Shadow Hack Chapter 42

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"Dong dong dong...…"

Sounds of something being tapped came from outside.

After his first battle with Tang Ruochen and second battle with Ba Xiong, Li Yunmu, ohh that’s wrong, correctly speaking it was Liyun, now had his game face on and was overflowing with killing intent.

Now, Liyun was ready to go challenge the third candidate from the list of ten most formidable. However, by this time, big Xiong and others had woken up. Unintendedly, he hadn’t slept the whole night until the morning sun rose, s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Now, Li Yunmu could only lay down his plan to consecutively challenge the contestants in the list of current top ten most powerful of the Heavenly Cloud City. For the time being, everything had to be dropped!

When he quickly logged out of the dimensional battlefield, he discovered that his followers had risen from zero people to 3,700 people at some point in time.

Moreover, this was increasing very quickly. Liyun’s personal inbox had also been crammed with fans who had just started paying attention to him. Messages were filling the inbox like snowflakes falling down, causing Li Yunmu to have his hands full for some time.

He randomly pulled out ten messages to check. Holy f*ck, this bro is too awesome!*

"I now have many female fans, Li Yunmu felt pleased with himself. He had heard elders before Dark Ages had the heritage of groups of proud fans, will this bro also have to learn from them?"

However, reality then ruthlessly struck him. Regardless of how many fans the shadow had, his secret couldn’t be revealed. His bubble burst and reality became apparent to Li Yunmu, really my dog sh*t luck, all this was just empty happiness.

Among the ten incoming letters that he picked up, most were from female fans: Hi Liyun, you are very handsome and too strong; Hi Liyun, you are very charming, I have already fallen in love with you.

Apart from attracting a large number of female groupies, he had also attracted a large number of haters like; if you have the courage then accept my challenge.


Li Yunmu’s mood was still good previously, but after looking at this, he was startled. It seems like scaling the height of his shadow according to golden proportions was just asking for trouble. Not only he had attracted many girls who could look but not eat him, he had also provoked the hatred of many oxen.

However, this also wasn’t completely unbeneficial for him. It’s reported that if the number of your followers could reach more than 10,000 people, then you could start charging fees to people coming to watch your battles. At least this could provide him a way to earn money. Currently, Li Yunmu lacked almost nothing, the only thing he lacked was money. He dreaded poverty.

Just when he was about to close his inbox, among the messages, one caught his attention because the name of the sender was Chu Qingyu. He couldn’t help his curiosity and opened to take a look. After opening it, he surprisingly discovered that the other party was asking where had he learned his blade skill from.

At this moment, a strange smile made its way on Li Yunmu’s face. His Violent Blade Skill had come from his comprehension of Chu Qingyu’s Thousand Cuts Thirty-Six Forms. Thus, some characteristics of his Violent Blade would naturally be identical to Chu Qingyu’s battle skill.

In both these skills, the might of each strike steadily increased compared to previous one, with its last strike’s strength unleas.h.i.+ng astonis.h.i.+ng might

According to Li Yunmu’s estimates, Chu Qingyu’s Thousand Cuts Thirty-Six Forms battle skill was certainly an A Grade flux skill or maybe even higher.

However, when all was said and done, Li Yunmu’s Violent Blade had many differences compared to Chu Qingyu’s Thousand Cuts Thirty-Six Forms. If the essence of Violent Blade comprehended by Li Yunmu was the superposition of strength of successive chops, then the latter was more focused on speed!

Furthermore, the most optimum weapon for executing the Violent Blade Skill was a heavy war blade while other party’s Thousand Cuts Thirty-Six Forms restricted the weapons used to a pair of short blades. So, even if Chu Qingyu was suspicious, she wouldn’t dare to claim that Liyun’s Violent Blade Skill was copied from her family’s consummate skill that was pa.s.sed down since ancient times.

Hence, seeing this question, Li Yunmu laughed and didn’t provide any answer to the girl. After all, his present avatar was that of the shadow, Liyun, and not he himself. By the time he completely logged out of the virtual dimension world, the idiot trio led by big Xiong were up with their faces glowing. Brother thin had set up a large cauldron to cook some meat soup.

When big Xiong saw Li Yunmu come out of the room, he excitedly walked to him and patted his shoulder firmly. Big Xiong then asked with a glowing face:

"Friend, what grade is your innate talent?"


Li Yunmu’s earlier good mood had been completely ruined. At this moment, he really wanted to beat this fatty to death. Did he really need to mention the pot that doesn’t boil?

"Don’t talk about it, its only 7 points, lower mid-grade innate talent. What about you all?"

Li Yunmu unhappily replied.

"Haha, this elder brother has two points lesser compared to you, roughly at 5 points which is cla.s.sified as high-grade innate talent."

When big Xiong saw Li Yunmu’s bitter face, he immediately laughed, feeling proud of himself.

Even though Li Yunmu’s battle strength was more formidable compared to these three weirdos, in the field of innate talent, big Xiong had one-upped him.

"5 points innate talent? You have 5 points innate talent? Stop joking."

Li Yunmu almost jumped on the spot.

"Then what about brother thin and crooked teeth."

"I have 6 points, hai, only a little lesser compared to you."

Crooked teeth pretended to sigh in despair, but the vulgar and complacent look on his face almost forced Li Yunmu to walk away. Even Crooked Teeth had 6 points innate talent? Was there still any justice in this world?!

"Brother Mu, I have the same as you, 7 points."

Brother Thin was the only sincere person here and hadn’t gone to rub salt on Li Yunmu’s wound.

"How is this possible? You all used dimensional crystals to awaken flux energy, how can your innate talent be higher compared to me?"

Li Yunmu couldn’t believe this.

"It is not that unusual, many of their ancestors had previously been a fluxer, they have inherited some of their ancestors' bloodlines. Although they couldn’t naturally awaken, on the aspect of innate talent, your background truly couldn’t compare to them."

This time, Ling Shuang walked over while carrying her large sword. She arrived at Li Yunmu’s side to stand but kept her gaze concentrated on him.

"What’s up? Is there something on my face?"

Li Yunmu asked, unconsciously moving his hand to his face.

"Within one night, your presence seems to have become stronger."

Ling Shuang calmly replied while watching him.

"Isn’t this normal? Yesterday, I used five dimensional crystals to open more than half the celestial point."

Li Yunmu replied without batting an eyelid.

"You have also grown 3 cm since yesterday. Don’t tell me that opening a flux point can also increase your height."

Ling Shuang remained unmoved.

"What? I have grown 3 cm?"

Li Yunmu was stunned. He immediately measured his height again.

Ling Shuang’s words were correct, he really had grown 3 cm overnight, from 1.75 m yesterday to 1.78 m today. This discovery made him both elated and frightened!

Could it be that the tenth layer transformation of Copper Body Secrets could also increase his height?

As time pa.s.sed, no one attached much importance to the incident of Li Yunmu’s height increasing overnight. After all, he was only 17 years old now, so he would still continue to grow.

Apparently, Ling Shuang could also see that Li Yunmu didn’t have any idea about this change and thus didn’t raise any more suspicions. Shortly after eating the breakfast, everyone once again began to search for dwarf witch monsters to hunt.

However, Li Yunmu and his squad didn’t know that during the past few hours, the matter of two of Heavenly Cloud City’s current top ten most powerful, Tang Ruochen and Ba Xiong, being defeated had spread through the entire city, causing a large commotion.

Nowadays, Liyun’s name could also be heard to some extent within other secondary cities. When the fluxer guild of Lucky Wind City heard this, they were extremely shocked. When had their small region given birth to this mysterious ‘newcomer’?


Shadow Hack Chapter 42

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