Shadow Hack 562 Leaving For The Seventh Dimension

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"Hmph! You don't know how to appreciate someone's kindness!"

A voice filled with anger echoed in the area, and shortly after, a tall and st.u.r.dy figure slowly cleaved s.p.a.ce somewhere in the wilderness. Although his body was shrouded in a faint layer of mist, the presence rising from his body was extremely terrifying. It seemed strong enough to destroy the heavens and shatter the earth.

The tall and st.u.r.dy silhouette, which stood in the Seventh Dimension, wouldn't need to announce its name no matter where it went. If the man appeared in front of any top powerhouses, the opponent would immediately yell out his name—G.o.d Undercurrent!

He stepped forward and ordered the person following behind him in a loud and clear voice, "Pa.s.s on my instructions to our people hiding in the human army's camp. They are to spread the information that Li Yunmu didn't agree to cooperate with all the powers and even killed Frontline G.o.d to s.n.a.t.c.h the part of supreme battlesuit. Make sure that they know that within the next few days, he is planning to launch attacks on all the other powers of Earth as well!"

What sort of existence was G.o.d Undercurrent?

Whether it was Battle Sage Vega, Battle G.o.d, Sword Sage or any other top powerhouse… all these experts standing at the peak couldn't even be counted as a fart in front of the ancient G.o.d who had stood at the pinnacle in the old days!

Yet it was difficult for G.o.d Undercurrent to restore his strength to the peak with the body which he had seized. Although he had unified the entire Seventh Dimension, he still didn't want to start an all out war with the forces of Earth for the time being. His original idea was the same as that of Li Yunmu, to use the imminent heavenly transformation for his gain!

But he hadn't expected that just after he barely unified the Seventh Dimension and was yet to make his move toward the opponent, the top powerhouses of Earth would form a grand alliance and even put aside their past grudges to deal with him!

Strength! Without the support of absolute strength, a person didn't have the right to speak in this world!

Barbarian Niu's physical body could be considered as pretty good, but compared to Li Yunmu's stunning ultra powerful body, it was greatly inferior. Therefore, G.o.d Undercurrent had personally infiltrated Earth to see if he could find a way to seize Li Yunmu's flesh or not. Even if he couldn't attach his soul to it but managed to subdue it like he had done with Ling Shuang, he would gain another trump card in his a.r.s.enal!

"I wonder what sort of unknown method that youngster used to completely dispel my divine power!"

Coldness flickered in G.o.d Undercurrent's eyes, and he took a few deep breaths before continuing to speak in the same cold tone. "It doesn't matter. SInce I cannot obtain it, I can only destroy it!"

He was well aware that if he ignored Li Yunmu's growth, then in the future, the threat he posed to him would definitely not be any weaker than that of Battle G.o.d or Battle Sage Vega.


"System, since you were able to expel the divine power with which G.o.d Undercurrent tried to seize my body, can you do the same when we encounter Ling Shuang and Barbarian Niu?"

Li Yunmu rushed through the sky, his figure flickering continuously. He fully unleashed Flash Step, not daring to slow down in the slightest.

Since everything had been a conspiracy by G.o.d Undercurrent to control him, the next step was an obvious one. The G.o.d would throw all kinds of filth on Li Yunmu and turn him into a criminal of the entire humanity, without leaving him any margin to turn it around.

In other words, if Li Yunmu didn't do anything and continued to remain on Earth, waiting for the top human powerhouses to join hands and deal with him, then not only would he himself, but even his friends and family would be implicated in his matter. Therefore, Li Yunmu has to hurry to the Seventh Dimension and make it completely clear that he stood on humanity's side!

[Expelling G.o.d Undercurrent's divine power isn't difficult. Theoretically speaking, if you wanted to remove his control from Ling Shuang and Barbarian Niu, then as long as you had sufficient experience points, it could be done,] the system calmly replied.

However, its response caused Li Yunmu's heart to sink all of a sudden. When G.o.d Undercurrent had tried to subdue him, the system had autonomously used up all of his acc.u.mulated points. He was even forced to use his heavenly world's power, and the second sun of his heavenly world was in an extremely chaotic state. If he forcefully used the heavenly world's power once more, it was likely that the heavenly world's grade would fall!

The system had only named experience points, so it was likely that the other types of points were basically useless in expelling G.o.d Undercurrent's divine energy. After some thinking, he had a strong hunch that the amount of experience points required to free either of the people would be an astronomical one!

[Host can decide his matters by himself; the system won't interfere much. However, from the a.n.a.lysed data, if host used experience points to create more shadows to increase his strength, they would provide far more advantages than followers like Barbarian Niu or Ling Shuang.]


Li Yunmu grinned, revealing his canines. He had already reached a decision in his heart though.

Although the a.s.sistance of a few more shadows would indeed be enormous for him, he wasn't the type to do nothing when something bad happened to his followers and friends like Barbarian Niu and Ling Shuang. When the calamity descended in the future, would he face it alone? From that moment on, did he only want himself and his shadows in the world?

He lightly flicked his wrist, and Void Disk suddenly appeared. The surrounding s.p.a.ce was instantly became like a lake above which gusts of wind were pa.s.sing. Surprisingly, ripples visible to the naked eye appeared in s.p.a.ce.

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes and suddenly shouted, "Open for me!"

Following Li Yunmu's words, large fluctuations appeared in the ripples in s.p.a.ce, and slowly the s.p.a.ce was pulled apart to form a tunnel large enough for a single adult to pa.s.s.

Li Yunmu was completely clear that by then, he might have already been branded as the criminal of humanity. If he used the established methods to enter the Seventh Dimension, he would probably be captured by the top powerhouses before he even knew what was happening.

Battle G.o.d, Sword Sage, Blade Sage, and Battle Sage Vega were all far more formidable than Frontline G.o.d while his strength was barely sufficient to endure the might of Frontline G.o.d's one punch. Even if he had gathered all of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, Li Yunu still couldn't mirror the strength of those ultra powerhouses!

Fortunately, he had the supreme Void Disk in his hands which had a useful function. When it was added to his current strength, it wasn't a difficult task for him to open a pa.s.sage connecting to the other dimensions!

I wonder what's the situation on that side. What stage has the invasion of the allied armies reached? Li Yunmu pondered in his heart.

His greatest hope was that the allied forces would be stuck in some difficult region, so he could investigate and find some solution to their problem. If he could help humanity to break the stalemate, then even if some people wanted to use the death of Frontline G.o.d to implicate him, it wouldn't be easy.

Shadow Hack 562 Leaving For The Seventh Dimension

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