Shadow Hack Chapter 568 - The Suppression on the Wall

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Chapter 568: The Suppression on the Wall

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu slowly came to the impregnable pa.s.s while gazing at the figure which had once belonged to Barbarian Niu standing on top of the wall.

After watching it for a long while, Li Yunmu communicated with the system. “System, if I could capture him alive, could G.o.d Undercurrent be expelled from the body?”

[Theoretically it is possible. As long as host is willing to pay enough experience points, the system is capable of expelling G.o.d Undercurrent. However, the system recommends that host doesn’t stay with this thought. G.o.d Undercurrent should have already erased Barbarian Niu’s soul to preserve intactness and stability of his control. Even if you forcefully expel him from the body, host will only obtain an empty sh.e.l.l.]

The system spoke in the same pattern as always—one line definite reply followed by its a.n.a.lysis.

From the time Li Yunmu had obtained the Super Shadow Hack System, it appeared that everything was in its control, except what it didn’t wish to inform Li Yunmu about or what he hadn’t asked about. Otherwise, it was seemingly omnipotent!

With a ray of hope in his heart, Li Yunmu enquired with the system, “Then… what about Ling Shuang? Is her situation the same as Barbarian Niu’s?”

This time, the seemingly omnipotent system turned silent. After roughly two breaths’ time had pa.s.sed, it spoke slowly.

[According to the system’s inspection, under the control of the secret technique unleashed by the enemy, Ling Shuang has completely changed into the enemy’s most loyal servant. However, if host could capture her alive and would pay the required amount of experience points, the system could restore Ling Shuang to her original state!]

“Capture her alive!?”

Li Yunmu bitterly smiled while shaking his head and didn’t continue the discussion with the system.

Although he hadn’t seen Ling Shuang after returning, G.o.d Undercurrent himself was standing atop the impregnable pa.s.s’ wall. On top of that, behind Li Yunmu was a group of top powerhouses rus.h.i.+ng forward with their battle intent rising to the skies. They were about to catch up to him!

This was the decisive battle!

In this battle, the powerhouses of Earth and G.o.d Undercurrent would decide who would become the hegemons of the Seventh Dimension. If G.o.d Undercurrent lost, even if he didn’t perish, he most likely wouldn’t have another opportunity to turn it around in the future. After the heavenly transformation, he would also become one of the small flies!

Under the control of G.o.d Undercurrent’s secret technique, Ling Shuang had completely turned into his most trusted and intimate existence. But when the situation of the decisive battle reached its climax, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice her if it could give him a chance to attain victory!

What would Li Yunmu do at that time?

In order to rescue Ling Shuang, would he take on the fury of Battle Sage Vega, Battle G.o.d, and the others, enduring the attacks of all the powerhouses on the side of the allied forces?

While ma.s.saging his glabella, Li Yunmu looked at the wall. “G.o.d Undercurrent, I guess you didn’t expect that we would meet so quickly? You left me with an enormous debt, so I must pay it back properly!”

Standing on the wall, G.o.d Undercurrent tilted his head and asked with a slight smile, “When did we meet? I don’t understand what you are trying to say.”

Although there was a slight smile on his face, he was completely flabbergasted in his heart. He had no idea what sort of method Li Yunmu had used to expel his power from his body, but he hadn’t paid much attention to it. He had believed that he hadn’t left any tracks, and that like Battle Sage Vega, Li Yunmu would just suspect him.

It should have only been a suspicion, however, something without proof behind it, so who could insist that he did it? What sort of tyrant would that person be?

But at that moment, when G.o.d Undercurrent heard Li Yunmu’s mocking tone, hesitation arose in his heart. Li Yunmu seemed to be certain that all the previous matters were his doing and hold no doubt about it, not suspecting any of the other powerhouses!

The slight smile on Li Yunmu’s face didn’t change, and he didn’t bother anymore with his opponent. He slightly bent his legs, resembling a startled mantis and dashed up. Before the fluxer subordinates of G.o.d Undercurrent who were responsible for guarding the wall could even react, he stabilized himself on the wall. The checkpoint at that height was only useful for resisting dimensional beasts who weren’t too intelligent. In front of a fluxer with tyrannical strength, it existed only in name.

“Terrifying pressure!”

Once Li Yunmu landed on the wall, his expression changed slightly. Even without the system’s monitoring, he could sense that his strength had dropped by close to one third!

With the weakening of strength to this extent as well as the defensie weapons and soldier fluxers, it wasn’t a wonder that the checkpoint which seemed completely unnecessary to Li Yunmu had surprisingly stopped Earth’s allied forces for such a long time. It had even acquired many casualties!

After Li Yunmu appeared on the stage, G.o.d Undercurrent wasn’t anxious to attack and only waved his hand lightly. “Slaughter him!” he commanded.

Naturally, he wasn’t anxious to attack himself because he could still sense the burning gaze on his body which belonged to the most powerful person on Earth, Battle G.o.d. If he attacked Li Yunmu, the leaders of the five transcending powers would rush forward to deal with him without any hesitation!

The defensive weapons above the wall began to operate. They included all sorts of flux energy heavy bows, catapults, and other sorts of siege weapons used before the Dark Ages as well as the flux cannon and other weapons developed by humans in the dimensional age. After being installed on the wall, almost all of them had been turned into tools for harvesting lives!

With a slight thought, Little Qing who had been cultivating in the heavenly world transformed into a cyan pike. Although the impregnable pa.s.s wasn’t narrow, there were numerous fluxers fighting against Li Yunmu while sticking to each other. Although they were afraid of his strength at the beginning, allowing him to hold his ground, none of them dared to hold back after G.o.d Undercurrent’s personal command!

Several fluxers with sinister expression surrounded Li Yunmu. Even if they weren’t willing to go forward, they were forced to do so because of all the people pus.h.i.+ng them from behind it!

Under this situation, sword-like blades would definitely not be able to unleash their full potential. Even if Li Yunmu possessed countless battle skills, it was impossible for him to use them just like that and behead everyone around him. Even if Battle G.o.d or the others were in his position with their strength suppressed, they also wouldn’t be able to accomplish this feat!

A flexible long spear was the perfect weapon for this type of situation!Even if Li Yunmu had forgotten almost all spear related skills, he still remembered a few moves and only lacked the might of a battle skill.

Shadow Hack Chapter 568 - The Suppression on the Wall

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