Shadow Hack Chapter 561 - Ancient God’s Malicious Designs

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Chapter 561: Ancient G.o.d’s Malicious Designs

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu extended his hand to grab the cyan halo floating above the enemy’s hand, and the Azure Dragon Deity Suit which had merged with his body instantly resonated with it. The piece was swiftly absorbed into the supreme battlesuit, thus gathering all of its parts together!

Li Yunmu followed Frontline G.o.d’s departing figure with his eyes, but he didn’t feel the slightest bit excited in his heart. Although receiving the final part of Azure Dragon Deity Suit would make his strength take a large leap, the feeling of crisis in his heart had only increased!

If he needed to only receive an attack from Frontline G.o.d to obtain the final piece of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, what calamity did the will of heaven and earth indicate? It couldn’t be that a mistake was made by the universe and it was actually just a huge opportunity for him and nothing more. After all, although his injury seemed ordinary, it would still take him more than ten days of recuperation for his combat strength to reach its peak once more!

“A great calamity from which I will get a new lease on my life, what exactly is it?”

Li Yunmu turned to look in the direction of Frontline G.o.d with a dignified expression and saw the battle sage’s silhouette stop. Soon after, a voice came from the body dressed in black, and in front of Li Yunmu’s eyes, it exploded into pieces. In a moment, there was nothing but a fog of blood in the sky!


Li Yunmu felt as if ice cold water had been poured over him. He suddenly realized that he had fallen for a sinister scheme!

Frontline G.o.d definitely wasn’t a generous person, so the reason he had come to give him the final part should have been because of Battle Sage Vega and other top powerhouses. In other words, all the top powerhouses of his plane knew that Frontline G.o.d would come to find him on that day. And now they would learn that not only had Li Yunmu gathered all the parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, but that one of the top powerhouses, Frontline G.o.d, had also perished after meeting him!

He lost his life in Li Yunmu’s territory and didn’t even leave an intact corpse to be examined, making sure that not even his injuries could be checked for any kind of proof. With such evidence pointing at him, even if Li Yunmu jumped into the Yellow River, he still couldn’t clear his name. The blame of Frontline G.o.d’s death was tightly fastened to his head!

“Who was it… Who exactly was it…” Li Yunmu mumbled to himself. Suddenly though, he bellowed, “That surprisingly dares to plot against me!”

The instant Frontline G.o.d’s body exploded and turned into a fog of blood, Li Yunmu knew the calamity from which he might only narrowly escape. At the critical juncture of deciding the fate of humanity, he surprisingly killed a high level powerhouse for a treasure. Moreover, even if all his previous conduct was considered and Battle Sage Vega as well as Battle G.o.d took his side, it would still be impossible to mediate and calm the hostility of the top powerhouses!

Not to mention that Battle Sage Vega and Battle G.o.d would never deliberately become enemies of the whole world just to protect Li Yunmu. From that instant, he would be considered as an enemy of humanity, and it was even possible that some top powerhouses would leave the attack on the Seventh Dimension to come and suppress the criminal rampaging in their own backyard!

If Frontline G.o.d had truly died under his hands, it would still have been somewhat all right. But Li Yunmu hadn’t received any notification from the system regarding his attack, so clearly, the other’s death had no relation to him!

Either don’t start or don’t stop. Using the opportunity of everyone being in the Seventh Dimension to break the foundation…

Suddenly, a terrifying thought arose in Li Yunmu’s mind!

[Ding! Spiritual attack from an unknown enemy detected! Requesting host to immediately issue the command for counterattack!]

[Ding! Host is under the control of unknown spiritual attack! System selected to expel the attack!]

[Ding! Using experience points to expel… All experience points consumed… Expelling failed…]

[Ding! Using ability points to expel… All ability points consumed… Failed…]

[Ding! Using s.p.a.ce elements to expel… All s.p.a.ce elements consumed… Failed…]

[Ding! Using heavenly world’s power to expel… Half of the heavenly world’s power consumed… Success!]

After the successive notifications from the system echoed in Li Yunmu’s mind, he quickly regained clarity. His body was covered in sweat from head to toe, and without any hesitation, he quickly checked his profile to investigate whether the attack moments before had been real or his imagination.

System: seventh level.

Host: Li Yunmu.

Shadows: eighteen.

Experience points: zero.

Ability points: zero.

s.p.a.ce elements: zero.

Comprehension points: zero.

Heavenly world: two sun (weak).

Foundation skill: Arrow Evasion (great heights), Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike (reaching perfection), Nine Shadow Heavenly Insect Step (small success), Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms (extraordinary sage), Flash Step (integration), Thunderous Pressure Kick (excellence), Blind Shot (integration), Three Part Origin Arrow (small success), Shadow Carapace (integration), Disaster Punch (small success), Heavenly Blade (small success), Unique Shadow Heavenly Blade Chop (small success), Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow (integration).

Cultivation methods: Aurora Killing Justice, Chaotian Eight Steps, Great Sun Secret Technique, Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick, Spirit Pincer Step, Spirit Pincer Rip, Ghostly Evasion, Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution, Ghost King Body Refining Secrets, Ghost King’s Body Refining Secrets, Ghost Inheritance, Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal.

Body Refining: Admiralty Cover, Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, Cross Cover Armor, Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

Special cultivation methods: Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique, Infant Soul Preservation.

Desperate fatal move: Danger Critical Extinguisher.

Li Yunmu knitted his brows and asked with a gloomy face, “System, just now that unknown attack which affected my mental consciousness, what was it?”

Experience points, ability points, s.p.a.ce elements, and comprehension points had all been used up to the last one. After all, there hadn’t many of them after his breakthrough. The overall effect wasn’t too great, and so his heavenly world’s power had been used up. His heavenly world fell into a weak state, with no hope of being utilized any time soon!

[Ding, system is investigating… Investigation finished… System discovered remnants of G.o.d Undercurrent’s power in host’s body. Do you wish to expel it?]

Once the system’s notification appeared in Li Yunmu’s mind, sweat ran down his back once more. He hadn’t expected that the person who tried to ambush him after scheming against him was surprisingly G.o.d Undercurrent.

If Li Yunmu wasn’t in possession of Super Shadow Hack System, he probably would’ve been reduced to Barbarian Niu and Ling Shuang’s state. Even if G.o.d Undercurrent couldn’t seize his body for the time being, he still would’ve been under his complete control!

“Good, good good!” Li Yunmu began to laugh in cold fury. “This father of yours did not go provoke you, only hoping to use your pressure to make the human powerhouses view him as important. Yet you came to provoke him. Do you really believe that this father of yours is a pushover and won’t do anything regardless of what you do?”

Shadow Hack Chapter 561 - Ancient God’s Malicious Designs

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