and bring him back to the organization before other powers can interfere," An respectfully said to the black-clothed elder.

"Be at ease, young miss. This old servant will quickly take care of this matter."

The black-clothed elder rose from his position, and the next instant, his figure changed into black smoke which floated out of the residence.

When the black-clothed elder left, the purple-eyed youth couldn't remain calm and asked loudly in confusion, "An, he is just a trifling chess piece. As long as I personally made a trip, it would be enough. Yet you surprisingly asked Uncle Zhong to take action. Why?"

"You don't understand? Because it is highly probable that this person who was originally a trifling chess piece has jumped out of the board all of a sudden. I am afraid that even you wouldn't be able to control the situation now. Like this, we can take both paths and can hope for one to succeed."

At that time, Li Yunmu didn't know that because of his keen intuition toward danger, he had again avoided the disaster of being captured by a number of competing powers. His action had even prompted An to utilize what was cla.s.sified as the most formidable power under her command.

He had already reached Southern Region's Lanlou.

If he hadn't remembered wrong, then Hai Yue, Ruyan Lanzhi, and Xie Qianxue had given this as their destination when they left.

As a matter of fact, after he had unexpectedly encountered Xie Qianxue at Profound South Sect last time, he had again established a faint connection with the three woman.

The reason why he came to the Southern Region's Lanlou was precisely to settle the matter which they had agreed upon at that time.

After his plans regarding the Pangu True Armor and absorbing the Black Spirit World had failed, he didn't waste time on the other insignificant problems. He remembered that he should make preparations to return to Earth.

Since he had become the target of many powers, his best course of action was to disappear from the Origin World.

He didn't believe that the powers who were hunting him down would be willing to squander a tremendous amount of resources just to monitor him all the time.

After all, his strength had reached a terrifying stage. If they wanted to deal with him, it wouldn't be as simple as dispatching a squad of cultivators possessing trash strength.

A price had to be paid to deal with him and it would be astronomical.

After two months, Li Yunmu finally entered Southern Region's Lanlou like a solitary drifter.

Lanlou wasn't a single power in a traditional sense, but rather a group of thirty second tier powers allied together to form a tyrant.

It was like an enormous monster which occupied the northwest side of the Southern Region of Origin World and rejected any foreign first tier powers that wanted to enter the region.

It was a united and extremely xenophobic power that could even be considered somewhat more formidable that the traditional first tier powers.

Thus, the majority of locals and others viewed the Southern Region's Lanlou as an alliance, but even more so as a country formed from the alliance of numerous second tier powers for the benefit of one community.

Their country had a parliament formed by the thirty second tier powers. It wielded the power in the northwest of the Southern Region.

Several days after Li Yunmu stepped foot into the country, he gained a bit of understanding through the information collected secretly about Lanlou of Southern Region which Hai Yue, Ruyan Lanzhi, and Xie Qianxue had decided to enter.

This made the situation quite convenient for him.
"Hai Yue, Ruyan Lanzhi, I hadn't expected that three years would pa.s.s in a blink of an eye before we would see each other again!"

Li Yunmu raised his head and gazed toward the snow mountain not far from him.

He looked at its summit where three slender women stood listening to his softly spoken words. Xie Qianxue truly hadn't failed his expectations. They had appeared as agreed.

Shadow Hack Chapter 546 Seeing Hai Yue And Ruyan Lanzhi Once More

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