Shadow Hack Chapter 553 Return To The Earth

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A sound echoed, and like a meteor shooting down from the horizon, Li Yunmu landed heavily on the ground in front of Demon. He was covered in cyan flames from head to toe while clad in Azure Dragon Expert Armor.

Earlier, he had battled with a few elders of Flying Snow Mountain. After this exercise, he finally realized the extent of his present strength.

It has to be said that although Flying Snow Mountain was only an upper middle grade sect among the second tier powers, all of the defenses were completely activated the moment Li Yunmu appeared without concealing his battle intent in their territory.

Four initial stage sage elders in addition to two mid stage sage elders as well as the sect leader had all shown up.

Altogether, seven sage flux experts had surrounded and jointly attacked Li Yunmu.

During the heaven-shaking and earth-shattering battle, Li Yunmu discovered that his combat strength had reached an unfathomable level.

Once his physical strength reached the peak when his tyrannical body refining methods achieved great circle, his power had become majestic and boundless. Each punch and kick was filled with enormous explosive power. The absolute defense provided by Azure Dragon Expert Armor and his tyrannical physical body ensured that he would be able to easily escape unscathed from the joint attack of seven sage level powerhouses.

During the battle, Li Yunmu had become clear in his heart that even a true mid stage sage flux expert of the Origin World would most likely be unable to injure him.

The most attention-worthy technique in the battle was his Admiralty War, which made sure that the 'ice-cold flux energy', which was the pride of Flying Snow Mountain, couldn't invade his body and wreak havoc inside.

It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that compared to two months ago before he entered seclusion, his defense no longer had any flaws or fatal gaps. With his innate expert armor and monstrous physical strength, it was difficult for a mid stage sage flux expert to injure him.

As long as the enemy wasn't a late stage sage flux expert, Li Yunmu wouldn't put them in his eyes.

Thus, the battle had bolstered his confidence.

"So what's the matter? Where are Li Qinghong, Hai Yue, and the other women?"

By then, Li Yunmu had already escaped the siege of the several sage flux experts of Flying Snow Mountain. He had then relied on the vague connection between master and follower to find Demon who was hiding in the woods in a sorry shape.

Just a single glance at him caused Li Yunmu's complexion to change. Demon was in a quite bad shape, but the important thing was that Li QInghong, Hai Yue, Xie Qianxue, and Ruyan Lanzhi were nowhere to be seen.

"An accident has happened, Master. The descenders from all regions had been hurried over, according to their original plan. But yesterday, they were attacked by a formidable old man. All of them, including Sister Qinghong and Hai Yue were abducted by him. If I hadn't concealed myself here because of your order, I probably would have also been exposed."

Without caring for his sorry state, Demon narrated everything that had happened in the last couple days. When he finished the story, he solemnly took out a jade stone and gave it to Li Yunmu.

"The old man had left this jade stone behind after capturing everyone. I think that he deliberately left it for you."

"Underworld Serpent's sound recording stone!"

Once Li Yunmu took a glance at the jade stone, his complexion changed. A background image of the underworld's abyss was carved on top of the jade stone. It portrayed a serpent struggling to crawl out of the abyss.

If this wasn't the mark of the Underworld Serpent, then what was?

He truly hadn't expected that they would manage to trace his location.

Only after joining the organization had Li Yunmu realized that Underworld Serpent's genuine strength was close to that of a first tier power.

After he took the sound recording jade stone, he lightly inputted some energy. As time pa.s.sed, his complexion turned increasingly more gloomy. He faintly spit out, "Great circle sage flux expert… Good one, Underworld Serpent. I have greatly underestimated you."

"What? That old man was actually a great circle sage powerhouse?"

Demon s.h.i.+vered slightly. Until that moment, he had thought that he had escaped detection. Yet it was more than likely that he had been discovered in the so-called depths of the woods, but the old man had deliberately let him go to bring all the information to his master.

"So what should we do now? All of our Earth's descenders, including Sister Qinghong, are in his hands…"

When confronted with a legendary character standing at the peak of the world, even Demon who had witnessed miracles created by Li Yunmu, began to lose confidence.

After staying silent for a long while, Li Yunmu clenched his teeth and replied with a cold sneer. "What to do now? We can only do as they ask."

"We can only do as they ask?"

"That's right. You return to Green Goblin Mountain and hide yourself there. Take some flux binding pills and cultivation methods, and until I show up again, don't leave that region for any reason."

LiYunmu took out various items for cultivation and gave them to Demon as if this was his last gift to him.

"Master!" Demon trembled from head to toe, and he fiercely shook his head. "I won't leave! Even if we die, we should die together. I, Demon, am not someone who fears for his life. Moreover, since my soul imprint is bound to master's heavenly world, my fate is bound to you. So if you are doomed, then so am I."

"Listen to me. I am not going to throw away my life. Even if I was to encounter a great circle sage flux expert, I might not be trampled upon. Not to mention that I don't plan on confronting the other party right now.

"Go now, return to Green Goblin Mountain. As long as you return to the mountain sect, Underworld Serpent won't create much trouble for you."

Li Yunmu didn't allow Demon to continue speaking. After his strength had reached the present stage, a single Demon wouldn't be able to provide any a.s.sistance to him. Instead, his follower would only get in the way.

Even Li Qinghong who possessed great potential would be the same. Only if any of them could congeal innate expert armor could they help him; otherwise, they would find it hard to follow him in the future.

"Take care of yourself!"

After being ruthlessly cast away, Demon gave a profound glance to Li Yunmu and departed, since he had no other choice.

Right then, he couldn't clearly make out the exact strength of his master.

"It's time to return to Earth. Since the opponent has taken hostages to threaten me to appear before them, I will fulfill their wishes. Let's see who is more patient of the two of us."

No one, even Demon, couldn't antic.i.p.ate Li Yunmu's thoughts. Underworld Serpent's abduction of all the descenders had actually relieved him and settled a major headache for him.

He would definitely rescue them, but not now.

"Underworld Serpent, since you want to force my hand, don't blame me for falling out with you."

Once Li Yunmu saw Demon's departing figure, he took in a deep breath.

The next instant, he returned to his heavenly world. With a single thought, he attracted a heavenly path pa.s.sing through s.p.a.ce. It extended to the heavenly world, and he went up it without any hesitation.

Shadow Hack Chapter 553 Return To The Earth

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