Shadow Hack Chapter 558 Gaining Control Of Lucky Wind City

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When the eight enormous black red rays in the sky scattered into flux energy arrows, all of the fluxers who felt that they were targeted spit out a mouthful of abuses. None of them even attempted to beg for forgiveness.

A ruthless person like Li Yunmu who had decided to exterminate them and had attacked without any warning would not change his mind. There was no point to wag their tails and beg for forgiveness.

One after another, the black-red arrows penetrated the bodies of the fluxers. Some of the more powerful people used all sorts of methods to disperse a portion of flux energy and then tried to quickly escape the range of the attack, but what awaited them were even more flux energy arrows!

"Nangong, Flowing Cloud!" Li Yunmu lightly called.

The flux energy near his body slightly trembled, and the hole formed because by Disaster Punch instantly filled with soil. During this time, Nangong Gongzi and Flowing Cloud who weren't far away quickly transformed into two rays of light and arrived near Li Yunmu.

"Master!" Nangong Gongzi cupped his hands towards Li Yunmu and indifferently asked. "Please give your instructions. Even ten thousand deaths will not prevent this subordinate from completing them!"

"There is some filth in Lucky Wind City. You all go and quickly clean it."

While clasping both hands behind his hand, Li Yunmu calmly gave a single instruction.

Nangong Gongzi shuddered slightly, and even felt his breath stopping for a moment. Although he had known long ago that Li Yunmu was a decisive person when it came to killing, it was different this time though. When he heard Li Yunmu's request to 'clean the city' and tried to calculate how much blood would have to flow, he came up with an astronomical amount just on the first guess!

Although many of the fluxers in Lucky Wind City belonged to the powers which had helped Li Yunmu's followers, other powers had also gradually arranged their strongholds here, stationing groups of fluxers.

During the past few years, Nangong Gongzi and the other followers who had remained on Earth hadn't focused on increasing their strength, but they had stayed in the king's true territory where time pa.s.sed at a different rate and kept nouris.h.i.+ng themselves with divine blood. Thus, they could no longer be considered as weak.

All six of them possessed strength comparable to that of flux masters. What concerned their genuine combat strength, they could even battle against nirvana flux masters after having used divine blood to supplement their cultivation.

As the saying goes, train the troops for a thousand days, and they will be useful for one day. Right then, it was exactly the time to display their worth.

"As you bid!"

Flowing Cloud didn't hesitate like Nangong Gongzi. She simply cupped her hands toward Li Yunmu, showing that she had received his command.

After Flowing Cloud and Nangong Gongzi retired, Lucky Wind City was sealed by an indescribable power. This time, Li Yunmu used his full strength and even drew a.s.sistance from the Void Disk to lay down a restriction on the little town. He had no intention of letting anyone leave. Ordinary fluxers could never break his restrictions!

After three full days pa.s.sed, the restriction enveloping Lucky Wind City was removed by Li Yunmu. At that moment, all the powers who had waited for a long time poured into the city like a tide.

The next moment, an extremely terrifying news was spread—the majority of fluxers had disappeared from Lucky Wind City. The remaining ones—those who were loyal to Li Yunmu—had injuries and some had even lost an arm or a leg!

The air reeked of blood which caused everyone entering to choke. Most of the buildings had turned into ruins, from which it was clear that a desperate battle had taken place. Something like that could even be considered a purge!

Once this information spread, the leaders of the major powers who were in the Seventh Dimension stopped their a.s.sault and began to wait and watch. This allowed G.o.d Undercurrent, who had been oppressed by the powerhouses, to breathe a sigh of relief and begin to quickly restore his strength!

"Has Li Yunmu gone crazy? He conducted a purge in Lucky Wind City! Could it be that he isn't afraid of provoking public anger? Does he believe that he has the strength and reserves like G.o.d Undercurrent, which would allow him to resist being suppressed by our various powers?"

"Ha ha ha, provoke public anger? He doesn't care, but I want to ask you something, even if you could attack Li Yunmu, would you dare? If you somehow don't manage to kill this youngster and allow him to escape, then what about the future? If any of your disciples went out to train, he would kill them all. Do you understand now?"

"Hmph! What do you mean? I don't believe that the youngster Li Yunmu would truly dare to act in this manner! Only if he could live eternally would that make sense; otherwise, the future of his Lin Family would certainly be doomed!"

"Lin Family? He has no one to carry on his ancestral line. Even if he has parents as well as a sister, he could easily protect them by relying on his strength and lifespan. That youngster is barefooted, so naturally he isn't afraid of us!"

Looking at the quarreling powerhouses, Battle G.o.d couldn't help but knit his brows and say in a profound manner, "Everyone present here has a high status while he is just a mere youth. What kind of wave could he raise? We are still—"

"Battle G.o.d, guard your tongue!" Battle Sage Vega glanced at the Battle G.o.d with a frosty look and said in a m.u.f.fled voice, "Can't you see? Although we have successfully managed to invade the Seventh Dimension, we haven't made any major progress and everyone has lost many soldiers and resources. They are only using him as a pretext to kick a fuss and nothing more."

After hearing her words, an old man with white hair smiled faintly and walked forward from the ranks of the powerhouses while speaking brightly.

"Battle Sage Vega's words have a small discrepancy. We aren't using this matter as a pretext to kick a fuss; the news that Seventh Dimension's battle is stuck in a stalemate is public knowledge. Now a ruthless killer like Li Yunmu has also appeared, and no one knows what he will do next!"

Although Battle G.o.d had declared that he will put aside all the grudges for the time being, a character like Li Yunmu had not existed at the time. This youngster had risen abruptly from the lowest status of an ordinary person and become an outstanding bigshot. All his actions were ruthless and aimed at achieving his target by hook or by crook.

Because of that, many powerhouses in the Seventh Dimension had a grudge against him. Who knew whether Li Yunmu take hold of the opportunity and lead his people to exterminate some subordinate powers. It has to be known that almost all the powerhouses were in the Seventh Dimension at that moment!

Who would then dare to obstruct the path of Li Yunmu and his followers? No one! Li Yunmu's strength was probably higher than anyone else on Earth at that moment, so they would only use any method available to them to escape from this calamity!

That was why the top powerhouses began to panic.

Li Yunmu had grasped their next move and had conducted a blood purge in Lucky Wind City to make sure that the small fish didn't dare to provoke a tiger again. Also, it would force the powerhouses to choose a fitting person to come and ask for his conditions!

Another layer of frost joined Battle Sage Vega's already cold face. Clearly, she was furious with the people who were using this matter as a pretext to kick a fuss, but she couldn't flare up. Given the situation, they had to remain united to deal with the matter of the Seventh Dimension!

Shadow Hack Chapter 558 Gaining Control Of Lucky Wind City

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