Shadow Hack Chapter 552 Great Increase In Physical Strength And Coming Out Of Seclusion

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Naturally, since Li Yunmu had chosen Admiralty War at the great circle, Safeguard, which he had gained previously, was removed. But even so, Li Yunmu thought it was worth it.

This was because with this ability, he felt that the only weakness in his defense had been complemented. As expected, Admiralty War wasn't an offensive ability, but rather focused on defense.

Li Yunmu closed his eyes and sensed the small golden dragon wandering through his meridians and flux points. The golden energy had greatly increased the security and immunity of his internal organs.

Strictly speaking, Admiralty War only existed inside his body. Only if the enemy possessed tremendous strength and Li Yunmu was unable to resist them, allowing destructive power to permeate into his body, that Admiralty Cover would be unleashed. It would transform into a ferocious dragon and would devour all of the destructive energy.

Furthermore, if Li Yunmu consumed a highly lethal poison by accident, the golden dragon would turn his body into a battlefield and defeat the energy which had permeated his body. It would swallow it whole, allowing Li Yunmu to live unharmed.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that with the appearance of Admiralty War, Li Yunmu's defence had become akin to an iron bucket. Whether it was the outside or the inside, there were no holes through which something could leak.

It has to be said that this ultimate ability which appeared when Admiralty Cover reached the ninety-ninth layer excited Li Yunmu from the bottom of his heart.

Compared to that, the final ability produced by Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets upon reaching great circle was a little weaker. But even so, he was quite satisfied with it as well.

Only one ability was produced when Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets reached great circle, and it increased his physical power. The bones in Li Yunmu's body acted like they were made of metal and possessed astonis.h.i.+ng density. Each of his kicks and punches surged with brute force and were unusually strong.

Based on the system's calculations, Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets had increased the strength of Li Yunmu's bones to a level where even if a battles.h.i.+p weighing more than a hundred thousand tons knocked into him at a high speed, he would still be able to resist the impact with the strength of his bones.

That was right—the cultivation method was this abnormal and formidable.

Furthermore, Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets had increased Li Yunmu's physical strength by another thousand tons. After his strength had increased by one thousand five hundred tons after absorbing the red G.o.d fruit, then without counting his flux energy strength, his pure physical strength was now two thousand five hundred tons.

Even if Azure Dragon Expert Armor didn't amplify his flux energy strength, he could battle with a mid stage sage flux expert based solely on his physical strength which was two thousand five hundred oxen.

The scariness of Li Yunmu's physical strength could be clearly seen from this. He was almost certain that in this world, he was the only person who had reached such a terrifying height.

Even the countless talents of the Origin World wouldn't be able to reach such physical strength. After all, he was only able to do so because of the combined efforts of Admiralty Cover, Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, Cross Cover Armor, and Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. These were four body tempering cultivation methods with the lowest of them being A grade.

Once done with that, around three hundred thousand ability points remained. Li Yunmu didn't keep them in reserve and decided to exchange them all to increase his strength. He followed the principle of doing it to the end or not doing it at all.

He threw all of the remaining three hundred thousand something ability points on Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution and Ghostly Evasion. The two were his main escaping and life-saving techniques.

From the cultivation methods he'd acquired from the Ghosts, he had focused on these two skills, and now quickly raised them to the great circle. This increased his survivability.

As for three hundred something million experience points, he used them all straight away. He was the type of person who would finish a task once he started it; he used all the experience points on congealing more shadows.

When he had congealed the twelfth shadow, he had used up twenty million experience points. When he congealed the thirteenth shadow, he spent thirty million experience points… forty million for fourteenth shadow… fifty million for fifteenth shadow… sixty million for sixteenth shadow… seventy million for seventeenth shadow… eighty million for eighteenth shadow.

The three hundred ninety million experience points allowed him to congeal six more shadows. In the end, only sixty million points were left.

Once all the foundational skills and cultivation methods had been sorted out and the number of shadows was raised to eighteen, the end result stunned Li Yunmu. He didn't care one bit that he had used up all the points he had acc.u.mulated.

It was definitely worth it, despite losing the long term benefits. Sometimes, experts had to strive for their present. If they couldn't even preserve their life, they would lose everything.

Although the original plan couldn't keep up with the changes and requires decisive adjustments, Li Yunmu's strength had swelled greatly even if his cultivation hadn't increased in the slightest.

In the depths of a gloomy snow-filled mountain, a silhouette was sitting motionlessly in the a cave. It suddenly opened its eyes, and the entire mountainside began to dry up and melt as if it had encountered a volcanic eruption.

A formidable bloodline energy soared like a rocket. The snow which had been acc.u.mulating for a long time was like b.u.t.ter which had met a burning hot knife in front of the astonis.h.i.+ng energy soaring into the heavens.

Flying Snow Mountain which had seen no changes for many millenniums gradually began to melt at that moment.

The attack of this extremely formidable energy instantly caused the expressions of all the people of Xie Qianxue's sect to change. They swiftly looked at the mountain peak where Li Yunmu was located.

"What formidable power and terrifying might. Given the surging energy, this person is at least at great circle."

"Flying Snow Mountain? When has such a terrifying character appeared at Flying Snow Mountain?"

"That's not right. The women of Flying Snow Mountain could never cultivate this formidable power with a masculine presence."

Li Yunmu exit from seclusion caused some extremely terrifying movement which instantly attracted the attention of more than ten second tier sects in the surroundings.

The blood energy soaring into the heavens was like a crimson blood dragon. It flew into the sky while enveloping the entire Flying Snow Mountain Range without dispersing.

"Not good, some formidable enemy has invaded this land! Our Flying Snow Mountain is in danger."

"Immediately unleash the mountain guarding formation. Quickly gather the elders to welcome the enemy…."

At this instant, a middle-aged woman who still looked attractive suddenly came out of seclusion on the main peak of Flying Snow Mountain and looked at the enormous dragon formed of blood and qi. She couldn't help but tremble slightly.


At this instant, the soaring energy suddenly caused an enormous explosion. Li Yunmu used the mountain peak as a springboard to jump into the sky with a loud yell.

With Azure Dragon Expert Armor, which released cyan flames, as well as the tremendous blood and qi attacking the night, Li Yunmu was like a war G.o.d. He couldn't control himself and suppress the intense battle intent rus.h.i.+ng out from his body. 

Admiralty War's dragon coursing through his body filled him with battle intent which he had been enduring for a long time. After his strength had greatly increased, he wanted to battle and kept howling for a long time.

Shadow Hack Chapter 552 Great Increase In Physical Strength And Coming Out Of Seclusion

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