Shadow Hack Chapter 560 - One Punch

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Chapter 560: One Punch

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu expressionlessly walked out of his hidden chamber. For the past three days, his eighteen shadows had been hacking crazily, but when he looked at the cultivation of Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow, it had only reached the integration realm. This was something which had never happened since he had obtained the system!

But Li Yunmu didn’t enquire with the system about it. After reaching his current realm, he could feel a mysterious indication by the will of heaven and earth which made him conclude that his archery skill wasn’t a simple A grade skill!

Naturally, the indication by the will of the heaven and earth didn’t stop at this. He also calculated that on that day he would face a great calamity from which he couldn’t escape. If he survived it, he would get a new lease on life. Once it pa.s.sed, he would gain endless opportunities!

“Li Yunmu, quickly come out and meet this old man!”

A thunderous voice echoed over Lucky Wind City’s sky. Before Li Yunmu could even respond, all the fluxers in the sky fell down. A tyrannical presence instantly sealed off the skies of Lucky Wind City. However, regardless of how much everyone searched, they weren’t able to find the person behind the voice!

“The calamity has arrived.”

Li Yunmu lightly shook his head, and his terrifying flesh power activated. He slightly bent his legs and jumped, using the ground as a springboard.

When Li Yunmu came a small black dot in the distance, cracks spread like a spider web from the spot where he had been standing!

Li Yunmu stepped into the empty sky, his every step making an extremely powerful booming sound. He didn’t use Azure Dragon Expert Armor to fly, but walked in the sky with his physical strength!

This was also a type of cultivation, since like this this Li Yunmu could increase the efficiency of his physical power usage to the max. With all of his power available at a moment’s notice, he would always be in complete control and wouldn’t be scared of it running rampant!

It was impossible for Li Yunmu to make another breakthrough in a short period of time. This wasn’t only related to insufficient resources, but also because if his breakthrough speed was extremely fast, it would make his foundation unstable and maybe even cause his previous efforts to go down the drain!

In the sky, there was a tall and st.u.r.dy silhouette shrouded in black. It was standing motionlessly, allowing the strands of flux energy searching for the source of the noise to sweep past him. Whenever it neared him, it would be isolated by an invisible power and transmitted to another region.

Li Yunmu and the black-clothed man were ten thousand meters up in the sky, watching each other for a long time. Finally, Li Yunmu said with a faint smile, “Your distinguished self is powerful. Even now, I cannot see through your distinguished self’s cultivation. Why has your distinguished self come to my Lucky Wind City?”

“I?” The black-clothed man pointed toward himself while speaking in a low, m.u.f.fled voice. “I didn’t come to Lucky Wind City as your enemy. You can put away the battle skills you have prepared to use. Even if I attack you, you might not be able to do anything to me!”

“Ha ha!” Li Yunmu coldly looked at the other party and said, “You say you don’t have enmity against me, and you think that I’ll believe you? Probably even you yourself don’t believe it!”

“I have come to present you with an opportunity. I want to see whether you will dare to take it or not.”

After interrupting Li Yunmu, the black-clothed man opened his left hand, and an azure halo rose above it. It stayed there, but at the same time, it looked like with a gust of wind, it would fly ten thousand meters away!

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes and mumbled, “Azure Dragon Deity Suit? So you should be the master of Frontline Heavens, Frontline G.o.d. Since you took this out, why still hide the tail? Speak, what do you want?”

“Take one hit from me, and this piece of Azure Dragon Deity Suit will belong to you.”

Frontline G.o.d waved his right hand once, and the azure halo quickly advanced toward Li Yunmu. The next instant, an extremely terrifying presence burst forth from Frontline G.o.d. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the slightest bit lacking compared to that of Li Yunmu!

Frontline G.o.d was widely known for his defense, but according to rumors, he only relied on the pieces of Azure Dragon Deity Suit. Even if Li Yunmu hadn’t crossed paths with the enemy before, he hadn’t expected that once the other burst forth, he would reveal such terrifying physical strength!

Li Yunmu didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless when confronting such a terrifying ent.i.ty. Azure Dragon Expert Armor, which was covered in azure flames, condensed on his body, and his tremendous physical strength also became agitated. Boundless majestic power which had been amplified by Azure Dragon Expert Armor began to howl in his blood vessels.

Arrow Evasion and Admiralty Cover were fully unleashed in an instant. Within a split second, they accounted for the might of the enemy’s attack. If Li Yunmu relied on Flash Step and Nine Phantom Heavenly Insect Step, the enemy’s attack might not even reach him. As for the bits of the attack which managed to reach him, they would be handled by his defense.

But Li Yunmu didn’t choose to retreat. At the core, he was a proud person. Although being innately lazy had diminished his pride and taken away care about his face, it couldn’t fully extinguish the flames in his heart!

Why should I retreat? Why does he think he can make me retreat!?

He pressed forward with powerful momentum and unleashed the most formidable fist technique in his a.r.s.enal—Disaster Punch!


A thunderous explosion filled the entire sky when the punches of Frontline G.o.d and Li Yunmu came in contact with each other. It felt like only two huge fists remained in the entire world. The next instant though, terrifying shockwaves spread from them as the center.

There was a gentle cough, and Admiralty War and Azure Dragon Expert Armor instantly vanished from Li Yunmu’s body. He also gradually withdrew the hand which had collided with Frontline G.o.d’s punch. It casually wiped away the thin trail of blood coming out from his mouth.

That was right. When their fists collided, Li Yunmu actually received injuries which couldn’t be considered minor. If it wasn’t for his body’s defenses which had no flaws, the force of the attack would have probably shattered his internal organs.

Frontline G.o.d was truly terrifying. He was certainly worthy of being a famous top powerhouse for a long time!

Compared to Li Yunmu’s sorry state, Frontline G.o.d was in a good shape. He pulled back his hand and turned around to retreat through the s.p.a.ce.

Shadow Hack Chapter 560 - One Punch

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