Shadow Hack Chapter 569 - Being Treated as an Abandoned Son

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Chapter 569: Being Treated as an Abandoned Son

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Get lost!”

With a furious howl, Li Yunmu took the initiative to go on the offensive. A green long spear nimbly entered and exited the empty s.p.a.ces between the numerous fluxers, and its sharp tip left behind a pretty trail of blood.

In a flash, seven flux energy cultivating lifeforms with strength reaching nirvana flux master realm were slain. The cyan spear in Li Yunmu’s hand continued to dance, shaking away more than ten blade type weapons trying to block its retreat. Back off, drop, penetrate, endure, push—these five moves were being used to the maximum.

One after another, vivid lifeforms perished under Li Yunmu’s hand. One after another, siege weapons were also crushed to pieces. For a short time, Li Yunmu was like a G.o.d of war going on a rampage with his unparalleled spear atop the wall!

The suppression on flux energy because of the impregnable pa.s.s was terrifying. Fluxers which only relied on flux energy could only use their weak flux energy to protect their not-so-strong bodies or use the feeble power to launch an attack!

Li Yunmu, however, didn’t even need to use his Admiralty War to resist the attacks of the enemy; his physical body was more than sufficient. But his aim wasn’t to clear the waves of trash soldiers, but to s.h.i.+eld the allied army. Therefore, he only cared about holding his ground while going on a rampage and releasing an unprecedented amount of power to destroy the siege weapons which only he could see from his position!

As for the allied army, color began to return to the deathly pale faces of many fluxers who had previously been blocked by the siege weapons. In close to ten small scale battles they had fought before, the defensive weapons had been the ones responsible for most of the casualties. Unless the enemy’s siege weapons were completely annihilated, the conflict would not reach its end. Thus, the majority of the weaker fluxers had been prepared to perish.

With Li Yunmu sharing the majority of the burden though, the pressure on them had lightened greatly. The situation was completely different from before. Back then, before touching the wall, nearly half of the attacking force had been wiped off. The remaining warriors were also completely exhausted, so in this situation, how could the allied forces hope to achieve any kind of victory!

The majority of fluxers of the allied army who had partic.i.p.ated in the sieges were wiped out!

If the top powerhouses who were leading their followers, family, and sect disciples said their hearts did not ache, it would be a complete lie. But every time, the characters taking the lead in the battle were Vega Temple, War G.o.d Shrine, Bladewood, and other transcending powers.

The experts belonging to them never even knitted their brows. In every one of the battles, they were also the most active troops. When the situation was like this, the other powerhouses couldn’t complain.

Now, Li Yunmu alone was going on a killing spree along the wall. Although it was impossible for him to influence the whole battle with his strength alone, but compared to previous situations, the change was like the difference between heaven and earth. The many fluxers who were saved by Li Yunmu’s actions began to feel thankful toward him in their hearts.

G.o.d Undercurrent who had been attentively watching Li Yunmu go on a rampage tightly clenched his fists. Although he was mentally prepared, it was still quite a blow to see Li Yunmu open a path for the allied forces with his strength alone. As the army got closer to him, the situation became increasingly more perilous!

d.a.m.ned little demon! G.o.d Undercurrent furiously bellowed in his heart, but he still forcefully resisted his desire to act.

Battle G.o.d, Li Yunmu, Battle Sage Vega, and G.o.d Undercurrent were all powerhouses and knew perfectly well that the people who would determine the final outcome of the battle would definitely not be the soldiers, but the experts standing at the pinnacle!

If G.o.d Undercurrent attacked Li Yunmu and couldn’t kill Li Yunmu quickly or force him to retreat, he would definitely reveal a flaw. Right away, the supreme transcending experts who were calmly walking through the air would turn into ferocious beasts with only one goal in their minds—to tear him to shreds!

G.o.d Undercurrent lightly shook his head and calmly commanded to Ling Shuang standing by his side once more. “Use human lives to fill it.”

Even the physical strength was suppressed slightly on the impregnable pa.s.s, so what needed to be said about the flux energy? If it wasn’t completely suppressed, the enemy wouldn’t have gone as far as to use all sorts of siege weapons to deal with the allied forces. In fact, even the flux energy weapons wouldn’t be able to stop the powerful momentum of Earth’s army. But they were in the Seventh Dimension. The fluxers who could survive here were definitely not weak.

Yet as previously stated, the outcome of the battle wouldn’t be determined by ordinary fluxers, but rather the top experts. Without the special conditions offered by the impregnable pa.s.s, G.o.d Undercurrent wanting to battle against five battle sages by himself would just be a lunatic’s dream!

At their level, every bit of strength could be said to be a difference of heaven and earth. As long as G.o.d Undercurrent was above the impregnable pa.s.s, he had a certain amount of initiative when confronting the five supreme transcending experts!

“Ask the people under your command to speed up the attack.” Battle G.o.d shot an indifferent glance at Li Yunmu and said in a deep voice, “Although Li Yunmu’s strength is tyrannical, he is still a mortal. With a heavily injured body, he won’t be able to last for long and will lose his combat strength. We can go pa.s.sive then!”

Sword Sage was standing near Battle G.o.d. He had been looking ahead with a squint, but suddenly he calmly opened them, revealing the bright sword light flickering in them.

“I will go and give that youngster a hand. You all keep monitoring G.o.d Undercurrent and don’t allow him to fill the gap. Frontline G.o.d is already dead, we… cannot afford another such loss.”

“No, don’t!”

Before Battle G.o.d could even open his mouth, Battle Sage Vega rushed forward and even sealed the s.p.a.ce around Sword Sage.

After a moment, she clenched her teeth and said with hatred, “G.o.d Undercurrent is using numbers to deplete Li Yunmu’s strength. Wait until he believes that he can kill Li Yunmu; only then shall we move. He is still holed up behind his defences, and if you attack now, I fear that he will just choose to escape!”

Given the vastness of the Seventh Dimension was, if G.o.d Undercurrent managed to escape, he would absolutely cause a catastrophe in the future!

Even though Li Yunmu was Battle Sage Vega’s representative and she had supported him before, her choice this time was obvious. Between Li Yunmu and all the humans of Earth, this defender of Central Continent abandoned him without any hesitation, like she had done with b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage when she had ruthlessly attacked and killed him.

Shadow Hack Chapter 569 - Being Treated as an Abandoned Son

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